[Updated Oct 2017] Chef Andre Chiang has announced that Restaurant Andre’s last service will be on the 14th of February 2018.

He has decided to “re-prioritize his professional life”, and requested to return his Michelin Stars, and not to be included in the Michelin Guide Singapore 2018.

It seems that his coming plans is to focus on culinary education and development back in Taiwan at RAW Taipei. He has also specifically requested for RAW not to be included in Michelin Guide Taiwan if there is an edition there.

“Although Restaurant ANDRE’s legacy will soon become a fond memory to the world’s gourmets, I have no regrets, as we have achieved all that we have wanted to for Singapore and for Asia.

Now, it is time for me to go home.”

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[Original Entry] Restaurant Andre is awarded 2 Michelin Stars in the Singapore Michelin Guide 2017 and 2016. It is also ranked Number 2 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017.

Chef Andre Chiang is going places, with Restaurant Andre being commonly known as Singapore’s best restaurant. Not excluding the successful Burnt Ends (Singapore), Porte 12 (Paris), RAW (Taipei) which are all under his care.

It is Singapore’s highest entry to the World’s 100 Best Restaurants.

Restaurant Andre’s style is said to be “Southern French nouvelle cuisine reinterpreted” with the philosophical menu ($350++ per person sans wine) is based on an “Octaphilosophy” theme of eight dishes, representing Pure, Salt, Artisan, South, Texture, Unique, Memory and Terrior.

There is no signature dish per se, the only constant is “Memory”. Even if it is on the same day, guests may be offered different dishes for the same theme.

This is my second time dining there, the first being a birthday meal.

To celebrate a birthday twice at the same place, means a lot.

Sandwiched between Dorsett Hotel and New Majestic Hotel, it might be easy to miss the restaurant for some. For first time visitors, do make your reservations at least a few weeks in advance.

Seated by a $5,000 Hunter Douglas bamboo-motif wallpaper, we were greeted by a union of service staff.

The interesting fact: every server was from a different country. For travellers from Japan, Korea, France, Thailand etc, you might find someone speaking to you in your native language.

We went for the famed OCTAPHILOSOPHY ($350++) meal which might be a tad bit overwhelming for some, as it consisted of 9 pre-starters, 8 standard courses, followed by another 6 “petite-fours”. (Note: Number of courses differs).

The pre-starters and “petite-fours” were bite sized portions, which spoke of a wonderful story in its presentation.

Some of our favourites consisted of the Squid Pasta, Potato Mousse and Kelp jus; Risotto with Wild Fungus and Buckwheat Wafer (came with freshly shaved truffles – for all you truffle lovers); and the key highlight of Foie Gras with Truffle and Chives.

We could not resist the richness that spreads around our mouths as we took the first bite into them.

Not only were the tastes pleasant, but it brought about that warm fuzzy and homely feel in some of us… the kind that makes you think of that special soup that granny had made.

The comment that a friend gave was that she wished she could “lick the remnants off the plate”

A unique thing that we appreciated was the amount of precision that went into the plating of every single dish.

Never would we have guessed that the Scallop Lasagne with Burnt Oyster and Caviar Aubergine (which could be easily mistaken as a wanton at first glance) was actually thinly sliced scallops rolled through the hand-made pasta machine.

From the special design of the chair, to the various items used to plate the dishes, we were reminded that they were all conceptualised by Chef Andre himself.

Be sure to say hi to all the many black lambs (one’s LaLa, and the other Dodo) and horses (and even the tree outside), who have been named by the lovely and spunky Sudarampai ‘Peung’ Soonthornrangsri Chiang – Chef Andre’s wife.

“You don’t know how it feels to be married to a chef…” The humorous sigh as she poured the milk over our DIY cake. ”Mix them all up together.”

There were butter cubes, sugar, flour, egg and chocolate in the plate. Only the chocolate was real. This was one cake like no other, interactive in that sense, and superbly enjoyable.

I genuinely felt that this visit was even a much better one – in terms of service, presentation, the direction of the menu, and the intricacies.

Only advice is: Making Restaurant Andre a first fine dining experience could be overwhelming (or underwhelming – depending on how you look at it) for some. Having a more trained palate of sorts, especially in terms of French cuisine could allow you to appreciate this fuller. Just my take.

Truly a marvelous experience for some of us (and even as a repeat visitor), that I would dare consider this place – one of Singapore’s best.

Chef-Owner Andre Chiang, Executive Chef Johnny Jiang, Pastry Chef Mohamed Al-Matin Bin Mohamed Hussain
Style: Southern French nouvelle cuisine reinterpreted
Dish: Octaphilosophy of eight dishes
Price: $198++ for lunch (Wed & Fri only), $350++ for dinner (Tues-Sun)

Restaurant Andre
41 Bukit Pasoh Road Singapore 089855 (Outram Park MRT)
Tel: +65 6534 8880
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 2:00pm, 7:00 – 11:00pm (Tues – Sun, Closed Mon, PH)

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* Written by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary and Kenny Soon – who has high standards for his meals.


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