Bigiya Ramen, which was listed as within the Michelin Tokyo Bib Gourmand in both the 2015 and 2016 guides, has quietly made its entrance in Singapore at Ramen Gallery Takumen – ラーメンギャラリー 宅麺 Boat Quay. (Read: 12 New Ramen Places In Singapore)

While the Michelin Bib Gourmand lists ‘non-starred’ restaurants, these are still restaurants offering “exceptional good food at moderate prices”.

If you have yet to try Ramen Gallery Takumen, the concept is rather interesting, serving 6 different Japanese ramen brands in a single shop on a half-yearly rotational basis. (Read: Takumen at Circular Road)

Established in 2010, Takumen started as an online ramen store in Japan. At “宅麺.com (”, delivering ramen to customers’ homes, with over 100 varieties to choose from.

Bigiya (the original store at 2-4-9 Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo) is known for its tasty rich soup cooked with fish and chicken, and special noodles containing whole wheat flour.

The highlight in the taste of citron within the soup, with the secret sauce “airlifted from Japan”.

Three different ramen types are offered: The Bijiya Yuzu Fragrance White Soy Sauce Ramen ($15.90); an option with a flavoured egg (additional $2); and special version ($19.40) with extra two types of charsiew and bamboo shoot.

Its broth looked light and unassuming, but sips would reveal that citrusy (yuzu?) depth which would refreshingly grow on you. A compelling soup different from the typical bases.

The noodles is made with whole wheat flour – soft and healthy-tasting, rather similar to soba.

I have yet to try the original Japan version, and so am not the best person to judge.

In a hot summer weather, having a light yuzu soup base can be invigorating, but the bowl somehow lacked something, maybe the soup wasn’t hot-hot enough, maybe the noodles were moderately soggy.

Bigiya Ramen at Ramen Gallery Takumen
66 Circular Road #01-01 Singapore 049420
Tel: +65 6536 4875
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm, 5:30pm – 10:00pm (Mon – Thurs),
11:30am – 3:00pm, 5:30pm – 12am (Fri),
11:30am – 3:00pm, 5:30pm – 9pm (Sat – Sun)

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  1. Unfortunately I did not get any of the yuzu citrusy from the first sip till the end and the soup was overly greasy with a layer of oil that makes the overall taste rather off putting. It is different from the original store where the stock is light refreshing and addictive. Overall it is disappointing and is not worth the visit.

  2. Been to this takumen recently, it is a very poor quality ramen restaurant. A general introduction for takumen: it is a restaurant with only a single kitchen which houses all 7 or 8 “renowned ramen stores from Japan including “bigiya ramen”

    When we first step in the restaurant, somethin were amiss, there were no ramen stock aroma at all in the restaurant! we ordered the signature new bigiya ramen’ s white miso Yuzu citrusy ramen , it was HORRIBLE. we also ordered two other ramen from two “different” ramen stores. All of them shared the same pork , eggs, and other toppings. I suspect all the ramen a shares the same soup base!

    My speculation is that the ramen stock were concentrates and shipped by Japan and water is added to dilute the concentrated ramen stock with other flavorings added such as instant Flavours or flavoring powders. In short, these ramen broths were not made fresh daily ! They are like sauce pastes with added water and served to customers!

    When the ramen was prepared and delivered Infront of us, there were absolutely no aroma of the ramen , ZERO fragrant smell even if I moved my face towards the bowl and took a deep sniff. This clearly shows that the ramen is very Low quality.

    The tonkutsu soup bases are not umami , not 浓厚(thick,tasty) , absolutely disastrous ramen.

    Services are decent by the two young ladies who served us , prepared the ramen for us, cleaned our utensils , and also served as cashier for us.

    To summarise, it is a ramen shop , with different ramen sauce/soup pastes shipped from Japan or maybe local made, with water simply added and brought to boil to make the soup broth.

    Char siews were the same char siews used for all the 7 or 8 “renowned ramen stores ” (cmon seriously )

    All in one, ramen champion is a SUPERIOR choice of ramen compared to the pathetic takumen.

    At least in ramen champion you can see that they made their soup stock from scratch

    • By the way, the bigiya ramen is not a new restaurant added to takumen , it’s simply a new menu item in takumen .


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