We are not unfamiliar to Pizza Hut. Their signature Pan Pizzas have been frequently ordered in family gatherings and birthday parties.

But Pulled Beef Penne, Nachos with Bolognaise, Hut’s Chicken Pie & Mash, and Salmon Croquette.

Yes, you did not read wrong.

Pizza Hut has just launched a new menu, and that includes sides, entrees, pizzas and even desserts. Excited to find out more?

Here are 10 food items you may want to try from the refreshed Pizza Hut Singapore menu:

Christmas Cheesy Bites ($24.90 for 2-3 pax)
Twist, Dip, Pop! Your pizza will never look the same again.

This new 2-in-1 Christmas Cheesy Bites from Pizza Hut gets a twist with more cheesy goodness.

Comes in crispy parmesan flavoured bread crumbs, stuffed with trio flavoured cheese, cheese sausage, then tipped in creamy jalapeno cheese sauce.

WingStreet Wings ($15.20 for 12 pieces)
Have you seen these mouthwatering WingStreet Wings? NEW stuff from Pizza Hut, tossed in your favourite choice of awesome sauces.

Will you choose a) Honey Soy or b) Spicy Tangy? I liked the Spicy Tangy better.

Salmon Croquette ($7.90)
Itching for something to munch on while waiting for the mains to arrive?

This is the all new Salmon Croquette, which is served with tomato salsa on the side for dipping.

A bite into the crispy salmon exterior unveils an interior of mozzarella cheese. IF ONLY the cheese oozed, it would have been a perfect starter.

Sweet and Spicy Drumlets ($7.90 for 6 pieces, $10.90 for 10 pieces)
The Sweet and Spicy Drumlets may not be new to all, but it has been fans’ perennial favourite for years.

The secret probably lies in the marinade of New Orleans spices and fresh chicken meat, whetting your appetite with elements of sweetness and spiciness, kicking off a good start.

Nachos with Bolognaise ($7.50)
These nacho chips served with a generous serving of beef bolognaise sauce and grilled cheese drizzle came in quite a big portion indeed.

The dish to share with your friends.

We would advise you to eat them fast though, for they might get soggy after a while, being drenched in that serving of sauce.

And yes, alternatively, non-beef eaters may order the Nachos with Cheese & Tomato ($6.90).

Hut’s Chicken Pie & Mash ($13.50)
This open face pie, or “deconstructed” pie, is an alternative for those who do not fancy spicy dishes.

Have a taste of London right here? (Promise no Brexit jokes here.) This is a combination of two English classics – the crusty chicken potpie and mashed potato. The best of both worlds literally.

Use a spoon to scoop down a crunchy top layer, then to a smooth mash, all the way to the base of creamy mushroom casserole sauce. OR have them as separate parts. Try the former, trust me.

If you prefer a spicier option, try the Curry Chicken Pie & Mash instead.

Pulled Beef Penne ($14.90)
Turned out that this is the table’s favourite NEW dish as well. (So now you know other than the deep dish Pan Crust Pizzas, you can always come here to beat the pasta cravings.)

The highlight of this pasta dish, cooked in olive oil, was definitely the tender-pulled beef – richly marinated, possibly melting in your mouth. Meanwhile, the cabanossi sausages would give the pasta dish this added texture.

A suitable amount of brown herb gravy was served with the pasta, which kept the penne moist but not overly soaked.

Tropical Dream ($20.90)
We found out how Pizza Hut focuses on preparing freshly made dough for their pizzas, with the dough being made in at least 2 batches per day.

The first batch is made as early as 7am! They are strict to ensure that no overnight dough is used.

This rectangular shaped Tropical Dream under the “Signature Series” was introduced a few years back, and continue to be a crowd-pleaser.

The signature range is essentially a refreshed take on the classic pan-crust Hawaiian pizza, in which fresh and hand stretched thin crust is specially created. (Other pizzas under this range are the Quattro Cheese Deluxe, Wild About Mushroom, Seafood Symphony, Pesto Gusto).

Suitable for those who prefer your pizza base crispier, lighter (The ladies should like this one.) Taste-wise, there is added emphasis on the more-premium toppings.

Here’s what you can expect – larger chunks of honey chicken ham and pineapples, cubes of cream cheese and a drizzle of mango puree. The result? A sweeter touch to the savoury signature.

BBQ Chicken Pizza ($9.90 for 6”, $20.90 for 9”, $26.90 for 12”)
This is one of the Pizza Hut’s most popular Specialty Pizzas. The BBQ Chicken Pizza consist of smoked and spicy chicken chunks, chicken ham, pineapple chunks with capsicums, great for those who likes BBQ sauce which is sweet and tangy.

Plus, Pizza Hut serves 3 different kinds of pizza dough – pan pizza, hand-stretched thin, and stuffed crust. More options for everyone.

I would recommend the Stuffed Crust for cheese lovers (top up of $6 for regular, $6.50 for large) in which you get a combination of mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar cheese ALL WITHIN the crust.

Apple Tart with Ice Cream ($7.50)
Hot and cold works well for desserts. This new dessert dish comprises of warm Granny Smith apple chunks in a crispy puff pastry, completed with cold vanilla ice cream.

The buttery puff pastry is fresh baked, so advice that to consume this sweet treat when fresh and warm from the oven.

It is definitely a positive thing that Pizza Hut has been keeping up with times in offering this repertoire of new dishes.

Interestingly, there is also a whole range of ‘Healthier Choice’ alternatives (endorsed by HPB!) for those who are more health conscious.

It is reassuring to know that the hand-stretched dough pizza contains less calories and oil, so that means you can feel less guilty.

Did you know that 3 slices of the regular-sized hand stretched thin pizzas count less than 500 calories?

Here are some other tips: When you order a Curry Zazzle Baked Rice, there is a choice of whole-grain rice or pilaf; for the Roasted Half Spring Chicken, it is served with vegetables and you can request to replace your thick cut fries with whole-grain rice.

The refreshed menu certainly provides a wider variety and healthier food options.

If you are undecided, you can keep a lookout for the Chef’s Special which changes from time to time.

Now we can dig in guiltlessly with your family and friends too.

Pizza Hut Singapore
Includes outlets at Nex, Waterway Point, Eastpoint, Plaza Singapura and more.
Full list of outlet locations at http://www.pizzahut.com.sg or alternatively, you may check Pizza Hut’s Facebook Page for contests and giveaways.

* Written by Crystal Wee @crystal_wee. This entry is brought to you in partnership with Pizza Hut Singapore.


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