The Singapore weather has been getting immensely hot. Other than hiding in an air-conditioned room, having a cold dessert such as the King’s Potong Ice Cream is just pure enjoyment.

“Ring Ring Ring!” I remember in my younger days, there was actually an ice cream seller in a tricycle-like vehicle selling Potong Ice Cream just outside my primary school! His bell would go on and on, and the group of young boys would all run to see who was the fastest to reach for the treat. (I was never the quickest, but nevermind.)

Potong Ice Cream, which means ‘cut’ ice cream in Malay, still brings back fond memories of the good old days. They were inexpensive, with many familiar flavours, and enjoyable when licking the creamy-goodness off the stick.

Of course, we still get the King’s Potong ice cream in supermarkets or even online on REDMART now, and they come in traditional Asian-inspired flavours such as Red Bean, Black Glutinous Rice (my favourite), Yam, Coconut, Cempedak and Teh Tarik. (I found out that Teh Tarik is available only exclusively in Sheng Siong).

Other than having Potong Ice Cream on its own, it is actually quite fun to pair it up with different toppings and ingredients.

To pay homage to ‘nostalgia’, here are 5 Old School Ways You Can Enjoy Your King’s Potong Ice Cream.

Old School meets Hipster Potong Ice Cream Cendol
This is a deconstructed cendol of sorts, inspired after I was having BOTH a cendol and Potong Ice Cream in succession. I thought, “How about putting them together?”

– King’s Potong Ice Cream (I recommend the Red Bean and Black Glutinous Rice)
– Vanilla or Coconut Ice cream (2 scoops)
– Cendol ingredients such as grass jelly, creamed corn, pink green bean cake and green jelly noodles.
– Iced gem biscuits as toppings

– Include Cendol ingredients at the base of the cup
– Add in 2 scoops of ice creams. For variation, I added a scoop MEADOW GOLD Lush Red Velvet for a burst of red in the middle.
– Push in a stick of Potong Ice Cream. Red bean goes best with the cendol ingredients.
– Add old school biscuits as toppings.

There you have it, an old school meets hipster dessert. What you can do is to visit those traditional provision or biscuit shops. You will certainly find some ‘treasures’ to create your own hipster Potong dessert.

More Old School meets Hipster Potong Desserts …

Potong Ice Cream Sandwich

This is similar to the ice cream sandwiches sold by the roadside at Waterloo Street and certain junctions of Orchard Road. I did have some difficulty finding the rainbow coloured breads, but managed to find quite a few fragrant pandan-flavoured ones.

A Yam or Pulut Hitam flavoured Potong sandwiched within the soft bread did conjure up some childhood memories. (Note: You can remove the stick easily if it makes it easier to eat.)

Potong Ice Cream Bun
Similar to the previous, but I added a layer of cream biscuit for some crunchiness on every bite. You can find these soft buns in many bakeries, available in red bean, coconut and blueberry flavours.

Potong ‘Hot Dog’ Sandwich
Instead of a sausage, add a Potong Ice Cream and drizzle some of your favourite sauce such as chocolate, maple or honey.

Potong Waffles
Two ways of eating this. You can either spread the ice cream over the waffles; or remove the stick and cut the Potong into blocks. The Teh Tarik flavoured Potong goes surprisingly well with waffles.

Eat it on a stick, chop it into cubes, create your own Potong dessert… any way you can think of.

King’s Potong Ice Cream is available at major hypermarkets/supermarkets (FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage, Giant, Prime Supermarket, Shop N Save) and selected Cheers and Singapore Petroleum.

Promotional price: 3 boxes at $9! Valid from 1 – 31 May 2016.

You can even order them ONLINE now at REDMART.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with King’s Potong Ice Cream.



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