Ribs + Black Angus Ribeye or Wagyu Tonkatsu + Beef Short Ribs + Chicken Leg + Raclette Cheese Fries + FREE FLOW sides.

Life has just gotten so much better.

Meat N Chill at 6th Avenue Centre Bukit Timah Road has been known for serving American food such as ribs and burgers at affordable prices.

The 70-seater gets quite busy over the weekends, as families and friends see it as a place to bond over hearty food and drinks.

NOW, this Meat N’Chill Meat Platter ($120, available for limited period) may be that life-changer.

The platter contains main pieces of 300g Black Angus Ribeye or Wagyu (Tajima MS6) Sirloin (additional $20 top-up), Jumbo Spicy Chicken Leg, Braised Beef Short Ribs, Marbled Pork Collar Tonkatsu and their Signature Ribs.

That is A LOT of food!

Meant for 4 diners, free flow garden salad, honey butter corn and potato-bacon-apple salad are also included.

Each additional diner beyond 4 would charged $5, but there will be free-flow sides. So all good.

One of the highlights… is Raclette Cheese Fries!

There was a period of time when my Facebook wall was flooded with videos of melty cheese on food of all kinds. Like seriously.

But of course, the Raclette Cheese takes the wheel (pardon the pun). The Swiss cheese dish involves heating a wheel of semi-hard cow’s milk cheese, and scrapping off (racler) the melted part onto fries.

That is not over.

Here is the cue for you to get your cameras ready for Instagram, bourbon will be poured over, and flamed up on the fries.

My favourite food item on the whole platter was still the signature fall-off-the-bones pork ribs, in which a whopping 30 hours were spent just marinating and smoking those ribs over hickory and mesquite wood chips.

Good to know: Chef removed the membranes from the pork ribs to avoid any unpleasant chewy texture during consumption.

You would be given a variety of choices for the sauce, which includes original, spicy, cajun, honey mustard, hickory and bourbon.

Meat N Chill also offers a Little Pigs Burger ($19) which contains pulled pork and spam, with an option of Raclette cheese top up at $5. Don’t say bo jio.

More of cheese Another must-order if you like your carbs all cheesy, is the Black Truffle Mac n’ Cheese ($25).

This is a dish of macaroni cooked in a smooth, creamy sauce, with ham, bacon and mushroom, sprinkled with fresh summer truffle. Indulgent, so do get a friend to share if you have diet plans.

For lunch goers, you will be glad to know the set lunches are wallet-friendly at $14.90.

There are choices of Grilled Ribeye Salad (for those healthier souls who need your protein), Pulled Pork Burger, Pan-seared Catch of The Day, Hearty Beef Stew, Chicken Duo (grilled chicken with fried chicken cutlet), Country style Chicken Sandwich, and Baked Mac & Cheese.

The set lunches come with Iced Lemon Tea and Soup of the Day. Such value for money.

As the of name Meat and Chill implies, it is a restaurant for friends to gather over meats and a place to chill-out. (Spotted a few celebs dining here too.) The NEW Meat Platter is a must-try.

Meat and Chill
805 Bukit Timah Road, 6th Avenue Centre #01-04 Singapore 279883 (Sixth Avenue MRT)
Tel: +65 6219 7460
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 2:30pm, 6:00pm – 10:30pm (Tues – Thurs)
11:00am – 2:30pm, 6:00pm – 11:00pm (Fri)
11:00am – 11:00pm (Sat)
11:00am – 10:30pm (Sun)
Closed Mons, last orders at half an hour before closing

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meatnchill
Reservations: http://meatnchill.com/Home/Reservation

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Meat and Chill.


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