The Singapore Michelin Bib Gourmand Guide 2016 has announced 34 eateries that made into the list. (Read: The full results of Singapore Michelin Guide 2016.)

Some major surprises. Many expected stalls left out. Criticisms that iconic local dishes such as Char Kway Teow, Nasi Lemak and Prata are left out.

Well, there is always a positive slant to it. When I visited Amoy, expectedly there were long lines at all 4 stalls which were listed in the Bib Gourmand.

Many were curious, some retirees wanted to try these dishes they never came across before. People in my queue ended chatting up over food. The hawkers I spoke to felt slightly overwhelmed but still happy and encouraged.

Notable inclusions are the 2 ‘stories’ – The Fish Ball Story and A Noodle Story, opened by young hawkerpreneurs who chose the harder way – their passion.

Hopefully, getting this honour will spur them to do better, and encourage young Singaporeans to consider to keep the local hawker heritage going.

For convenience of all of you, I have included the addresses and opening hours. However, do note that as these stalls become popular, food may get sold out early. For travellers to Singapore (Welcome!), do note that the more popular stalls have erratic opening hours.

17 Michelin Bib Gourmand Hawker Stalls from Singapore

1. Claypot Laksa – Alexandra Village Food Centre
Blk 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-75, Alexandra Village, Singapore 150120
Opening Hours: 9:00am – 3:30pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

This stall originated form the Depot Road Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa near CMPB, and word has it that the old couple sold their recipe to its present owners.

The present version ($5.50) is said to be less sizzling hot though. Spicy, coconut-y lemak and quite tasty. (Used to be better, I think). Claypot Laksa Alexandra Village

2. A Noodle Story – Amoy Street Food Centre
Amoy Street Food Centre #01-39 7 Maxwell Road Singapore 069111 (Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G)
Opening Hours: 11:15am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 7:30pm (Mon – Fri), 10:30am – 1:30pm (Sat) , Closed Sun, PH

A surprise entry, as this is not the typical local food. Opened by young hawkerpreneurs, A Noodle Story serves “Singapore-style ramen” ($7, $9).

A bowl with Japanese style charshu, soy-flavoured braised egg, Hong Kong style wontons, potato wrapper prawn fritter for that crunch. Aesthetically pleasing and well-arranged, for a hawker stall. I like it – you don’t get a bowl like this anywhere else.

3. Famous Crispy Curry Puff – Amoy Street Food Centre
Amoy Street Food Centre #01-21, 7 Maxwell Road Singapore 069111 (Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G)
Opening Hours: 8am – 4pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun, PH

Also known as J2 Crispy Curry Puff, this comes with layered flaky pastry and spicy potato, black pepper chicken, sardine and yam paste fillings. Each at $1.20.

Chef Willin Low recommends the sardine ones, “One of the best around”. I agree.

4. Hong Kee Beef Noodle – Amoy Street Food Centre
Amoy Street Food Centre #01-42, 7 Maxwell Road Singapore 069111 (Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G)
Opening Hours: 11am – 7:30pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 2:30pm (Sat – Sun), Closed PH

This stall is said to be around for more than 50 years, moved from Tanglin Koek Road, to Cuppage Centre to its current location at Amoy.

Gooey gravy, tender beef slices, slippery kway teow and a sprinkling of salted vegetables make a satisfying bowl ($4, $5, $6).

5. Hoo Kee Rice Dumpling – Amoy Street Food Centre
Amoy Street Food Centre #01-18 7 Maxwell Road Singapore 069111 (Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G)
Opening Hours: 10am – 4pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun, PH

Tasty Bak Zhang ($3.60) with fillings of chestnuts, salted duck egg yolk, mushrooms, wrapped in bamboo leaf before steaming.

While I am really watching my cholesterol, the salted egg version has stolen my heart with generous savoury ingredients densely packed. Gets sold out early.

6. The Fishball Story – Golden Mile Food Centre (Note: The Stall has moved to Timbre+ Ayer Rajah Crescent)
Timbre+ 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent #01-32, JTC LaunchPad @ one-north Singapore 139957
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Closed Sun)

Douglas Ng is a ‘hawkerpreneur’ that probably got more social media attention more than any other young hawkers. Douglas is very outspoken and not afraid to share.

His fish balls are made at 4am in the morning, using all pure fish meat and no flour, which he proudly said “Quan yong gong fu da chu lai de”, which means they were all produced by true skills. Each bowl $4.50 onwards. (Read: The Fish Ball Story)

7. Wedang (Indonesian food and satay) – Golden Mile Food Centre (Note: It moved from Golden Mile to Aljunied back to Golden Mile again)
Golden Mile Food Centre B1-19, 505 Beach Road, Singapore 199583
Opening Hours: 10am – 3pm (Mon – Fri), Closed Sat – Sun

A Halal stall famous for local favourites such as Satay, Gado Gado, Tahu Goreng, Nasi Ayam and Mee Sotong. This is probably the only Muslim owned stall on the list. (Note that it has moved from Golden Mile to Aljunied.)

While the stall looks non-descript and ordinary (no newspaper cuttings what-so-ever), the Bee Hoon Soto Ayam – rice vermicelli with shredded chicken in cloudy spicy chicken stock, was pleasingly tasty.

