No, this is not Korean Bingsu, but a Taiwanese style “Milky Snow Mountain” dessert.

So during this time when Korean desserts and hipster cafes are flooding the Instagram feed, it is literally REFRESHING to see a home-grown Taiwanese dessert café NICEDAY.

NICEDAY Desserts is an ice desserts café paired with traditional ingredients like grass jelly or bean curd. Its location should thrill many as well, at the (partially opened) Tiong Bahru Plaza which has undergone a $90 million dollar revamp.

So make your way to Level 2 for a short ‘food street’ where neighbours such as Dolce Tokyo, O Banh Mi, Keika Ramen, A One Signatures reside. (I know, a bit ja-pa-lang right? On the same note, can’t help noticing the number of hairgrowth/slimming centres here.)

In a weather so hot in Singapore, finding out about NICEDAY was quite the life-saver.

The menu offers the signature Snow Mountain desserts ($9.90), Taro Q Ball Series ($4.50), Glassjelly Bowls with Nata Mochi ($4.50), Polo Ice ($6.90) and Eggette with Ice Cream ($6.80)!

Quite affordable pricing.

Actually, I would like to start with the Polo Ice ($6.90) because it is probably the most unique of the series, which reminded me of a particular type of bingsu I had in Seoul.

The bowl of powdered icy snow comes in various flavours like brown sugar, matcha and pineapple, in a shape of a Hong Kong style pineapple bun – apparently quite big in the southern Taiwan now.

As you dig further into the ‘snow’, you find hidden treasures like grass jelly, red bean, nata, mochi balls. You can then further add in taro and sweet potato balls, and mix all around.

The play of textures of fluffy ice shavings, silky smooth glass jelly and chewy balls was extremely pleasurable, and I almost felt like I was in Taipei’s Zhong Xiao Road again.

You may wonder the taro balls are placed outside as a separate bowl. This is for customers to add based on preference, and so that the balls do not become stiff in the colder temperature within the bowl.

To be fair, the Purple Sweet Potato Milky Snow Mountain ($9.90) did look like a bingsu, but the texture was not as fine as say, Nunsongyee’s. But at this price with this quality, I am not complaining at all.

Same good stuff, the best deal was the glass jelly at the bottom, which is supposedly worked in collaboration with one of the best in Taiwan. No wonder.

The Eggette Cup ($6.80) is looking quite like Hong Kong’s Oddies Foodies.

Instagram-worthiness aside, the eggettes were freshly made (do be prepared to wait) and had almost perfectly shaped spheres, in the classic golden colour completed with crispy texture.

A scoop of green tea ice cream sat within with red bean. We just didn’t quite like the whipped cream and lady’s finger biscuit which didn’t go quite well with the combination.

NICEDAY Taiwanese Desserts occupies a small short space, and most of their desserts need time to prepare. So be patient. I suspect that they may just be the next hit at the new Tiong Bahru Plaza.

NICEDAY Taiwanese Desserts
Tiong Bahru Plaza #02-111A (Food Street), 302 Tiong Bahru Road Singapore 168732 (Tiong Bahru MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10:30pm

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