Most of you should be familiar with OLDTOWN White Coffee, which is Malaysia’s largest white coffee manufacturer.

There are always a few packets of the Classic and Mocha flavour at home, because my family likes this style coffee for its smoothness and aroma.

If you are the health conscious (or weight watcher) who loves your coffee ‘siu dai’ (meaning less sugar), the good news is OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 now comes in a Less Sugar version.

This new product with a blue-coloured packaging has 25 per cent less sugar as compared to the Classic variety, providing fans with a healthier choice with the reduced sugar option.

I actually prefer this which is not too sweet, and especially tasty when you add ice cubes for a ‘kopi peng’ style.

If you like more surprises with your coffee, here are 10 creative ways to consume OLDTOWN White Coffee 3-In-1 Less Sugar.

White Coffee Overnight Oats
Overnight Oats can be eaten as a breakfast item or nutritious ‘snack’ in between meals. Especially helpful when you need to hurry to work and have no time to prepare breakfast.

Prepare OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 Less Sugar with hot water, leave it cold.

In a mason jar, mix together the cold White Coffee with rolled oats and milk the night before, include your favourite toppings of fruits such as oranges, berries and nuts, leave them in the fridge and delicious White Coffee Overnight Oats will be ready the next morning.

Alternatively, you can include the toppings just before consuming for better crunch and freshness.

Tim Tam Slam
The Tim Tam Slam (some call the Tim Tam Bomb or Tim Tam Suck) has become an Australian coffee break ritual.

Steps are simple: bite off each end of the Tim Tam, place one bitten end into a cup of OLDTOWN White Coffee, then suck. That is to say, use the Tim Tam as a straw.

It can be messy but fun.

White Coffee Jelly
Add konnyaku jelly powder to boiling water (whisk if needed to incorporate powder). After which, add a sachet of OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 In 1 Less Sugar.

When two powders completely dissolve, pour the mixture into jelly and chill for 2 hours or overnight.

Tip: As this White Coffee has less sugar, the jellies may taste plainer with slight bitterness. You can add some sugar or fruit juice (oranges goes well with coffee) for sweetness. But up to you.

White Coffee Popsicles
Actually, these were surprisingly quite tasty and fuss-free to make. Make cups of white coffee, pour them into moulds and refrigerate.

The popsicles taste better (creamier) with some milk. So add full-cream or skimmed to your liking.

Frozen White Coffee Cubes
This was inspired by the cafes in Bangkok. Essentially, when you do is to freeze white coffee into cubes.

Then top the cups of coffee cubes with skimmed milk or frothy milk foam. The coffee would slowly melt into the sugar, making it a creamy refreshing drink for the summer. Indeed quite delicious.

White Coffee with Banana Smoothie
A fairly simple-to-do smoothie for a teatime quench that can be filling.

Include a sachet of OLDTOWN White Coffee (Prepare it with hot water, leave it cold), 1 slice peeled banana, ½ cup of ice, and some low fat milk. Blend till smooth and enjoy.

White Coffee Frappuccino (with Orange)
Time to make your own cooling Frappucino right at home. I used oranges because they go really well with coffee for a summertime treat.

Get ready a cup of OLDTOWN White Coffee (preferably already chilled), ½ cup ice cube, peeled orange, 3 tablespoons of orange juice, and some low-fat milk (optional). Blend together.

Tips: Add less water to the OLDTOWN White Coffee as this would work better with a thicker mixture. Using chilled coffee also helps get that icy effect.

You can add the peeled oranges into the blend, or cut down into small pieces for some bite while drinking.

Fresh Mint Iced White Coffee
Coffee with fresh mint has become commonplace in the West Coast. Mint Mojito Iced Coffee is also a very popular beverage over there.

So you can add a) fresh mint b) mint syrup or c) homemade fresh mint syrup (cook water, sugar, mint leaves and vanilla beans on a saucepan over medium heat) to Iced Coffee.

It will make your Iced White Coffee more cooling and refreshing than ever.

