Two surprises when I picked up this box of Coffee Svelte from SHOU Slimming.

I am not going to lie, so my jaw did drop when I heard about the price ”$248 for a box of 30?! And then I found out those in my hands were the last available that week as they run out of stock.

Serious. So people ARE willing to pay something that is effective.

SHOU Slimming’s Coffee Svelte is an all-natural healthy coffee with only 48 calories per serve, as contrasted to a regular-sized latte which can come with a whopping 190 calories and sugar content as much as 17 grams per serve.

I am a coffee drinker. I MUST at least a cup of coffee every day, up to a maximum of 3 per day to keep the engine going. So I wanted to give it a try, but not without some initial scepticism.

After doing some reading up, the key ingredient that makes the difference is Green Coffee Bean.

Some background info: Coffee beans are naturally green, and only become brown after roasting.

These green coffee beans are located with caffeine (of course), anti-oxidants and Chlorogenic Acid – the main active ingredient that produces weight loss effect.

The science of it all is Chlorogenic acid reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract, lowers blood sugar, insulin spikes and and also improve the function of adiponectin, a fat-burning hormone.

So in short… Coffee Svelte is
– Made using Green Coffee beans
– All-natural
– Boasts antioxidants, which help to quench radicals that cause cell damage.
– Stimulates metabolism
– Tastes just like regular coffee.

Using it is simple: Mix the sachet with 200ml of warm water and consume 30 minutes before breakfast.

While the Coffee Svelte is not exceptional in aroma, I liked the taste and the fact that the drink is not sweet. Am halfway through the box, will let you know if it DOES help me lose more weight. 😀

1 box (30 sachets) of Coffee Svelte retails at $248 and is available at all Shou Slimming outlets.

SHOU Slimming Outlets
One Raffles Place – #04-49/50, One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
Novena Square – 238 Thomson Road, #03-37/38, Novena Square Shopping Mall, 307683
Seletar Mall (Opening soon) – 33 Sengkang West Avenue, #04-17, The Seletar Mall, Singapore 797653

About Shou Slimming Centre
Shou revolutionises body slimming through the use of safe and effective treatments. Its personalised and natural treatments remove stubborn fat in a painless manner. Shou treatments do not require any pills, meal supplements, injections, crash diets or sweaty workouts. Shou’s programmes help to shape overall body contours for clients to achieve the body they have always wanted. For more information, please visit

SHOU Slimming Centre will be giving away 3 boxes of Coffee Svelte (each worth $248) to 3 readers of (2 via FB, 1 via IG).

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  1. I want to lose weight to stop all the teasing from people because I am always being teased for having a beer belly at such a young age everytime I go school or when I am outside !!!

  2. I want to lose weight somc i am born.. Haha.. And i wana lose even more now that i have a kid.. Gosh please bless me with some yummy and can lose weight coffee!!!

  3. I am coffee lover. This is a great news to have Shou Coffee and at same time can reduce weight. What an awesome product.

  4. I want to lose weigh for health and Beuty reason! It is very easy just drink the coffee without any hassle ! It is very simple and easy way to reduce weight ! I love coffee , my favourite! I will feel more confident after lose weight and also will not easy tire or not enough to stamina when walking around!! Let ‘s me lose weight ? What ‘s a great product !

  5. I love coffee I always have two cups everyday in the morning to refresh myseft and afternoon to wake me. I also like to drink with tarts. So happy that shou coffee svelte can lost my weight well I drink it.

  6. This seems something that is as ordinary as coffee but as extrordinary as it’s slimming coffee! Will love to try it!

  7. I’m a coffee lover, this coffee not only to refresh my day it also able to reduce my weight. It not just give me beauty it help me reduce by maintain my weight to keep my body healthy for my family.

  8. I need at least a cup of coffee per day as well. Super addicted to coffee and I can’t stop drinking it even though I’m supposed to be on a diet. Trying to reduce to drinking half a packet of coffee now but am really tempted to drink the other half. Wanna win this to see if it can help me curb my coffee addict and lose weight. The price is too expensive for me to buy it. ?
    Fb: @esteeat

  9. I want to lose weigh based on my BMI to maintain good health and beauty!! Whats more even better than enjoying a cup of coffee every morning without thinking about fats or health issue? Care free, stay healthy, have coffee, BEST choice! Cheers!! ?☕️

  10. I want to lose weight as its been a struggle to significantly lose it over the years and as an avid coffee drinker, definitely no harm trying this out since its already a part of my lifestyle.

  11. I am coffee lover need 2 cups a day, as a stay home mum perk me up.
    hope to try out shou slimming coffee, there no better time to lost weight & control of my health and well being.

    Fb name Toh lay hoon
    IG @layhoon.toh

  12. I am coffee lover and glad to know this Shou Slimming Coffee. WOW…This is miracle to enjoy coffee and have healthy lifestyle same time.

