Lava Toasts has become a trending creation in Singapore recently. Long queues can be still seen outside cafés that became ‘insta-famous’ overnight.

The idea is probably borrowed from Hong Kong’s Chau Kee 周記點心 which Lava Toasts in flavours of salted egg, matcha and taro appeared on social media last year.

The trend continues to flow (pun unintended) and has become the latest food craze in Singapore. (Read: The Best Salted Egg Croissant In Singapore Is…)

5 Places To Get Your Lava Toasts Fix In Singapore

The Bakery Chef
Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central Singapore 150161
Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm (Mon-Thurs), 10am – 9pm (Fri-Sun)

A Matcha Salted Egg Lava Toast?

You may have seen this video from Insider making their rounds on the net, and this humble cake café at Jalan Bukit Merah from Singapore has propelled to instant fame.

For $14.80, you get a choice of toast (charcoal, brioche or matcha), fillings (salted egg, Nutella or matcha) and a non-optional topup of chocolate, vanilla or matcha ice cream. (Used to be optional previously – blah.)

A toast with almost crispy layer and oozing centre has driven some instagrammers on a frenzy, but take note quality may be comprised as the small shop has the challenges handling the hype.

To be honest, the bread’s texture wasn’t fantastic, kind of doughy and tough to cut across. But the winning element was the filling of matcha sauce with an additional layer of saltiness.

7Kickstart University Cafe
Singapore Management University, 70 Stamford Road Singapore 178901 (near Li Ka Shing Library)
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Fri), Closed Sat, Sun

Why do SMU students get all the good stuff? The FIRST lava toast in Singapore which was launched way before the hype.

Anyway, I love 7Kickstart – they are a fun bunch which introduces good coffee and experimental stuff. Their French Toast feels rather ‘Hong Kong’ style, with thick cut toast, salted egg yolk custard in the centre, drizzled with condensed milk.

While we liked them, unfortunately the lava in the toast didn’t FLOW AT ALL. A pity. Oh well, at least the sauce was gao gao – thick and rich.

When asked, the manager replied that they were adjusting and trying out a new recipe to make it better. So… let’s give them some time.

Flavour Flings
121 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-1348, Singapore 530121
Opening Hours: 11am – 4pm, 5.30pm – 9pm (Mon, Wed-Fri), 9am – 4pm, 5.30pm – 9pm (Sat-Sun), Closed Tue

The café that launched the first Salted Egg Croissant (previous hype) in Singapore, jumped onto another bandwagon – The Lava Toast.

Toast was fluffier with a grainy salted egg texture. We wished that they could be more generous with the lava!

Here, a total of 4 Salted Egg dishes were available – Salted Yolk Fries ($8.90), Salted Yolk Egg Benedict ($15.90), Salted Yolk Croissant ($7.50) and Salted Egg Lava Toast ($11.90).

Anyone feeling an overdose of Salted Eggs?

Meet & Melt
Blk 915 Tampines Street 91 #01-49, Singapore 520915
Opening Hours: 3pm – 11pm (Tue-Fri), 2pm – 11pm (Sat-Sun), Closed Mon

The neighbourhood café continues to surprise us with their creativity. Maybe not too much on their first impression when their signboard reminded us of WordArt created from Microsoft Office 2000.

Their creations were pretty much the (once) trending desserts such as Charcoal Waffle, Shibuya Toast, Over-The-Top Milkshakes and their newest creation – Thai Milk Tea and Thai Green Milk Tea Lava Toast.

Priced at $14.90 (currently the most expensive lava toast in Singapore), they reminded us of the ones at CODE Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts, Bangkok. The toast had a hollow core with a more flowy (and a tad diluted) lava texture.

Instagram-worthy? Definitely.

Toast Box Singapore

The BreadTalk Group were pretty much on trend these days. From Salted Egg Lava Croissant to Cheese Tarts to Salted Egg Lava Toast, they got everything trendy covered.

Copied? Nope. Inspired.

At $2.80 for ala carte, the cheapest (and thinnest) lava toast in Singapore, the surface was eggy (and oily).

Cannot expect too much from a $2.80 toast with a bit of salted egg filling in it.

Lava Flow Ranking: Meet and Melt > Bakery Chef > Flavours Fling > Toast Box > 7KickStart

Instagrammable Ranking: Bakery Chef > Meet and Melt > Flavours Fling > 7KickStart > Toast Box

Affordability Factor: Toast Box > Flavours Fling > 7KickStart> Bakery Chef > Meet and Melt

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape and Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary.


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