White Coffee Float
White coffee topped with a scoop of vanilla (or coffee!) ice cream for a decadent beverage that is almost a dessert.

White Coffee Protein Shake
Gym-goers who want to build some muscles often have protein shake. Some are coffee drinkers who may not have the time to get some.

The solution? Add in plain or vanilla flavoured protein to a cup of White Coffee, and shake it!

The new OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 Less Sugar is now available at the nearest hypermarket and supermarket such as Cold Storage, FairPrice, Giant, Sheng Siong, as well as the local grocery stores.

You may visit the OLDTOWN White Coffee website for more information at

OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 Less Sugar Giveaway

OLDTOWN White Coffee has 50 x 2 packets of OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 Less Sugar + Mocha Flavour to giveaway. (Coffee will be couriered to your address in Singapore.)

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with OLDTOWN White Coffee.


  1. I like Old Town coffee and hope to win this so that I can drink them every morning because a long day in the office!

  2. I will try do the Frozen White Coffee cubes . So anytime I can just have ice yummy coffee for my coffee craving in such a hot day.
    Liked and shared

  3. I will use the coffee mixture in making of egg tarts. I will blend it withe the egg fillings to create coffee egg tarts.

  4. Liked & Shared. I will use the new products to make white coffee waffles/pancakes with white coffee ice-cream. Yumi!

  5. I woyld use the banana smoothie one 🙂 Banana smoothie is my favorite beverage, especially after exercise because it is extremely tasty and nutritional and it replenishes my energy fast. I can imagine how awesome it would be if I add coffee in for a kick to get that extra boost with caffeine.

  6. drinking old town coffee every morning has been a daily routine to me. when I need to skip breakfast, i add some chia seeds into the cool coffee and that makes a complete meal for me!

  7. I want to try out the White Coffee Overnight Oats so I can stay healthy and keep me awake for work at the same time!!

  8. Top it off with vanilla ice cream to make it a coffee float with less sugar which is definitely a healthier choice for all 🙂

  9. I’m going to make Oreo and mint shake with my Old Town white coffee. The cookies would not be blended till fine so I can have a crunchy shake 🙂

  10. I will eat my breakfast using White Coffee 25 per cent less sugar together with my Toast Bread Butter and Kaya)is so yummy I love it because I am coffee lover.

  11. Love it with Toast Bread Butter and Kaya, it my every morning must have breakfast. It give me a refresh day after drink white coffee.

  12. I would use my Old Town White Coffee 3 in 1 less sugar to make coffee-inspired desserts such as coffee ice cream in a coffee cum chocolate shell! Liked and shared the post on Facebook!

  13. Always loved OldTown for coffee with its thick rich creamy aroma and now with Less sugar… Even better!! Thanks Daniel!

    • I would use the ice cube method to make kopi peng and use the popsicles method to make my own white coffee popsicles .

  14. Liked and shared!
    I would use it and make ice cream and Popsicles! Or use it as flavourings for my cupcakes and cakes. 🙂

  15. Liked and shared this post ~
    For me I will use the new old town white coffee 3 in 1 less sugar powder to make into coffee pudding or make it into coffee ice cream as will be much nicer and cooling for recently weather !!!

  16. liked & shared. I did not know it can be so creative and many ways by using old town coffee. My one and only old version is ice coffee. I will definitely try your recipe!! That’s looks so yummy!!! Hoping to win coffee so I can try different recipe every day! 😉

  17. Liked and shared! I wana try making a white coffee cake and of coz iced white coffee with white coffee jelly!! Drooling thinking of that.. Yumz..

  18. Coffee my every morning need ???
    Nvr knew coffee not only xan be drink but have a lot of other creative ways of making it into ???

  19. I would like use OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 less sugar to make ( Ying Yang )coffee and milk tea. The use it to make coffee Agar Agar .