  13. I want to lose weight so that guys would notice me.
    I think I am too fat due to all the good food in Singapore, although I have been exercising alot.

  14. Done all steps in both fb and instagram. i really want to lose some weight because since young i m already big size and now my pregnancy make me gain so much that i exceed the point , I am not just heavy but super heavy which hit xxx kg and baby borned so its time for me to lose weight for the sake of my own health and for the sake of my family because without good health i won’t be able to enjoy all good times with them. So hope to take this opportunity to try and see a difference in myself. I don’t want to be the fatty bom bom like now.. i want to shed off some to gain some confidence in myself.

    Fb and ig :weeqiweeqi

  15. I wish to lose weight after my gave birth so long ago but unsuccessful because I was having a normal coffee daliy hope to win this Shou Coffee Svelte can make me lose weight and the same time be my daliy drink every morning. I need coffee to make me up as I am stay at home mum need energy and power to look after my 2kids.

  16. I want slim down to look good,perfect for my wedding shoot despite been regularly exercise but I just love to eat so much that I cant slim down at all…

  17. I have mild sleep apnea and I NEED to reduce my weight now to prevent it from deteriorating into a moderate or severe stage.

  18. I want to get rid of my mummy fats to fit my old clothes, I missed them! And of course to live healthy for my love ones! I need to take care of myself for them. IG:rea2511

  19. There are too many factors to why I want to lose weight. The feeling of having a svelte build has a lot to do with my self-confidence. A slimmer person is usually deems to be more attractive than a fat person in this society. A slender sized person has no problem fitting in and buying clothes in her size without joining the massive queue in the fitting rooms. This save time and hassle. By keeping myself slim, I tend to feel more energetic as compared to when I was plump. I have fewer body aches and pains, no constipation problem, better ability to move and get around. I hope to win this box of SHOU Slimming’s Coffee Svelte to maintain my body weight to feel better about myself.

  20. I want to lose weight after giving birth to my third child. My 2nd boy 3 years old will ask mummy why you so fat..and coffee is a must for me least 2 cups..

  21. I want to lose weight after giving birthday to my third child. My 2nd boy who is three years old will comment mummy you are fat….and I need a daily dose of 2 cups of coffee

  22. I need to lose weight because the doctor has warned that I am at high risk of heart disease if I don’t lose weight. I’d also like to look better when I take photos and regain the joy of shopping for clothes. ?

  23. I love coffee and must have at least 2 cups of coffee in a day. This SHOU Coffee Svelte will be a great substitute my daily coffee craving and at the same time I’m able loss weight. As I’m getting older, my immunity system not like before, I used to skip my dinner and able to loss weight. Unfortunately, now even I skip one meal, my weight increase instead of decrease. 🙁 Please bless me this coffee because I want to loss weight and at the same time not affect my health. Thank you.

  24. I am currently slightly overweight and I wish to be slimmed down to hit a healthy weight. SHOU Slimming’s Coffee can speed up my plan to lose weight (Not forgetting to exercise and eat healthy). Why do I want to lose weight?
    (1) There are a lot health related risk like high blood pressure when I am are overweight.
    (2) To look good and gain myself confident
    (3) A role model to my younger brother so he won’t follow my overweight footstep.
    It will be glad if I am able to try SHOU Slimming’s Coffee. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  25. I have a lot of fat need to reduce, those fat really hard to get rid of it. I’m so desperate need to to get back to my previous shape wear pretty dress and live more healthy!

  26. Losing weight has been my goal for as long as I could possibly remember. The benefits are endless, more confidence, fitting into more clothes, becoming more healthy and energetic… Despite knowing all this it’s so difficult to lose weight because few foods taste nice AND are low in calorie. I try my best to exercise but with work, I barely have enough time. Since I already drink coffee every morning, SHOU coffee svelte will be easy to incorporate into my diet. Hopefully this extra metabolism boost will be enough to push back the numbers on the scales. Thank you so much for this giveaway!! Really hope to win, keeping my fingers crossed.


  27. I love drinking coffee yet I’m afraid those coffee I drink will affect my calories intake. When I saw this post is a good replacement. Hope I’m able to win this giveaway ??

  28. I want to lose weight because my bmi has reached danger zone and I got high cholesterol. This is affecting my health. I am also a hardcore coffee lover. This coffee allows me to lose weight and enjoying my coffee at the same time.

  29. I love Coffee!! Definitely need as least two cups a day!
    I need to lose weight to stay healthy so I can live a long and healthy life for my kids!

  30. If you are looking for Green Coffee Extract Singapore, then Grecobe- The green coffee is the best option for you. This coffee is good for health and has many advantages like it burn fats, maintains a healthy metabolism, etc. For more details visit our website.


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