This is Il-Sole Korean Desserts. Many have thought that this is Sulbing from Korea, due to the very similar logo. The main difference are the wordings in the red box on the logo.

Jurong Point has clarified that the shop’s registered name is Il-Sole Korean Desserts, and that this shop is “a sub-franchise to the China franchise of Sulbing in Korea”. (We have since made updates to this entry.)

We made our way to Jurong Point and asked around, as the Korean dessert café wasn’t even listed in the directory yet.

Found the shop, next to ShareTea.

The Snow Ice variety range from the signature Red Bean with Milk ($12.50), Injeolmi ($12.50) to more fanciful Strawberry Cheese ($18.90), Mango Cheese ($18.90) and Grapes ($16.90). Quite expensive.

We almost wanted to order the Strawberry but was told strawberries from America, not as sweet.

The Green Tea with toppings of Red Bean ($14.90) arrived with a small cup of sweetened milk to pour over.

My recommendation: Try before you pour, otherwise the whole combination may be overly sweet. HPB reminded us to go siu dai.

The shavings were fine and fluffy like snow, but the taste didn’t match up to those I had in Korea.

The Caramel Coffee ($15.90) ended up to be intense in sweetness, and we wondered where the coffee was.

What I liked though, were layers of ingredient such as cashew and almond in between so that there would be crunch on every spoonful. This is something many (not so legit) bingsu shops in Singapore got to learn from.

Conclusion: Korea better.

Il-Sole Korean Desserts
Jurong Point Shopping Centre #03-54/55, 1 Jurong West Central 2, Singapore 658886 (Boon Lay MRT)

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  1. Sadly, this is actually a knockoff franchise which I also spotted many in China. Note their use of a different brand name (IL-SOLE) rather than “Sulbing” itself.

    And a very easy way to tell a fake one from the real Sulbing is actually to look at the red circle on top of the 2nd character in the logo. The real Sulbing shops have the character “雪” in this red circle. All the fake ones do not. Look closely at their logo.

      • Thanks Szml. We clarified with JP, and they replied to say this Sulbing in Singapore is a sub-franchise to the China franchise of Sulbing in Korea.

        • Hi, thanks for the update and clarification. I believe JP is right that this franchise came from China. There are multiple copycat Sulbing franchises in China and they all play with the logo.

          Another way to tell is the endorsement from Korean star Yim Si-Wan. He is the official brand endorser for Sulbing worldwide. You can never spot any sign of him in a fake Sulbing shop.

          Anyway, I’m not from Sulbing and I guess the whole franchise thing is complicated. If you have contact with Sulbing headquarters in Korea, they might be the best one to comment. I really wanna try the real Sulbing btw =)

  2. Well maybe not the Instagrammers you are following. Add us @2vagrants – we posted about this place a while ago. Fantastic strawberry cheese bingsu… topped in a slice of cheesecake!


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