[Updated] I have been informed that the Head Chef of Souper Tang in Singapore has left, and the kitchen may need a while to iron out their issues.

[Original Entry] While I was on my way to have Song Fa Bak Kut Teh at the revamped Centrepoint, I was distracted by Souper Tang 汤师父 (LOL).

Isn’t this that famous Tang Shi Fu? Diners who frequently visit Malaysia for food may be familiar with the brand, with 18 outlets across the country, known to serve comforting Chinese soups and cuisine.

The restaurant chain used to be known as Taang Shifu (or Tang Shifu) in Malaysia, serving 12 varieties of double-boiled soups.

The soups are enhanced with Chinese herbs, yet retain delicious flavours that are pleasing on the palate.

The first person I texted was a Cantonese-soup loving (almost a tai-tai but not yet) friend, who MUST have her lo foh tong for beauty and nourishment. Any one you know who is like that?

Their signatures include Signature Souper Pesto Pot ($26.90 for 2 pax, $39.90 for 4 pax) – a homemade pesto broth hot pot teeming with healthy vegetables, Home Braised Pork Belly in Rich Dark Sauce ($18.90), and Stewed Fish Head with Ginger and Chuan Xiong ($21.90).

As I wasn’t in a big group, I was more inclined to order individual portions.

The Shi Quan 10 Herbs Soup ($13.90), known to warm qi and help to relieve low appetite (don’t think I need that), was quite a robust, flavourful bowl with tender pork ribs.

While it was considered ’zhong kou wei’ (heavy in taste), there wasn’t a strong herbal smell, and felt comforting to the belly.

The other dishes were not too bad too, and I would consider bringing the family here.

The Simmered Sesame Chicken Pot Rice ($12.90) was almost like claypot chicken rice, and the pieces were soft, wonderfully marinated, and had no bones (good for the lazy people).

And I know there are those who like to eat the slightly burnt part of the rice. The temperature control for this dish was just nice.

While the Stir Fried French Bean with Pu Er ($11.90) was on the oilier and saltier side, it had been a long time since I last had such a crunchy plate of Si Ji Dou.

The best, best thing actually, happened to be the Caramel Ginger Beancurd ($3.90). Don’t leave without having this dessert.

Its texture can be said to be in between the traditional tau huay and modern style like Lao Ban – smooth and just slides down the throat.

Souper Tang
176 Orchard Road, Centrepoint, #02-52 & #02-K01,Singapore 238843 (Somerset MRT)
Tel: +65 6737 6772

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