I was 5th time lucky. Meaning I only got to eat from this Singapore Michelin Bib Gourmand Shi Hui Yuan Hor Fun Specialty stall only on my 5th visit.

Why the persistence?

I wanted to try out ALL the Michelin Bib Gourmand hawker stalls in Singapore. No kidding. Fellow food blogger @RubbishEatRubbishGrow said I was hardworking. I think I am a determined person.

Mei Ling Market & Food Centre at Mei Chin Road is not the easiest place to get to if you do not drive.

There is no MRT station nearby. Via public transport, you have to take a bus and walk a long way in. From the Commonwealth Avenue side, possibly a 15 minutes walk in the hot sun.

The good thing that happened out of this was I got to try some other hawker stalls (Sin Kee Chicken Rice, Lao Jie Fang Beef Brisket Noodles and an old-school Wanton Mee stall) which reminded me of my childhood days.

The stall is famed for its Hor Fun in collagen-rich gravy and herbal braising sauce. Accordingly, that braising sauce has been stewed continuously over the last 30 years with chicken and duck meat and bones for that rustic flavour.

The founders developed a recipe using over 30 herbs such as dang shen, yang shen xu and luo han guo, in line with their Cantonese cooking philosophy of “food as medicine”.

The best bet, if you are that keen to try, will be weekend mornings.

Having been around since 1969, Shi Hui Yuan’s signature is slippery smooth Ipoh style Hor Fun (long and thin) with chicken, duck slices and mushrooms in gooey gravy.

There are different permutations on the menu, such as Mushroom with Braised Chicken Feet, Mushroom with Chicken & Duck, Mushroom with Chicken Drumstick, Mushroom with Braised Spared Ribs, Mushroom with Duck Drumstick, and Mushroom with Shredded Chicken or Duck.

Each plate is priced at $4.50 to $5.90.

Will recommend the Blissful Plate ($5.90) which contains a bit of everything, including pork ribs and duck slices.

Before serving, the hawker drenched the rice noodles in three different types of sauces from the pots – I reckoned one was cooked with chicken feet, the other with ribs, and the last in mushroom.

The two ingredients that stood out were the tender duck slices without that usual gamey taste; and the soft braised mushrooms coated in dark sauce.

”Take the chilli… It makes it more delicious”, I was reminded by the hawker.

After adding the sweet, quite diluted chilli which did add a different dimension to the plate, I thought this reminded me of the Ipoh Horfun at River Valley (near St Bernadette Church) which had since disappeared.

I haven’t had this style of Hor Fun in a long while, at least not such a tasty one. An old-school taste, rustic, probably a family-handed recipe which stood the test of time.

They have also opened another outlet at Lau Pat Sat.

Shi Hui Yuan Hor Fun Specialty
Mei Ling Market & Food Centre #02-33, 159 Mei Chin Road, Singapore 140159
Opening Hours: 8am – 2pm (Wed – Sun), Closed Mon, Tues

Shi Hui Yuan – Lau Pa Sat
18 Raffles Quay, Lau Pa Sat Festival Market Stall 18, Singapore 048582
Opening Hours: 7am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

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  1. If I am not wrong, the hor fun that you have mentioned used to be at the corner coffeshop (Loon Seng) at Kellock Road. Few years back met the stall owner at Dawson Place foodcourt selling hor fun and roast meats.
    Not sure if they are still there now… Do post if you managed to find them…

  2. I have been eating there since I was a toddler! I just went there today and spoke to the owner’s daughter as I was curious to see that they have now helpers. It has always been family (father, mother, daughter) until her mum has a stroke then it was just father and daughter while mum sits near the shop while it is opened. The opening hours became more erratic then and there was a period of time they were only opened fri to sun! According to the daughter, her mum was recently dismissed with dementia so the father decided to spend more time with her hence they hired helpers. But the whole family is still at the shop while the daughter is managing the orders and queue – excellent hostess she is. And the hor fun still tastes superb as usual so I guess the main sauces and food is still cooked by dad in the morning. Given that they have helpers now, I suppose their hours will be more regular as stated!


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