Life works in interesting ways. Department of Caffeine D.O.C at Duxton Road closed, and Ninja Bowl taking over the shop space sells RICE BOWLS. Populus by the D.O.C Team starts another concept at Five Square Great Eastern Centre selling RICE BOWLS.

It’s all about the Rice Bowls, which are soon becoming the next big thing in Singapore.

Senate Coffee combines the Rice Bowls from The Populus Coffee & Food Co, and coffee by 2 Degrees North.

For those in the know, Populus’s donburi bowls range about $18.00 to $24.00. The Roast Chicken Grain Bowl is $18.50 at Populus BUT at Senate…$15. ‘Cheap, cheap’.

A friend did remark, ”How come chap chye peng $15 we complain expensive, and rice bowl $15, we say cheap?” The ironies of life, and clever marketing.

I had a Pulled Pork Senate Bowl ($15, $1 more for poached egg), consisting of 3-grain mix, 8-hour pulled pork, carrot and herb salad, slow roasted cherry tomatoes, marinated mixed mushrooms, baby spinach and fresh cress.

Strangely, I wished there was more carb, and finished the bowl in a matter of minutes.

Unlike some other rice bowl shops which might depend on additional sauces to enhance flavours, this bowl required on each ingredient to bring out the overall taste. Might in healthier in that aspect.

Loved the mixed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes by the way.

Other than the Pulled Pork, Roast Chicken ($15), Braised Beef Cheek ($19), Roasted Cod ($19.50), Tuscan Lamb Shoulder ($17.50) and Marinated Silk Tofu ($14) rice bowls are available. You can also craft your own bowl from $15.50.

Nobody said it was ‘cheap’ to ‘eat healthy’.

Coffee is a house blend of 70% Brazilian and 30% Guatemalan beans, supposedly to be full-bodied with more chocolatey notes. That is what Singaporeans like, they say.

By the way, my friend also remarked that “Populus very smart, got handsome guys and chio girls as service staff and baristas. Especially those in tight white shirts.” You think so?

Senate Coffee
Five Square #01-03 Great Eastern Centre, 1 Pickering Street Singapore 048659
Opening Hours: 8am – 8:30pm (Mon – Fri), 9:30am – 3pm (Sat), Closed Sun

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