Jessica Loh, behind the on-screen name of “Shiberty”, had opened her own café at Owen Road.

At a young age of 23. Hmm, I wondered what I was doing back then at 23?

Other bloggers who went into the restaurant and cafe business include Peggy C @sixpegs with Butter My Buns, Velda Tan @belluspuera with Pince and Pints and Karen Ashley Ng @renzze with The Pourover Bar, and has showed quite positive results.

We were curious about what “Shiberty” means. After all, it did almost sound like a word, but not found in a dictionary though.

Jessica adopted this name when she first came across this word on a Harry Potter fan page site (seriously?) for a spell name.

Awesome spell, bubbly person, and we were thrilled to find out if her bakes were as magical as they sounded.

The interior was plain white with natural sunlight pouring in on a sunny day.

Instagram-worthy? Yes, with an “Instagram-corner” with the best lighting and props for the hipsters to capture the “million-dollar” shot.

Apart from the usual cakes and macarons that Jessica had been baking for the past 4 years on her website, there were signatures of Shiberty Toast aka Shibuya Toast ($16), Gourmet Waffle ($14), Dessert Pizza ($14) and Milkshakes ($9).

Shiiiiiii… Shiberty Bakes a Shibuya Toast called Shiberty Toast ($16) was offered in 3 different flavours: Classic (sea salt caramel and vanilla ice cream), Rocher (hazelnut and vanilla ice cream) and Matcha (green tea and vanilla ice cream).

We were recommended the Rocher Shiberty Toast ($16) with lots of toppings (chocolates, marshmallow, macaron shell, chocolate fudge) that resembled an Over-The-Top Milkshake.

So much toppings that the toast gave way under the weight of the toppings (and my old pants giving way to my expanding waistline).

The hard toast walls were removed prior to serving, revealing a golden and crispy exterior crust and a very buttery interior. The hazelnut ice cream was worth a mention for complementing well with the toast.

Also worthy to mention was a Gourmet Waffle ($14) that came with 3 different flavours and 2 scoops of pre-selected ice cream: Buttermilk, Red Velvet and Charcoal.

Despite its strong-in-aesthetics presentation, the Red Velvet waffle was a tad dense and flat. We would have preferred our waffle to be crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

For a safe option, go for the Artisanal Macarons ($2) which Shiberty has been baking for the past 4 years.

Interesting flavours include Salted Egg (Yes, still in trend), Earl Grey and Honey Lavender. We liked the light and crispy macaron shell with a slightly chewy interior.

The fad on the Over-The-Top Milkshake might have passed, but we did see some OTT Loaded Milkshakes ($9) here that came in these flavours: Strawberry Cheesecake, Hazelnut Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel and Matcha.

Not as jelak (rich) as we expected, the Matcha Milkshake was smooth and light, with a slight matcha taste.

We are excited to see what Shiberty (will) Bake in the future after seeing some cool and interesting selection here.

After all, Shiberty sounded more excited and enthusiastic as she had transformed her passion in baking into a physical reality.

Shiberty Bakes
46 Owen Road, #01-277, Singapore 210046 (Farrer Park MRT)
Opening Hours: 12pm – 9.30pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

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* Written by Daniel’s Food Diary Food Correspondent Nicholas Tan. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


  1. Hi Daniel, you may want to verify on the opening hours. As it was stated in one of her posts that its tue-sun 12-10pm

  2. “Written by Daniel’s Food Diary Food Correspondent Nicholas Tan. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.”

    Wow. Co-owner writing a review for his own company. Good job Danielfooddiary for the complete lack of journalistic integrity,

    • Never the mind the lack of integrity, let’s also talk about the appalling lack of any editing whatsoever.
      The English is so appalling that anyone reading it would develop tumors in their eyes.

  3. Fark lah I used to look at your website for food reviews. NEVER AGAIN. How can ownself review ownself. Did you even try the food or not? Not credible!


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