Looking for the right caterer can be as fun OR stressful as organising the event itself, depending on your perspective.

People do remember the FOOD served as much as the birthday / wedding / corporate function itself.

Rather than say “the Best Caterer”, I generally think “the Right Caterer” is more appropriate as the company must be able to (pun not intended) cater to your needs.

10 Tips In Finding The Right Caterer
1. Food Quality
If I am personally unfamiliar with the catering company, word-of-mouth (especially), reviews and social media mentions are my most likely guides.

2. Venue
The personnel in charge of the venue would most likely have a list of recommended caterers, and could advice if there are any location/venue/facilities restrictions (eg tables have to be set up a particular way).

Shiok Kitchen Catering is an approved caterer at CHIJMES.

3. Specialty
There are caterers which specialise in big scale events or weddings, while some others are well-equipped in small parties and able to provide more personalised service.

Not all caterers can ‘bao ka liao’ (do everything), and it would be best to find one that best meets your targeted needs.

4. Costing
Most caterers in Singapore should be able to provide a package that matches your budget requirements, provided it is reasonable of course.

Other than the quoted cost, do check the total cost after all the delivery charges, miscellaneous items (eg tablewave), included options and taxes are added.

5. Inclusions / Exclusions
On the same note, check for inclusions and exclusions (security deposits, setting up charges, delivery fee) which will vary from one caterer to another.

6. Food options
For bento sets, does the company provide options? For example, does EVERYONE need to order the SAME box?

7. Variety
Is there enough diversity? Diners do get bored with the typical bee hoon + curry chicken combo, and it would be good to have interesting items that stand out. (We typically recall a buffet with some unique, distinctive food items, say Thai Green Curry Chicken.)

8. Dietary preferences and restrictions
Know your guests first. Check if any requires say halal, vegetarian food, or have food allergies to be taken into consideration.

9. Presentation
Presentation is so so so important to strike an impression with guests. Check photos from their websites, blogs or Instagram to see how food is set-up.

10 Availability
This may surprise you, but some caterers can be over-booked, or won’t be able to provide the services at scheduled timings. Check, check, check.

If you are looking for a caterer which is experienced, Halal certified, reasonably priced and specialise in Thai food (they also provide Western gourmet dishes, Chinese cuisine to local delights), you can consider Shiok! Kitchen Catering.

A SK Thai Buffet Menu of 11-courses which includes salad, appetiser, 4 mains, 2 staples, 2 desserts and beverage is affordably priced at $20+ per pax ($21.40 with GST).

For reference, a 12-courses SK Western Buffet Menu is priced at $20+ per pax, and 13-courses SK International Buffet Menu at $25.00 per pax.

There are also options of Value Buffet Menus for receptions, starting from an affordable $8.00+ per pax for 7-courses.

Here is what I had for SK Thai Buffet Menu , 11 Courses ($20.00+/Pax, Min 30 Pax) .

Salad & Appetiser
You can choose two items, from a range of Signature SK Green Mango or Papaya Salad, Thai Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce, Thai Glass Noodles & Seafood Salad, Crispy Spring Rolls, Thai Style Prawn Cake, Golden Fried Thai Fish Cake, Spicy Grilled Beef or Pomelo Salad, Thai Style Sugarcane Prawn Cake Skewer and Pandan Leaves Wrapped Chicken.

The Golden Fried Thai Fish Cakes with sweet chilli sauce should be a crowd-favourite, while the Green Mango Salad would bring in some Thai flavours to whet your appetite at the start of the meal.

The salad would not be as sour or spicy as you would have imagined it to be, say compared to a restaurant setting, suitable for a more ‘mass’ diner.

I like the variety that there is one meat, fish, prawn and vegetable dish provided.

Of all, do pick the Chef’s Signature which is the Thai Green Curry Chicken. The gravy was more to the sweet, coconuty side that would go suitable well with rice (say Black Olive Rice or Pineapple Fried Rice).

Also, the chicken chunks were generous in portion and reasonably tender. Generally not too spicy.

The Prawn and Seafood selection is also their strength. For the Thai menu, you get options such as Thai Green Curry with Prawns, Prawns in Sweet & Sour Sauce, and Stir Fried Prawn in Thai Red Chilli Oil.

Incidentally, if you are selecting from the International Menu, you can considered the Sautéed Seafood With Marinara Sauce, Baked Mussels in Bechamel Sauce, or Baked Au Gratin – not the typical buffet items.

Not just ordinary fried rice anymore, but with a selection of Authentic Black Olive Rice With Cashew Nuts, Green Curry Paste Fried Rice, Pineapple Fried Rice With Seafood, Salted Fish Fried Rice OR Stir-Fried Spicy Spaghetti With Thai Basil-Veg, and Stir Fried Spicy Spaghetti Basil Noodle With Seafood.

Not many buffet companies provide this dessert, which is one of my favourites – Thai Red Ruby with Coconut Milk.

The red ruby is handmade in-house by Thai chefs. Always pleasant to bite into chunks of water chestnuts in the pieces.

After this cooling dessert, how best to quench the thirst with a refreshing Iced Lemongrass Tea.

Some of the other services Shiok! Kitchen Catering provides include buffet catering, high tea catering, corporate catering, bento catering, Chinese New Year mini buffet catering, cocktail receptions, and wedding services.

Shiok! Kitchen Catering
For more information, call +65 6411 4994 or log on to www.skcatering.com

For enquiry, email sales@skcatering.com

Shiok! Kitchen CK Catering Christmas Highlights
Shiok! Kitchen SK Catering Christmas Menu can serve up a jolly feast right in the comfort of your own home. Hearty dishes include Medley Of Seafood Thermidor Au Gratin, Oven Baked Chicken Confit Sweet Cherries Sauce, and Stewed Beef Paprika Goulash and Pan-Seared Atlantic Salmon Fillet With Dill Lemon Buerre Blanc.

Menu starts from an affordable $18+ per pax.

Order before 30th November for a Complimentary 1kg Log Cake of the Day (Worth $50+) for every order (min 30 pax)
More info: http://menu.skcatering.com/Menus/Index/SkChristmasSetMenu

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Shiok! Kitchen Catering.



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