Nantsuttei Ramen has been known to be one of the best ramen shops in Singapore, though it has been under the radar for a while due to the lack of social media presence.

The shop is currently located at Level 7 of Orchard Central, and can be hidden from plain sight. (Since there are so many NEW Japanese concepts at Orchard Central, make this an appropriate opportunity to venture to this part of town.)

Just FYI, I spotted new Nantsuttei branches Bangkok’s Siam Paragon and Emquartier as well.

(The making of Nantsuttei Death Miso Ramen)

Nantsuttei is known for their signature Black Ma-yu Ramen, with a black layer of garlic (fried over seven phases) and sesame oil blend floating on top the ramen broth, giving the bowl a distinguishable fragrance and creamy oily taste.

Interesting to know: Founder-Chef Ichiro Furuya had no life goals until he saw an image on TV which stuck to his mind – Japanese people lining up outside a ramen shop.

He then travelled to Kyushu to learn the “secrets of the art of ramen”, and created a pork bone “rich and creamy without an unpleasant odour”. The rest is history.

Back to Singapore, Nantsuttei Ramen has introduced some newer varieties, and also TWO different sizes for their signature ramen bowls. So if you are watching your weight, go for the regular size; for a fulfilling experience, then the Japan size.

Nantsuttei Ramen (Regular size $10.80++, Japan size $12.00++)
If you have yet to try Nantsuttei Ramen before, I would recommend this most basic “Kumamoto” flavour.

The highlight is the rich, creamy tonkotsu based soup, added with black ma-yu which is roasted garlic oil for that aroma and distinct after taste.

Accordingly, the black ma-yu is created by frying garlic over seven phases then mixed into a balanced blend.

If you are the type the loves your soup broth thick and flavourful, you know what to go for.

Homemade straight noodles are used, made with their own flour. Previously, I thought that the noodles were cooked too soft,

Death Miso Ramen (Regular size $15.30++, Japan size $16.50++)
I was warned, this is “extremely spicy” and “only meant for the strong”.

Clearly I underestimated the ‘power’ of the spiciness. To be honest, I took about 2 to 3 mouthfuls and thought I couldn’t’ handle anymore.

For you spicy challengers out there. Note: limited to 20 bowls a day.

Marutoku Negi Chashu-Men (Regular size $15.80++, Japan size $17.00++)
This is Nantsuttei’s basic ramen with all the toppings – shiraga negi, bannou negi, and chashu.

Added with a handful of Japanese leek and chopped spring onions, the ingredients landed some sweetness to the broth so it tasted lighter on the palate.

Golden Curry Ramen (Regular size $13.80++, Japan size $15.00++)
Out of curiosity, I ordered this bowl topped by a ground meat flavored with curry.

I was imagining a version closer to the typical Japanese curry rice, but this towards the spicier side. More indifferent to this.

Butamabushi ($7.00++)
If you are not in the mood for ramen, I would recommend the Butamabushi.

This is a value-for-money option for a lighter meal, with chopped chashu is stewed in a slightly sweet dashi soup and placed on top of a hot bowl of rice. Quite comforting.

Torikaraage Wasabimayo Tarutaru Sauce ($7.00++)
Everyone at the table agreed this was the bomb!

Although the dish was labelled “karaage”, it was more like chicken cutlet, lightly drizzled over with sweet soy sauce base. The pieces were so juicy and tender.

You MUST try with some of the tartar sauce. After taking that bite, I realised some wasabi was included, which gave that interesting kick towards the end. Really oishii.

Original Smoked Chashu ($7.00++)
The appetiser to go with drinks. Or if you need more chashu to go along with rice.

Nantsuttei’s pork chashu made with premium pork loin, was coated in a secret sauce and then smoked with cherry chips.

I liked that there wasn’t the typical ‘porky’ aftertaste, and the whole feeling of letting the tender meat slide down was quite pleasurable.

If you are having your ramen during weekdays, there is a Special Lunch Promotion in which you can top up just $1 to enjoy an additional side dish.

Choose from Yaki-Gyoza, Tori Karaage, Yude Wanton, Salad, Age Tofu or Cheezzy Kani Stick.

Natsuttei Ramen
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #07-12/13 Singapore 238896 (Somerset MRT)
Tel: +65 6337 7166
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Natsuttei.



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