[Tokyo] Cronut Creator Dominique Ansel has found the right city to open his next bakery, at Tokyo in the heart of Omotesando.

This is near Harajuku none the less, where the Japanese often go ”kawaii” over sweet treats.

A brief background: The original Dominique Ansel Bakery was awarded “Best New Bakery” by Time Out New York City, but really found massive success with The Cronut, the doughnut and croissant hybrid.

Despite being around for a number of years, people still queue up at Spring Street for those cronuts – a different flavour every month, maximum of 2 per customer.

Yes, me inclusive. Verdict: Love at first sight, but not exactly one first bite.

The Tokyo’s outlet is a short 10 minute walk from Omotesando station (provided you don’t get lost), with a bakery concept at ground level, and “Petit Park Café” serving brunch items, light snacks, sandwiches and dessert.

If you are not familiar with Ansel’s creations, some of his well-known signatures are the Cronut, Dominique’s Kouign Amann (The DKA), Frozen S’more, Magic Soufflé, Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot, Gingerbread Pinecone and Cotton-Soft Cheese Cake.

Mr Roboto – a black sugar hojicha melon pan, and Paris-Tokyo matcha passion fruit cake are the Tokyo exclusives. Items are between 350 – 900 Yen or so (SGD$4.30 – $11.20).

The Cronut retails at 550 Yen (SGD$6.90), lines can start prior to opening (at 10am), with a limit of 2 per person, and each Cronut flavour available for the month. The same flavour will NOT be offered ever again. (insert shocked emoticon).

April’s Cronut flavour is Okinawa ‪‎Pineapple ‬‬with Milk Chocolate and Ume (sour plum) sugar.

I think people just enjoy watching and instagramming burnt things, such as the Frozen S’more (750 Yen, SGD$9.40) which is put on a smoked apple-wood willow branch and torched to order. The girl doing the flaming gave the I-must-have-done-this-a-thousand-times-look.

The Frozen S’more is a Tahitian vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate feuilletine flakes and then enrobed in a 100% honey marshmallow.

So as you bite beyond the melted marshmallow, there is chewy ice cream within. What sorcery. But how much sweetness in that cube. I took two bites and couldn’t handle the sugariness.

Sorry S’more.

The Cookie Shot (480 Yen, SGD$6) which is available only after 3pm, probably pays homage to the dunked cookies and milk.

The container in this case is a soft and moist chocolate chip cookie is in the shape of a shot glass, and served warm with fresh cold-infused vanilla milk. The milk is supposedly cold-infused with Tahitian vanilla bean for 24 hours.

It was well… fun to eat, especially as the milk got absorbed partly by the cookie. But I can imagine people with a greater sense of practicality won’t get much of the point from this.

You must marvel at Dominique Ansel’s pastries, not a common sight, many of which are unseen before.

I personally thought the cakes and tarts were too sweet over at NYC, and somehow surprised that the Japanese who are known for their lighter palate for pastries, would be able to take this level of sweetness. Just saying.

Dominique Ansel Bakery Tokyo
Jingumae, Shibuyaku-Tokyo 5-7-14

5minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line Omotesando Station Exit A1
6minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, FukuToshion Line Meiji Jingu-mae Station Exit A1
Tel: +81-3486 1329
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Google Maps

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