[Promotion] Weekday Special Promotion @Yunomori Onsen & Spa Kallang Wave Mall. 1 for 1 free Onsen entry Japanese Onsen Experience $38 (+GST)

Every Monday – Wednesday (7:00 PM – 11:00 PM)
Valid from 13th Sep 2016 to 16th Nov 2016

Term & Conditions :
• This promotion is only for Monday to Wednesday, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
• This promotion does not apply to Public Holidays.
• The promotion only applies with regular entrance fee (Adult over 65 years and children under 15 years discounts are not included).
• This offer can not be combined with other promotions

[Original Entry] The popular Yunomori Onsen & Spa is here in Singapore, at Kallang Wave Mall. This is probably the first Japanese onsen in Singapore with the biggest variety of baths.

Yunomori Singapore has quite a huge space at 16,000 square feet, with 11 pools – 6 for the guys (because apparently onsen seems to be more popular with males. Serious!) and facilities such as sauna, steam bath, massage, spa treatment room, a relaxing area, luggage concierge and a dining café.

More on the dining café later.

I have been to the Bangkok outlet for a number of times, because it was spacious, clean, professional (no dirty stuff, if you know what I mean), and affordably priced (even though still more expensive than many others).

It was like my ‘secret’, because most Singaporeans I know go to Healthland and such. Until recent years… there are really many Singaporeans (can hear from the accent) there.

The common question I get from my friends is, “Cannot wear clothes ah???”

Em. Yah, naked. Totally naked.

Though in Singapore, you can request for a disposable underwear (bra top and underpants) if you are SHY.

According to the staff at the counter… If the first people inside goes ‘commando’ (applies to ladies as well), generally everyone else will follow suit.

SO my recommendation if you want to jio friends over is, you have to be comfortable with them in their own skin literally, and be relaxed appearing in your birthday suit in front of them.

We local guys had our ‘training’ in army and pool toilets. See until don’t want to see already. LOL. In fact, my very first visit to Yunomori Singapore, I saw my friend Desmond, well appearing in a different context, ”Good to see you…. here.”

Don’t SHY.

Onsen Entrance Fees
Yunomori’s Onsen Entrance fee is priced at $28+ for children and seniors ($29.96 with GST) and $38+ for adults ($40.60 with GST), which gives customers access to the onsen facilities for the entire day and allow them to try out different variation of baths.

Customers can add on massage and spa treatments from the Spa Menu available.

Spa Treatment Prices
Thai Traditional Massage – $88+ for 60 min($94.16 with GST)
Aroma Oil – $138+ for 90 min ($147.66 with GST)
Foot Massage – $38+ for 30 min ($40.66 with GST)
Head and Shoulder Massage – $38 for 30 min ($40.66 with GST)

Opening Hours
From 10am to 11pm daily. Great for those who need a de-stress after work, especially Friday nights. There are plans for the onsen to be opened after midnight, but not yet.

The range of Onsen Baths available include Jet Bath, Bubble Bath, Hot Bath, Silk Bath, Cold Bath, Soda Spa.

Plus a sauna (for the guys) and steam room.

Other Facilities
Includes a relaxing lounge where….. you cannot bring a handphone in. Yes, just rest there, don’t check emails, and a Yunomori Café serving healthy homestyle Japanese food.

The following information, hopefully will be useful for those who have never experienced Yunomori Onsen before. Just to get yourself more prepared.

Upon Entering Yunomori
– Leave shoes in foot locker. Get a set of shoe keys.
– Check in at the receptionist. Decide which package you want. Note: Customers who would like a massage (especially those 2 or more together), pleasssssse book way earlier.
– Pass shoe keys to receptionist. Receive locker key.
– You wear the locker key on your wrist at all times.

Entering The Locker Room (Before Onsen)
– Go to the locker room in which you will receive 2 towels (one small, one big) and Yukata. (Don’t blur blur enter the wrong gender room. Yikes!)
– Do leave your belongings in the locker provided and only the SMALL towel is allowed inside the Onsen.
– Additional note for ladies: Bring your makeup remover.
– Japanese Onsens are supposed to be enjoyed NAKED, so unfortunately (or fortunately depends on how you see it), swimming suits and underwear are NOT allowed. You can however, request for disposable underwear.
– Wash your body before you get into the Onsen. Must, must, must be hygienic.
– Do sit down on the stools provided when you shower. They provide shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, so don’t worry. You basically enter the shower room with JUST one small towel. Everything else they have. LOL.
– Very important. Do refrain from taking photos (or using your handphone) inside the dressing area, shower room, or onsen because obviously everyone is naked.

During The Onsen
– DO NOT wash your body or put your towel into the onsen bathtubs.
– Rinse your body and feet (kakari-yu) with the buckets provided before getting into each bathtub.
– You can alternate the bathtubs with relaxing in the sauna and steamroom.
– Drink sufficient water to prevent dehydration. There are watercoolers outside.

After The Onsen
– Wipe yourself clean.
– You can wear your Yukata into the café or relaxing room. (Tie tightly hor, later drop.)
– Once done, return Yukata and towels into the bins provided.
– Hairdryers, combs, cotton buds, body lotions are provided.
– Return locker key, make payment (if you purchased food and drinks) and check out.

Since this is a FOOD BLOG, I really need to talk about the food.

The menu includes items such as Hamburger Steak Plate ($17.90), Curry Set ($16.80), Udon Set ($10.80), Oden Set ($14.00), Tempura Don ($15.80), Katsu Don ($12.80), Tempura ($11.80 – $13.80), side dishes and fried items.

I would recommend the Japanese Assorted Plated ($17.80) – a colourful, totally-looks-healthy platter of grilled fish, teriyaki chicken pieces, prawns, vegetables and rice.

Reminded me of food at Café & Meal MUJI, a rather filling and nutritious tasting version. Not top-notch restaurant quality, but actually good enough for ‘spa food’. I think 2 females can share this.

An onsen like this comes at a right time, can be suitable place to just hang loose (literally) during days off (since we are really all quite stressed out), and perhaps for families – for father and son, mother and daughter bonding sessions.

Having been to Bangkok’s Yunomori, the facilities are actually quite comparable, though Bangkok’s space felt larger and had a more obvious Japanese feel as it was not located within a mall.

However, I do expect the crowds especially during the weekends (and defeats the purpose of , so book your massages earlier, and go during off-peak hours if possible.

Yunomori Onsen & Spa
Kallang Wave Mall #02-17/18, 1 Stadium Place, Singapore 397628 (take escalator near the exit of Fairprice, Carpark B Area 3 / 4)
Tel: +65 6386 4126 / +65 6385 7985
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm Daily

* Photos were taken 10 minutes before official opening and I went to seek for special permission from Yuomori. DON’T bring your camera inside. DON’T.


  1. Thanks for the review. But just wondering where’s their source of spring water here in Singapore, else wouldn’t it just be immersing in hot water?

  2. Just curious but wouldn’t ikeda spa be the first onsen in sg? Prob smaller than this one but I think yunomori isn’t the first onsen, prob the largest one.

  3. What I’m really wondering, is since everybody is naked, whether there are separate male and female areas or is everybody in a nudist colony here?

    • Hi Alan, generally onsen should be fine. But I suggest just calling to check in case they are closed for maintenance, are full-full etc.

  4. HI, JUST WANT TO KNOW PEOPLE WITH SKIN PROBLEM, HONG kONG Foot went to the onsen pool
    wander it is safe as the pool will be contagious.

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