8. Famous Sungei Road Trishaw (laksa) – Hong Lim Market & Food Centre
Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, #02-66 Blk 513A Upper Cross Street, Singapore 051531
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 5.30pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

The laksa gravy cooked using fresh coconut, scallops, dried oysters and dried prawns with gravy that has a thin texture like some chicken soup. Not as ‘lemak’ (coconuty) or thick like the normal (unhealthier) ones.

Other than laksa, the stall is popular for its Fruit Juice Crayfish Mee Siam – a dish of thin vermicelli cooked in a light, spicy, sweet and sour gravy, added with crayfish on top. (Read: Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa Hong Lim)

9. Na Na Curry – 115 Bukit Merah View Market & Food Centre
Blk 115 Bukit Merah View Market & Food Centre, Bt Merah View Singapore 151115
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 7pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

Other branches:
Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-04 Singapore 082001
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 6:00pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

Blk 303 Jurong East Street 32 Coffee Shop Singapore 600303
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 8:30pm (Mon – Sun), Closed Alternate Mon

Blk 205 Bedok North Street 1 Coffee Shop Singapore 460205
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 9:00pm (Mon – Sun)

Started off at Marina South Food Centre in 1989, signature dishes include Fish Head Curry ($18 – $30), Pork Rib Curry and Mutton Curry ($4.50).

Paired with rice or toasted baguette, the Peranakan-style inspired curries pack an oomph, and are quite spicy.

10. Chey Sua Carrot Cake – 127 Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre
Blk 127 Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre Lor 1 #02-30 Singapore 310127
Opening Hours: 6am – 1pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

Not the Western style of Carrot Cake, but Teochew-style ‘chai tow kway’ made with white radish and rice flour, then fried with eggs and preserved radish.

Be prepared for a 30 – 45 minutes wait (or more).

Unlike some of the other variants, Chey Sua’s version ($2, $3, $4) is fried like rectangular blocks, crisp brown on the outside, spread with a thin layer of chilli, soft pieces when you ‘lift’ the layer of egg. Chey Sua Carrot Cake (Toa Payoh Lor 1)

11. Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice- Maxwell Food Centre
Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street #01-10/11, Singapore 069184
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

Tian Tian’s winning formula to me has to be its rice. Even Anthony Bourdain said that the chicken rice is so fragrant and delicious that it can be eaten on its own. Gordon Ramsey ‘lost’ a hawker challenge here.

Probably one of the best chicken rice in Singapore, it’s warm, fluffy, fragrant and tasty. However, with increasing fame comes greater inconsistency. (Read: Tian Tian Chicken Rice Maxwell Hawker)

12. Shi Hui Yuan (noodle with chicken and duck) – Mei Ling Market & Food Centre
Mei Ling Market & Food Centre #02-33, 159 Mei Chin Road, Singapore 140159
Opening Hours: 8am – 2pm (Thurs – Sun), Closed Mon – Wed

Slippery smooth Ipoh style Hor Fun with chicken slices and mushrooms in gooey gravy. Will recommend the Blissful Plate ($5) which contains a bit of everything, including pork ribs and duck slices.

Note: Even though opening hours are indicated, the stall may not open every day (or open late), and tend to close early when sold out.

13. Alliance Seafood – Newton Food Centre
Newton Circus Food Centre #01-27 500 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore 229495
Opening Hours: 1pm – 2am (Thurs – Tues), Closed Wed

Newton Food Centre has always been heavily promoted to tourists in Singapore, so it is not surprising to find one of seafood stalls in this list. But the locals, will probably have some reservations about the food in general.

Alliance Seafood sells a variety of seafood dishes, from Chilli Crab (market price), Black Pepper Crab (market price), Cereal Prawns ($24, $30, $36), Sting Ray ($12, $15, $20), Sambal Crayfish ($5 for 100gm) and Fried Baby Squid ($15, $20, $25).

14. Tiong Bahru Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice – Tiong Bahru Market
Tiong Bahru Market #02-82, 30 Seng Poh Road Singapore 168898
Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm

Above average chicken rice. I find the general taste of the chicken rice more muted – less oily, not so fragrant, juicy chicken but can have more depth in flavours.

15. Hong Heng Fried Sotong Prawn Mee – Tiong Bahru Market
Tiong Bahru Market #02-82 30 Seng Poh Road Singapore 168898

Fried Hokkien mee with sliced squid, prawns, pork belly and a dollop of chill, the noodles is fried slightly to the drier side.

Decent, above average, though perhaps not the best around in terms of flavours.

16. Balestier Road Hoover Rojak – Whampoa Market Place
Whampoa Drive Makan Place #01-06, Block 90 Whampoa Drive Singapore 320090
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 4pm (Wed – Sun), Closed Mon – Tues

The special blend of Penang Prawn Paste is addictive. DO NOT miss ordering the divine century eggs to go along.

17. Liang Zhao Ji (soy duck) – Whampoa Market Place
Whampoa Drive Makan Place #01-07, Block 90 Whampoa Drive Singapore 320090
Opening Hours: 10.45am – 3pm (Wed – Sun), Closed Tues

Many grow up having their Braised Duck Rice, affordability priced at $4 – $5. I did think that the best parts of the plate was NOT the duck, but perhaps everything else that came together.

The savouriness of the flavoured rice (didn’t taste any yam though), the texture of the tau kwa (beancurd) and the tangy-spiciness of the chilli sauce.

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