[Hong Kong] Hong Kongers really love their Gudetama.

Right after Dim Sum Icon introduces Gudetama Dim Sum which saw ‘vomiting’ custard and ‘poop’ chocolate, Japanese food themed Gudetama Café by Izumi Curry, fast food chain MCDONALDS is in this as well.

So many of my friends are in love with this lazy egg yolk Sanrio character, who believes that some day he will be eaten.

Indeed. At McDonald’s.

The Gudetama promo items include the Breakfast Set offering items such as Grilled Champignons and Egg Deluxe Breakfast, BBQ McWings and Crème Brulee McFlurry.

McCafe also offers its own take with Bacon, Cheese and Egg Toastie, Crème Brulee Latte, and Crème Brulee Cheesecake.

For burgers, go for the Beef & Egg Fan-Tastic with Meat Sauce, or Chicken & Egg Fan-Tastic.(HK$28). Actually, there is nothing too ‘Gudetama’ about these 2 items except for the packaging and inclusion of egg.

My friend asked me for the taste. My reply, ”Like that lor”.

Okay, actually not too bad, except it felt heavy due to a rice patty. The egg was unfortunately on the dry side, but at least the patty retained the usual Asian-McDonalds-style-saltiness which gave it some taste.

There was at least some thought placed into the drinks.

The latte had the signature Gudetama faced on the whipped cream, which had this caramel crème brulee taste.

So destroy its face, and stir the yellow into the drink.

Special Gudetama Ceramic Bowls are also available, with a HK$39 top-up with any food purchase.

Tempted to go Hong Kong yet just for this?


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