Machida Shoten at Japan Food Town Wisma Atria is from Kanagawa prefecture, and specialises in “Iekei” ramen, which directly translates to “house-type” from its kanji characters.

The noodles are supposedly cooked to diners’ preferences, just like how one’s mother may cook it at home.

Therefore, you can kind of personalise your ramen bowl here.

Machida Shoten opened its first store, Yokohama Kakei Ramen Machida Shoten, in Machida City Tokyo, during January 2008.

In just nine years, the brand has opened 45 outlets in Japan, and it consults up to 400 iekei ramen restaurants in the country.

The ambience here was boisterous and buzzing, which reminded me of ramen shops in Japan.

In the Singapore outlet, they have introduced newer dishes of Miso Tonkotsu Ramen and Garden Veggie Ramen. Appealing to health-conscious eaters, the Garden Veggie boasts a unique blend of cabbage, kombu-based broth and other secret ingredients. Fried garlic oil is added to enliven the flavour.

Other side dishes such as Gyoza ($6.80), Fried Rice ($6), Pork Bun ($4.50), French Fries ($4.80)… wait not kidding… and Fried Chicken ($6.80) are available.

Exclusive items available only at the Singapore outlet include Homemade Shrimp Gyoza features the whole shrimp and handmade seasoned shrimp paste encased in a crunchy exterior; Char Siew Croquette; and Spicy Shrimp Fried Rice.

I was recommended the Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen, in which I chose the Special All-In ($17). Shoyu Tonkotsu is the signature Yokohama-style iekei ramen, as it serves a combination of soya sauce and pork bone broth.

For noodles, you can choose your specified softness or hardness, in a tonkotsu and soya sauce mix broth, unique to Machida in Singapore.

Otherwise, there are also options of tonkotsu and shoyu stock, with spicy miso and shio options.

The cha-shu indeed tasted like what grandma would have spent hours cooking at home, superbly tender though notches too salty for the average Singaporean’s taste buds.

The slightly thick and flat Yokohama-style yellow noodles reminded me of a slight thinner version of the Hokkien-style noodles, which I did not quite mind.

The soup was invariably thick and on the saltier side, so be mindful before slurping the whole spoonful down.

Machida Shoten
Japan Food Town, 435 Orchard Rd, #04-40 Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, Singapore 238877
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily

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