Tonkatsu Agedoki とんかつ あげ時 is sister restaurant to the long-queued Kohaku Tendon at Eat at Seven, Suntec City. When I wrote about the tendon restaurant 2 months back, I had an inkling a line would form.

I suspect the same will happen for Tonkatsu Agedoki, though perhaps to a smaller extent.

The tonkatsu speciality shop serves thick cuts (maybe too thick) of Pork Loin or Fillet cutlets ($21.50, $26.00), using Nagano pork reared in Canada.

Nagano pork is known for their sweet-tender meat, juiciness and refined flavour.

Before I talk about the meat itself, I was quite impressed with the side dishes and sauces that went along with both the cabbage and tonkatsu.

The free-flow cabbage (absolutely my favourite) came with a goma sauce and house-made yuzu sauce for a touch of refreshness. Just include a few drips, and delight into the crunchiness of the vegetables.

There were two sides of braised mushrooms and pickled vegetables, which could go so well even with plain rice.
So addictive, the table of us couldn’t stop having them, also because we had to wait a while for our food to come.

A 200 gram Pork Loin Cutlet Set Meat is priced at $21.50, while the Pork Filet Cutlet set is at $26.00.

Fresh panko was used as coating for that added crunch, and the deep-fried meats surprisingly didn’t leave that much oil on the lips.

Every slice was cut too thick to our liking, almost about an inch, which made chewing of the pork loin more laborious than usual.

The fillet was my favourite, both lean and tender, cooked just pinkish right, delightfully supplemented by a demi-glace sauce. However, I suspect that some diners may still be used to seeing their pork slices grey instead of with the pink tinge in the middle.

The photogenic item to order is the Cutlet of Wrapped Prawn with Pork Set Meal ($35), where a chunky huge prawn would be tightly wrapped around with a thin slice of meat then deep-fried.

I would have preferred the meat to be a notch softer.

Overall, I thought Tonkatsu Agedoki had almost the complete package. The Nanatsuboshi rice, side dishes, cabbage, sauces, even the iced green tea were of better quality than the average Japanese restaurant here.

If they could further refine the tonkatsu in terms of cut-size and tenderness, this would be THE restaurant to watch out for.

Tonkatsu Agedoki
Eat At Seven, Suntec City Mall (Tower One), No 3 Temasaek Boulevard #03-310/311 Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm

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* Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated. This meal was a treat from a friend.


  1. Went for lunch today, order the pork loin cutlet set at 11:30 & food was served at 12:27, waited for almost 1 hour. I’m the only table (1 pax), the crowd came around 12pm. The food taste average, my top choices for tonkatsu are Tonkichi & Tonkatsu Ma Maison.


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