No Pokemon Go in Singapore yet, but these Poké bowls are as highly anticipated.

We heard that they were sold out within 2-3 hours in their first week because everyone wanted to catch ‘em all (in their tummy).

“Poké” (pronounced as “Poh-Kay”, just the way you pronounced “Pokemon”) means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian.

The Hawaiian styled staple consists of the freshest cut of the fish, topped with ingredients that bring out the best flavour. Think chirashi don in a healthier way.

We are not unfamiliar with Poke bowls when Aloha Poké first introduced it in Singapore few months back.

The concept is similar, and A Poké Theory is established.

Unlike Aloha Poké with both Signature and Customised Poké bowls, A Poké Theory’s is fully customised according to our preferences.

First, we will choose one of the 3 options as the base: Sushi Rice, Lemon Herb Quinoa or Romaine Lettuce.

Next, we will choose from 4 different flavoured cuts: Shoyu Tuna, Spicy Garlic Sesame Tuna, Spicy Mayo Salmon or Avocado Miso Salmon.

A regular bowl (100g) of tuna will cost $11.50 and salmon at $12.50, whereas a large bowl (150g) of tuna will cost $15 and salmon at $16.50.

Most of the toppings such as Cherry Tomatoes, Pineapple and Nori Flakes are free whereas the premium toppings such as Kale Chips and Spiced Roasted Cashew (our favourite) are available at an additional $2.

Top up another $2 for a bottle of Mint Lemonade or light and refreshing T2 Tea Infusion (usual price $2.50) to complete the meal.

Our favourite was the Avocado Miso Salmon with a creamy texture, topped with sushi rice that resembled that of a chirashi don. Oishii.

The combination of the toppings played an important role, and in our case, the mango and promegranate with a citrusy sour taste didn’t go quite well with the rest.

Apart from the Poké bowls, their Smoothie Bowls (Raspberry Tropic, Maca Nutter, Blackberry Binge, Cacaoholic) were worth a mention.

At $6 a cup with banana and soy milk as the base, it’s a good meal replacement with the smooth and rich, yet not overpowering taste.

We loved the Raspberry Tropic most, with a citrusy tang on top of the milky banana taste Pretty refreshing, appetizing and filling even though the portion looked manageable.

The chocolate lovers will probable choose the Cacaoholic with coconut and dark chocolate drizzle and topped with quinoa puffs for an additional crunch.

Healthy food can be as tasty and interesting too.

That’s their theory, a Poke Theory.

A Poké Theory
27 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069623
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon-Fri), 9am – 3m (Sat), Closed Sun

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* Written by Daniel’s Food Diary Cafe Correspondent Nicholas Tan @stormscape



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