A hipster Thai restaurant Nung Len hits Mackenzie Road near Little India, and appears to have fair amount of support from the Thai community in Singapore with quite brisk business.

A white tuktuk parked at the entrance (how much did it cost to bring it in?), a brownish woody interior decorated with a wall of painted tuktuk, and NON-air-conditioned space by the side road with the sound of traffic.

The table next to us was a group of Singaporean and Thai friends chatting while drinking Singha beer.

Close your eyes, and you could almost imagine you are in Bangkok once again.

Nung Len means “sit around and chill”, opened by a young Chef Fu Qian Li who graduated from London’s Le Cordon Bleu.

She was inspired by contemporary diners in Thailand that regularly serve Thai classics alongside Western signatures, and you might see that being reflected in the menu.

Prices on the higher side “Phaeng”, no air-con, but food appears to be quite authentic – in the perspective close to what you might have at Bangkok city.

Recommended dishes include the Tom Yum Talay (Creamy Tom Yum Seafood Food $15), Kway Tiew Tom Yum Doran (Tom Yum Noodles with Pork $14), Khapow Moo Sab (Thai Basil Minced Pork Rice $12), Gaeng Som Cha Om Goong (Acacia leaf omelette with spicy tamarind prawn soup $15) as well Spaghetti Pad Kee Mao ($17).

Starting with the Thai Iced Milk Tea ($3.90), there was a particular tea linger and stronger than usual orange blossom water taste. Not bad, one of the better few around. I wished it was a dollar cheaper though.

The dish I liked was the Kway Tiew Tom Yum Doran (Tom Yum Noodles with Pork $14), that captured the essence of Thai style spicy-sour-savoury matched with tender slices of pork.
Modern presentation with rustic taste.

I think I would skip the Green Curry ($15) the next time though. Their interpretation was to have grilled chicken on green curry. Something the ingredients didn’t combine together well, and the curry was kind of milky-watery. I personally prefer gravies that are richer and thicker.

There are some dishes created using simple French techniques which the chef learnt from school, as seen in the Gai Nung Len ($10) of crispy chicken strips drizzled with homemade sauce. Arok mak!

Nung Len
33 Mackenzie Road, Singapore 228686 (Little India MRT)
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10:30pm, Closed Sun

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