After walking past the basement of One Raffles Place, who is frequently bustling with office workers, I couldn’t help noticing that Swissbake has been converted to a homely new café of Kraftwich.

Kraftwich is where you can ‘KRAFT’ your own sandWICHes and salads, a brand-new concept by Swissbake which has been known for premium quality European bread and confectionery products.

These kraftwiches are actually pizza-sized sandwiches, cut up into triangular shapes, made of multigrain and maize bread, and filled with wholesome ingredients.

It is almost like your typical sandwiches, but with a layer of crusty bread, packed full of nutritious multigrain.

The good thing is: These are healthy and filling, but yet not bland and boring.

Quite a novel concept in the heart of the CBD I must say, something different, where the area is literally flooded with health food and salad shops.

Variety is its strength too. Beyond the Kraftwich and salads, there are light bites, Swissbake pastries, cakes, cakes, desserts, coffee and cold pressed juices available.

Frittata Kraftwich $8.90
The hot Kraftwich varieties are recently introduced, a welcomed move because I prefer these warm comforting ones.

The egg-lover in me loved the Italian-style oven baked frittata as the main ingredient, mixed in with broccoli, cherry tomatoes, chick peas, then drizzled with balsamic-mayo dressing.

As for the frittata, it was soft and almost creamy. Almost.

I really liked the dark-coloured multigrain bread, already appearing chockful of fibre containing the healthy grains including wheat, soya, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, rye, and oats. All super ingredients.

The bread was flat and didn’t feel like I was just having full-on carbs. Get it lightly toasted and there is an agreeable crisp yet soft on the inside with a malty flavour.

Barramundi Kraftwich $10.90
The other warm Kraftwich comes with oven baked barramundi fillet covered with parmesan bread crumb, gherkins, and a lemon basil mayo dressing.

In reality, it has always been salmon stealing for show for sandwich shops offering fish variants. It’s like “Other than salmon, what else is there?” So I am happy to get a firm, moist barramundi with buttery flavour.

The maize bread used which was chewier and softer, is made with a maize mix, wheat flour, corn & topped with pumpkin seeds.

The other Kraftwich ($8.90 each, add $5 for a meal) contain protein-packed fillings, which includes Smoked Duck, Smoked Chicken, Portobello, Beef Pastrami, Tuna & Egg, Vegetarian, Smoked Salmon, Turkey Ham & Cheese.

For those who prefer colder-fillings.

For a fuller meal, you can top-up $5 for a soup or salad and a beverage of cappuccino or iced lemon tea. Between the Mushroom and Seafood Chowder Soup, I would recommend the former.

Comparatively, I find the salads quite reasonably priced – $7.90 for 5 regular toppings with mixed veggies, and $14.90 for premium topping, mini soup and coffee or tea.

Portion is huge, ingredients are fresh. One thing I noted was dressings were generally on the light side, and some might prefer heavier, fuller tastes.

The regular toppings available for selection include beetroot, Thai asparagus, Japanese cucumber, capers, gherkins, chick peas, raisins, baby carrots, green apple, cranberries, egg, sundried tomatoes, cheddar cheese and more; and premium toppings include proteins such as smoked chicken, smoked duck, turkey ham, smoked salmon, beef pastrami and Portobello mushroom.

For early risers who want to grab a bite before a long day in office, breakfast sets ($6.90 with coffee or tea) of Swiss Crumpet poached egg with turkey ham and beef pastrami, Croissant Sandwich and Multigrain Croissant are available. From 7:30am till 11am.

Like what people always say, the reverse of ‘stressed’ is ‘desserts’.

If you need some time-off your office and in need of some sweets, go for the Bread and Butter Pudding ($6.90, $7.90 with coffee or tea) which is hot buttery comfort in a cup. Hug the mug with both hands, then let the ice cream slide down your throat to get what I mean.

Available 2-6pm on weekdays.

* Kraftwich is running a lucky draw promotion for the 2 new Kraftwich (Frittata and Barramundi). You just have to top up $5 for a soup and drink to complete your meal set and stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to Shakespeare in the Park- Romeo & Juliet + a Swissbake picnic bag worth $50! A total of 30 winners.

One Raffles Place Tower 1 #B1-04/05 Singapore 048616 (Raffles Place MRT)
Tel: +65 6438 5730
Opening Hours: 7.30am – 9.00pm (Mon – Fri), 9.00am – 3.30pm (Sat – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kraftwich.



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