This is a like a Poké (pronounced ‘POH-keh’) Bowl, but ‘Singaporean-ised’.

In Hawaii where Poké Bowls originated from, cubed fish in sauce are eaten over a bowl of sushi rice. Like deconstructed sushi.

Katto is a quick-service restaurant which serves these bowls with some fun flavours, think Chicken Rice Chilli Salmon, Creamy Goma Tuna, Tangy Thai Tuna, Classic Shoyu Salmon and California Unrolled Salmon.

Its location at Galaxis Building Fusionopolis Place, would mean office workers and gym goers (at nearby FF) can get one more healthy option.

There are 6 flavours of Sashimi for you to choose from, 6 different vegetable supplements, and 3 bases of white rice, brown rice or salad.

The one thing I noted was its pricing, more affordable than shops nearer the CBD.

A Mini Size which contains one portion of 70 grams fish, one base of 250 grams of white rice, brown rice or salad base, and a vegetable side is quite affordably priced at $7.90. I found the portion filling enough (but that’s me).

The Main Size with has an additional serving of fish and side cost $12.90. The rice is of the same grammage.

Good to know that a salad base is available for both size, and you can also choose a half-half option for your base.

I had the Chicken Rice Chilli Salmon and Classic Shoyu Salmon. The former tasted more ‘exciting’, along with a sense of familiarity with the sashimi cubes.

The chicken rice chilli somehow worked in this case, as the kitchen didn’t go over in its seasoning, with a light touch just to bring out the taste.

In contrast, the Classic Shoyu was a safe, predictable option.

The Brown Rice was cooked with an 18-grain mix, seasoned with a house made dashi stock and rice vinegar.

Perhaps it was because I had the box during dinner time, the rice was somehow drier than expected, and I wished there were more flavours or some kind of sauce.

The salad base consisted of a mixture of shredded white and purple cabbage. Personal preference, I would have preferred one or two additional choices of greens, say spinach and romaine.

Though Katto is new to the industry, I reckon that as long as they can push for more flavours and a larger variety of base options, they would have a following.

1 Fusionopolis Place, Galaxis Building, #01-21/22, Singapore 138522
Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Fri), 11am – 2pm (Sat), Closed Sun

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