[Closing] Pompompurin Café has announced that its last day of operations in Singapore will be on 20th August 2017.

Perhaps it could be a combination of lack of continual publicity and awareness, especially when it is located on a hidden side at Level 4 of Orchard Central.

The trend of Character Cafes in Singapore has also been slowing down, and pop-up concepts like Pokemon Café at Bugis Junction and Cinnamoroll Café an Jalan Klapa seem to have worked better.

[Original Entry] Shortly after the news of Hello Kitty Orchid Garden café opening at Changi Airport Terminal 3, this is another news that has delighted Sanrio character fans.

Located at Orchard Central Level 4, the opening day queue for Pompompurin Café was long, but not THAT long. I went down at opening hour of 11am, and waited for about 50 minutes before I got in. #faints

The restaurant was only half-full though, as staff allowed customers to enter by small batches because “the kitchen is not that ready.” Noted.

To be really honest, I am not really familiar with Pompompurin. LOL. Okay okay, it is a good-natured golden retriever dog with a trademark brown beret on top of his head.

Purin’s interest is in collecting shoes, and hiding them. He was twice voted as Most Popular Sanrio Character in the Strawberry News, a magazine published by Sanrio.

The Pompompurin Café in Singapore has a “Garden City” theme (same same as the Hello Kitty Café Singapore), with a signature Pompompurin Gate at the entrance, and Pompompurin and Friends Tree. #OOTD and #Selfie alert.

More cuteness at this 78-seater café. You can request to sit at one of the four 4-seater booth “Tomodachi House” (translated as Friends House), each featuring one of Purin’s friends – Bagel the Squirrel, Coconut the Monkey, Mint the Frog and Macaroon the Golden Retriever. If nobody is already there.

Here are some of the food items you can expect:

Spaghetti Napolitana (S$26.99)
The Spaghetti Napolitana is a classic tomato-based pasta that is tossed with bacon and onions, served alongside fresh baguette, salsa and salad.

Fans of Pompompurin will be glad to know that they can take home a piece of the café, in the form of a Pompompurin mug. Each order of this spaghetti comes with a brand new mug which will be given at the end of the meal. (Makes a good pencil holder perhaps. My friend will be using it as an espresso cup in office.)

Mushroom & Bacon Carbonara (S$26.99)
An alternative pasta for diners who prefer something creamy. The pasta is mixed with Carbonara sauce decked with chunks of king oyster mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, and bacon.

Also comes with the Pompompurin mug.

Taco Rice in a Cup of Friendship (S$19.99)
Mess up the plate of Pompompurin and his best friend, Muffin the hamster placed on the head. Opps.

The recommended method of eating this Mexican taco-inspired dish is to overturn the cutesy-sculpted rice and sour cream onto the bed of tasty meat sauce and vegetables.

There was just too much rice, not that it was very tasty. Expect to wait at least 20 minutes because shaping the doggie needs time.

Pompompurin’s Coconut Milk Chicken Curry (S$17.99)
A dish made up chicken chunks and mild coconut curry, topped off with an adorable Pompompurin head-shaped rice. Garnished with bright, crunchy vegetables.

Not spicy at all, a curry base that was not quite Japanese, Thai or Indian. Just coconuty-sweet.

Pompompurin’s Beef Stroganoff (S$18.99)
With a beef patty as Pompompurin’s signature beret hat, added with sautéed beef with sour cream dressing served with rice.

Bagel’s Special: Pancake Tower (S$21.99)
A five-layered stack of pancakes, with each layer filled with a different sauce such as caramel, chocolate, and custard. Expensive.

I am Purin♪ Pompompurin Pudding (S$9.99)
Pompompurin’s favourite food, a light and smooth milk pudding to be served alongside sweet caramel syrup.

Pompompurin’s Banana & Caramel Pancake (S$16.99)
Caramel-flavoured Pompompurin-shaped pancakes sandwiching layers of sliced bananas.

Good to know that one-third of the ingredients being imported from Japan.

Our favourite dish (if we really needed to choose) would be the Pompompurin’s Coconut Milk Chicken Curry (S$17.99), with sweet creamy coconut milk, tender potato pieces, and taste which reminded us of a non-spicy Thai green curry. Suitable for young children.

Due to how it was shaped, the Pompompurin’s Beef Stroganoff (S$18.99) dish had A LOT of rice compared to the ingredients (the miserable beef patty in the shape of the beret), and was clumpy. Oh well.

The drinks were also on the pricey side, with Cookies and Cream Caramel Latte ($11.99), Mango Soda and Ice Cream Float ($11.99), Love Love Hot Marshmallow Latte ($12.99) and Puru Puru Pudding Shake ($12.99). Too sweet actually.

I wonder if you have noticed, but prices are weirdly fixed ending with 99 cents.

We didn’t come expecting a satisfying meal in terms of taste. A lot of the dishes tasted ‘kiddy’ and might not please the adult palate.

Generally, a female customer base. Like out of 19 females, there would be 1 male. The only guys spotted were perhaps “instagram boyfriends” or instagram husbands” wanting to satisfy their girlfriends or wives. Good for you.

High price, average-tasting food (but it was not THAT bad) and long queue aside, this is where kids will be screaming their lungs out, and adults may wander like children once more. Behave well everyone.

Pompompurin Café
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road #04-08 Singapore 238896 (Somerset MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10.30pm (last order 10pm)
Takeaway services are not available
No reservations, walk-in only

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