  20. Freeze OLDTOWN White Coffee into ice cubes! That way my iced coffee would not get diluted with watery ice cubes!

  21. tried the white coffee Popsicles! Perfect for this summer weather! Added in some dark choco bits for extra crunch and oh my so sinfullicious!
    Like and shared!

  22. LIKE & SHARE!
    The ice cubes Kopi very idea!

     ☆ * .  ☆
      . ∧_∧ ∩ * ☆
    * ☆ ( ・∀・)/ .
     . ⊂   ノ* ☆
    ☆ * (つ ノ .☆

  23. I would use it to make a coffee toast bread as it can brings me energy and it’s always healthy to have breakfast to keep you going !

  24. Old Town coffee in the morning is a MUST for me to functon properly, 2 ways to kickstart the day:

    1) Hot coffee with chia seeds as a drink

    2) Sprinkle the Old Town Mocha powder over hot oats, like Milo Dinosaur style to get the chocolate and coffee kick in the oats!

    Liked and Shared to spread the love!

  25. liked and shared this post on FB. Huiyun Corin.
    I would love to use oldtown white coffee 3in1 less sugar to create chocolate coffee lava molten cake fillings?

  26. With waffles in trend now, i would make a coffee waffles with it and thicken it to make a sauce to go over the waffles. Yummylicious ?!

  27. I like to dip the tim tam biscuits into a piping hot cup of old town white coffee 3 in 1 less sugar to satisfy both cravings for superb coffee and yummy biscuits!

  28. To make some trays of Frozen White Coffee Cubes.

    Because that’s as hipster as it gets right in the comfort of my own home (:

    Liked and shared!

  29. Definitely is the coffee cubes…For a busy n lazy person Mr. the best way to enjoy coffee while my girl go to school. I can matched it with bailey icecream and pair it up with waffles. Wow….that the way to enjoy life in out hot hot weather.

    Liked n shared post in fb

    Fb : grace ng

    email :

  30. Definitely is the coffee cubes…For a busy and lazy mum when my girl go school. I can matched it with bailey ice cream and pair with waffles .wow…that the way to enjoy life in our hot hot weather.

    Liked n shared post in fb

    Fb : grace ng


  31. I will use my family’s favorite White Coffee to make white coffee smoothie and ice cream, which is perfect for the hot weather

  32. I will freeze the OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 Less Sugar into and an ice block and make coffee ice shaving for this hot weather. 🙂

    LIKE & SHARE this post

  33. I would use my OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 Less Sugar to make into Molten White Coffee Cake ! Liked & Shared ! <3

  34. I would like to use OldTown white coffee 3 in 1 less sugar to made coffee tarts for family and friends love coffee.

  35. Love is like a coffee, bitter yet addictive. Coffee and love are best when they are hot, so let’s warm our heart and keep our love alive. Let’s coffee!!

  36. OLDTOWN White Coffee Mocha is a chocolate and coffee lover’s dream come true! I’ll have it as a dessert, mocha cupcakes! I like to ingest my coffee by whisking the coffee powder into the muffin mix!

  37. Iced Coffee Float! White coffee topped with a whooping scoopr of vanilla/coffee ice cream for an indulgent dessert in a cup drink in Sg’s sweltering weather!

  38. Simple. I would made use of my OLDTOWN 3 in 1 Less Sugar Coffee to make popsicles with my colleagues during our tea break.

  39. Love to drink Old Town Coffee with less sugar. Even recommended to my friends when they come to my house on weekends.Love to make coffee ice cubes too.

  40. The unlikely combo of coffee and pork ribs. This coffee flavoured meaty dish works best using instant coffee powder.

  41. I love the aroma of coffee brewing and coffee-infused cakes baking. So I’ll use White Coffee 3 in 1 Less Sugar to make Coffee Chiffon cake and pair it with a cup of White Coffee Mocha!

  42. I would use the coffee powder add a bit of water make it into a paste and apply to my stomach area to help to reduce fats! Coffee do help to reduce water reduction and since it is less sugar won’t attract too much ants!

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