This is MUJI’s 2nd café and 10th store in Singapore. The 70-seater serves up similar items to the Paragon store, such as Japanese Deli rice sets (aka Japanese style chap chye peng), desserts and drinks.

Food items exclusive to this store include a Chicken Nanban Donburi ($14.90) with chicken nanban in tartar sauce, topped with avocado, mesclun salad on ten-grain rice; Soy-sansho French Fries ($6.90); and Matcha and Yuzu Swiss Rolls ($6.90 each).

I am actually quite THE-MUJI person. While I may not buy everything in store, there are pieces I have here and there (household items, stationaries, some food etc etc, even the CDs), and I imagined that if I were to buy a place, the interior should be “Muji-inspired”.

During trips to Tokyo, I would always make it a point to have a coffee or meal at Café & Meal MUJI 無印良品 Ginza – a canteen-style café that somehow oozes with charm and peacefulness (even when there are so many potentially crying kids).

I have already been to this Café MUJI at Raffles City 3 times, because the Chicken Nanban Donburi ($14.90) was not available the first 2 rounds. ”Sold out”, they said.

At the end, I didn’t find this item particularly exceptional. It was just fried chicken coated in a crispy egg batter with tartar sauce on ten-grain rice – Niigata Koshihikari Japanese white rice mixed with multi-grains.

But I appreciated the amount of greens, and definitely not as oily as some nanban donburis in casual Japanese restaurants.

The Soy-Sansho French Fries ($6.90) is a Café & Meal MUJI Singapore special.

That means fries coated with seasoning mix of Japanese Shoyu Powder and Parmaesan Cheese seasoning and Sansho spice (which may remind you of another fast-food restaurant).
Salty, good with a yuzu drink to wind down the time away.

The Matcha and Yuzu Swiss Rolls ($6.90) happened to be on the sweeter side for Japanese standards, and the winning element to me was the fresh and light whipped Hokkaido cream in the middle.

Most diners I observed stuck to the tried-and-test MUJI Butter Chicken Curry ($14.90) or 4 Deli with Rice ($16.90).

Speaking of which, I await the day when Singapore’s chap chye peng goes upmarket and finds itself in a café. Why not.

Café & Meal MUJI
Raffles City #02-20/22, 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103 (City Hall MRT)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

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