Coffee lovers should really download this app, if a FREE cup coffee already entices you.

The McCafé Devotee App is created to reward loyal McCafé goers, but it can really benefit just about anyone.

Get a free drink coupon when you download and register the Devotee App. Simply show the McCafé barista your coupon on the mobile app. This promotion ends 20 June 2016.

Remember those hard copy loyalty cards, that we keep and fatten the wallet?

The Devotee App is certainly more convenient and seamless – would not go missing once you have downloaded the app into your phone. Additionally, McCafé no longer accepts the old Devotee Card so now is the best time to download the Devotee App for you to collect McCafé rewards!

9 Reasons To Download The New McCafé Devotee App

1. Get Your FREE Coffee
Upon downloading and registering the McCafé Devotee app, you earn a FREE hand-crafted drink immediately. That’s it. So simple!

So if you happen to be near a McCafé now (and need some caffeine), get it downloaded and register for free coffee. Do note that the promo is only till 20th June 2016 (Mon).

The barista Jacky (at Great World City) was very friendly. When I asked “Can do a pretty pretty cup?”, the cappuccino came with decent latte art. Must say he was quite skilful and prompt. (Thanks Jacky!)

2. Get McCafé Devotee Stamps
Created to reward loyal McCafé goers, the Devotee App offers a seamless and convenient customer experience. It also allows customers to redeem free beverages, as we can earn and track digital stamps with purchases.

So I bought a few different beverages from McCafé the other day, showed the barista my phone, and he scanned the unique Customer QR code in the app for instant stamps (The stamps look colourful and cute by the way).

(These stamps can be earned with purchases of McCafé beverages from a McCafé, and even
McDonald’s Restaurants, Self-Ordering Kiosks and Drive Thrus co-located with a McCafé.)

3. 5 Stamps = 1 McCafé Beverage
Every 5 McCafé Devotee Stamps earned can be converted to 1 McCafé Devotee Coupon which entitles you to redeem 1 FREE McCafé beverage.

The coupon is stored in the app’s ‘wallet’, so you can choose to redeem a free McCafé beverage of your choice, at a later date of your preference (before expiry of course).

Ta-dah. I had my free iced latte for 5 cups.

(Actually, it won’t be difficult especially if a group of friends order different drinks, but you collect the stamps lah! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…)

4. Tracking
One major benefit is that transactions of stamps earned and coupons redeemed are also tracked within the app for easy reference.

Remember days when you had coupons which expire without you knowing – so wasted! The ‘wallet’ in the app will indicate the expiry dates.

5. Soft Copy
This replaces the paper loyalty cards which can get misplaced easily. Remember days when you had to slot the hardcopy card into the wallets or purses… it just makes everything fatter.

With the app, this is simple to manage, easy to track, and no need for hard copies which needs to be changed regularly.

6. Store Locator
There is a McCafé store locator function, which allows you to search for the nearest McCafé, find out the exact address (link to Google Maps), and opening hours. How convenient.

You can easily locate McCafé outlets that are nearest to you with the swipe of a finger.

This comes very useful especially when you want to know which ones are 24 hours in operation (say after you catch a mid-night movie).

7. Sweet Deals
Leveraging on geo-location technology, the Devotee App also enables you to receive notifications about the latest promotions (e.g. muffins at promo price) in a timely manner, whether you are on-the-go or near a McCafé outlet.

There will also be exclusive app deals that will be available periodically.

8. Coffee Information
Learn about the blend of coffee beans used by McCafé, the baristas and latte art within the app.

This is when I found out McCafé uses 100% Arabica coffee beans. And do you know that McCafé berries are handpicked from the trees to ensure consistency and quality?

There’s more to learn in the “About Us” tab within the app!

9. No Charge
The McCafé Devotee App can be downloaded for free!

The McCafé’s new Devotee App now available for download on the App Store and Google Play. Remember to redeem your free McCafé beverage!

* This post is brought to you in partnership with McCafé Singapore.


  1. Eh points 2 and 3, 4 and 5 are essentially the same. Point 8, isn’t the majority of coffee beans hand-picked? I know advertorial la, but liddat your blog standard will drop one you know??

  2. one reason not to download the app.

    No good for drive through customers. It’s against the law to touch your mobile while operating a motor vehicle. McDonalds now appear to be encouraging us to break the law as they’re doing away with the loyalty card which means you have to use your phone while operating a vehicle in drive through, to acquire your coffee tally/freebie etc.


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