999.99, otherwise known as Five Nines, have moved to Cuppage Plaza.

[Original Entry] 999.99, otherwise known as Five Nines, is a hidden gem which serves fine dining type of food at affordable prices.

The Japanese-European restaurant shows seasonal flavours and techniques with the essence of Japanese cuisine, with a quality 5-Course dinner at $69++.

A 2-course and 4-course set lunch goes for $19++ and $29++ respectively, and we are talking about mains such as Striploin Steak and Specialty Pasta.

At an area where mid-high restaurants dot the stretch of shophouses.

The name is a peculiar one, can you imagine “Hey, let’s go 999.99 for dinner”, but it symbolises gold in its finest form, the same way the restaurant would want to serve the best quality food.

Chef Masanao Saito (some say he is very handsome, sodesu ka?) was previously the Head Chef of the Japanese Embassy in Sweden.

He is known for marrying Japanese with French-style cooking techniques, with special attention paid to the quality of ingredients.

999.99 is an open kitchen concept, so you can sit at the counter and watch him at work. Note: He may seem rather shy at first, but can be quite chatty once he opens up.

Here is what you can expect from the 5 Course Dinner Menu (Do take note that items are seasonal, and subject to change.)

Course 1: Asparagus with Kalix Lojrom
Shrimp in a mascarpone, blanched asparagus, fish roe & yuzu caviar.

This worked as a beautiful starter, lovely plated and no-fuss. Let the crunchiness of the asparagus do the talking, while you can add a dollop of creamy mascarpone and touch of saltier caviar to enhance each bite.

Course 2: Scallops & Jus De Mer
Pan fried scallops, seafood broth, cypress oil & Brussel sprouts.

Chef goes for a lighter touch for most of the dishes, allowing the natural taste of the ingredients to surface through.

Course 3: Lobster Gratin
A whole Boston lobster in béchamel sauce & baked in shell.

I gather that this is the pièce de résistance of the 999.99, a whole lobster mixed with béchamel sauce, topped with cheese then baked till it is melted yet crisp.

As I dug past the top later, the lobster chunks were fresh and sweet, wonderfully coated in this medium-thick white creamy sauce. It was ‘The-Yums’, and I still cannot imagine that you could also get this for lunch affordably at $19++ with a drink.

OR Halibut & Carrot Ribbons
Pan fried halibut, thinly sliced carrots, burre blanc & kale.

I am slightly indifferent to this dish.

Course 4: Rossini
Tenderloin of beef with pan fried foie gras & sliced truffle, pomme puree, sautéed spinach.

The dish contains a pan-fried tenderloin of beef, topped with a hot slice of seared foie gras with pomme puree and spinach on the sides. It was decadent and satisfying, with the creamy foie gras providing a decent contrast with the lean beef loin.

OR Lamb & Eggplant
Pan fried lamb chops, eggplant puree, fried eggplant, pears, rosemary & horseradish jus.

The pan fried lamb chops were smoked in a canister just before serving, giving them additional flavour which blends well with a hint of sweetness from the pears.

Course 5: Pistachio & Mascapone
Pistachio sponge, mascarpone mousse, pineapple compote.

These are the different set meals available:

5 Course Dinner ($69++)
Asparagus with Kalix Lojrom, Scallops & Jus De Mer, Halibut & Carrot Ribbons OR Signature Lobster Grain (Top up $10), Main Course, Dessert of Pistachio & Mascarpone.

Choice of Main Course includes Tenderloin Steak, or Rossini (Top up $10), Pork & Pea Puree OR Lamb & Eggplant.

Set Lunch ($19++)
Main Course with Soft Drink or Coffee/ Tea.

Choice of Main Course includes Lobster Gratin (Top up $10) with salad and fries; Hamburger with salad and fries, 200g Striploin Steak with Salad and fries, Pasta (daily special) with salad and garlic bread.

4 Course Set Lunch ($29++)
Soup of the day, Tuna with Peach Salad, Main Course, Dessert of Lemon Granita & Mango Panna Cotta, with Soft Drink or Coffee/Tea.

Choice of Main Course includes Beef Tenderloin or Fish Broth.

In additional, some of the other highlights include the King Crab Croquettes ($15++), Raspberry & Chocolate ($10++) and Mangosteen & Lychee Sorbet ($8++).

As you can see, it is quite a still to have, a la carte plates start from $5 for starters, plated desserts start from $6 and even the five-course dinner is wallet-friendly at $69.

Possibly the menu for that romantic date night out, or casual gatherings with good old friends.

999.99 (Five Nines)
5 Koek Road, Cuppage Plaza #04-04 Singapore 228796 (Somerset MRT)
Tel: +65 67320195
Opening Hours: 6:00pm – 3:00am Last Order 2:30am (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

* This post is brought to you in partnership with 999.99.


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