”There are hipster cafes everyWHERE but Woodlands.” This may be a statement of the past. And of all places, at the rather ulu Woodgrove.

The taxi uncle who circulated mainly the Woodlands area told me the only reasons he would visit Woodgrove was for the supermarket, and chicken rice, ”Don’t know what Kee. It used to be a lot better though.”

There is Two Plus One, a gelato shop with 5 tables and 10 chairs. NO coffee (yet) unfortunately, only White Ginger and Earl Grey Lavender Tea ($3.80) and a Blue Lagoon drink ($5.80 with ice cream).

I might have gave a super huge look of disappointment when I learnt there was no coffee, but was worried about settling for a chemical-blue coloured drink.

Normal ice cream flavours go for $3.80 while premium are at $4.50 per scoop. I can’t say this is inexpensive though.

Premium flavours include Chocolate Rocky Road, Strawberry Cheesecake, Hazelnut Rochor, Durian, Salted Caramel, Bubble Gum, Earl Grey with figs, Crème Brulee, Thai Milk Tea and Dark Chocolate.

“Buy Two Plus One special promotion at $10.” I see. Though 3 scoops for $10 is tempting, I was watching my waistline. #100DaysofSHOU

Waffles come in Classic ($4.50), Charcoal ($6) and Chocolate Meltz ($6) which the server recommended. Good choice.

While the waffles was not the best I ever had, it was decently crisp with a soft batter – above average if compared to some other neighbourhood ice cream cafes.

The server also advised me against having the Bubblegum Gelato, “Only the kids like it. The adults complained it tasted like bubblegum.”

Yes, that was what she said. Why would anyone order bubble ice cream and think it would taste otherwise?

It was otherwise creamy and not too sweet. If the flavor of the different flavours were more pronounced (ie the Thai Iced Tea could have more tea taste), I would have liked this better.

Two Plus One operates till at 12am or 1am every day. Ice cream café within Woodlands that opens till midnight has officially become a reality.

Two Plus One
30 Woodlands Ave 1 #01-01 The Woodgrove, Singapore 739065
Opening Hours: 1pm – 12am (Mon – Thurs), 1pm – 1am (Fri), 12pm – 1am (Sat), 12pm – 12am (Sun)

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