In a country crowded with buffets of all kinds, Penang St has hit the right note by offering a ALL YOU CAN EAT CRAB Buffet, that is Halal, with variety, that offers not just crabs.

The Crab Buffet has proven to be so popular, the Penang-style restaurant at Woodlands Causeway Point has offered quite a few runs of it.

The kitchen team actually took the effort to churn out new flavours and items every round, so that regular diners do not get bored and always have something to look forward to.

To be honest, I DO have my reservations about seafood buffets ”Enough crabs? Got quality? Got variety? Value for money?

What I observed when I visited on a Friday night was, the containers were all piled with crabs, and also quickly refilled.

The crabs imported from Sri Lanka and Indonesia were both fleshy and fresh-y. The restaurant works closer with the suppliers to ensure that.

For this present “Crab Madness” theme, the buffet includes all the fans’ favourites and more.

That means Salted Egg Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Chilli Crab, Butter Crab, Golden Sand Crab, Kam Heong Crab, plus new dishes Typhoon Crab (HK Style), and Tom Yam Crab.

Even if you are lazy to pluck crab, there are offerings like Penang Fried Kway Teow with Crabmeat, Baked Seafood Rice, Kailan with Crabmeat, Seafood Roll, satay, pizzas, noodle from live noodle station, grilled items and desserts.

Salted Egg Crab
Definitely the IT Crab of the moment, and the Salted Egg Crab has a zhi char ‘flavour’ to it. My main qualm about Salted Egg Crabs outside typically is.. too little sauce.

Penang St’s crabs were lusciously, generously coated with the salted egg cooked with curry leaves and buttery fragrance. Not the grainy type, but still worth getting your fingers dirty over.

Stuffed Chicken In Crab
I reckon this was my favourite crab in the entire buffet. Make a wild guess why.

Well, other than the fact that they are NEW additions, there is no need to use hands while eating. (Yeah, for the lazy people.)

The crab shells are stuffed with juicy (slightly salty though) minced chicken and crab meat, then deep fried with egg wash. This is the type of food I will eat congee with – meant it in a good way.

Golden Sand Crab
There are two types of crabs that are quite similar – The Golden Sand and Butter Crab. I preferred this version because of its buttery, creamy milky finish moderately on the sweeter side. Children should enjoy this too.

Sometime, the sauce went well with the sweet-savoury crab meat, especially moments when you had to *suck* the juices out. Slurp.

Butter Crab
To differentiate, these Butter Crabs do not come with the flakey ‘golden sand’ and has chilli padi in the mix.
Therefore, you would taste this tinge of spiciness within the creamy sauce that provided this added kick.

Black Pepper Crab
There are two types of Black Pepper Crabs I usually come across – the fried-till-very-dry, or the wet and saucy. This belongs to the latter.

The crabs were steamed, and therefore still retained that juiciness one could expect.

Chilli Crab
Compared to the Singapore style of Chilli Crabs, these are said to be Penang-styled, which has a sweeter aftertaste, perhaps due to the addition of plum sauce and tomatoes.

Typhoon Crab
This is NEW. Typhoon Crabs originate from Hong Kong (sometimes known as “Under Bridge Spicy Crabs”, and Penang St Buffet wanted to expand their variety for their regular diners to have a taste of HK style crabs without leaving the country.

Fried with corn, carrots, potato, black soya bean, chilli padi, onion and garlic… I thought the dish might have lacked one important ingredient which was the scallion for that added crispiness.

Other than crabs, there are other crab dishes…

Crab Bee Hoon Soup
Thick white vermicilli cooked in milky, ‘super’ crabby broth.

Penang Crab Noodles Soup
I prefer as the stock was more robust and tasty, which brought out the freshness of the crab.

Chilli Crab Sauce with Spaghetti
Kids’ favourite, as I would suppose.

Not crab, but I would like to give this dessert a special mention (don’t want you to miss it)… DURIAN CENDOL!

Period: 15 July to 02 Oct 2016
Mon to Thu: $59.90++ (Adult) / $19.90++ (Child)
Fri to Sun, PH & Eve of PH: $63.90++ (Adult) / $20.90++ (Child)

Dinner Sessions:
Session 1: 4.45pm to 7.00pm
Session 2: 7.30pm to 10pm.
(10% discount applicable for all Session 1 reservations.)

Penang St. Buffet
Causeway Point #05-12/13, 1 Woodlands Square Singapore 738099 (Woodlands MRT)
Tel: +65 6894 7872

(Reservations via email is recommended as the restaurant may be experiencing high call volume during peak hours.)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Penang St. Buffet.


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