Yoga has never been quite my thing to do, as I see myself lacking the flexibility and patience.

Then I saw good-looking-peeps after good-looking-peeps stepping out to grab a coffee after a class at Yoga Movement Studio, looking both sweaty and effortless AT THE SAME TIME with a cup of cuppa… For the moment, I was tempted to sign up to get into this lifestyle.

For a moment.

A café + yoga studio. One of the sure fire way to success (if rental is manageable). Why didn’t more people think of that?

Most, sorry, everyone is always looking for some kind of smoothies and protein after exercise.

And when you have a café called Common Man Coffee Roasters, and Yoga studio called Yoga Movement coming together, people would want to be spotted there.

(Photo credit: Nicholas Tan @stormscape)

I realised I written quite a bit in the intro. Grounded by CMCR is located next to Yoga Movement Studio, and thus food is skewed towards the possibly healthy.

If you find Common Man Coffee Roasters too crowded, the tip is to move upstairs (Yeah, I know I am writing some of my coffee-peace away too.)

So you literally get stuff such as a (no-patty) Balance Burger ($17) with folded organic eggs, kale, spring onions, streaky bacon (bacon?) with sriracha mayonnaise; GF Redemption Bowl ($17) of roasted veggies with poached eggs; and Matcha Pancakes ($16).

I would actually looking up and down the menu for a while, to check for food I could actually eat. Where are the smoothies and proteins?

Had the Balance Burger ($17), and wondered about the lack of patty. The sriracha mayonnaise and bacon made the burger tasty, but that casted doubt if the thing I was holding in my hand was absolutely ‘balanced’ and healthy.

The Matcha Pancakes ($16) was flat-flat, dense, with underwhelming matcha. But the dragonfruit jam was a highlight.

Grounded By CMCR is an instagrammable space, with spots every corner where you can gaze, shoot a selfie/OOTD and look possibly good. OR shoot any corner anyhow, and friends would go ”WHERE IS THIS?”

Work in an expanded menu, and I would be definitely caught here again, sipping on coffee, still wondering if I should sign up for that yoga class.

Grounded By CMCR
22 Martin Road Level 2, Singapore 239058
Opening Hours: 7:30am – 6:00pm (Mon – Sun)

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