We are all familiar with KFC Finger Lickin’ Good Original Recipe chicken specially prepared with the Colonel’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.

But you might not have heard of other unique KFC products launched from all around the world.

There are 10 items which I find interesting that I want to share. Just to name a few, Golden Egg Crunch, Chizza (make a guess what this is), Okonomiyaki Chicken and Parmesan Chicken with TRUFFLE-Flavoured Cheddar Sauce… which can be found right at home.

KFC Parmesan Chicken with Truffle-Flavoured Cheddar Sauce
Launched in Singapore

This is from Singapore?! Freshly hand-breaded in store, coated with golden breadcrumbs, crispy deep fried, then sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese. The chicken is crunchy, different from what you expect of the signature Original Recipe chicken.

There is also an accompanying TRUFFLE-flavoured creamy cheddar sauce. That is an interesting pairing to expect. (One online comment said that the sauce was “on point”.)

The sauce is actually quite aromatic and you can pour over the chicken or dip the meat into the sauce or both.

I prefer pouring just a touch of the sauce over the chicken to truly savour the chicken with this combination. Let’s goooooooo.

KFC Golden Egg Crunch
Launched in Hong Kong

This Golden Egg Crunch chicken takes a cue from the salted egg prawn dish, with chicken marinated in oriental spices, fried to a golden perfection, then coated with golden yolk sprinkles.

There is also a Golden Burger fillet burger topped with golden yolk sprinkles. The tagline is “Every bite sure ONG”, which is both funny and appropriate.

Considering Singaporeans are so into salted egg yolk, why we don’t have, yet?

Black Magic Burger
Launched in Thailand

Intriguing. “Black Magic Burger” with a soft whole-wheat burger stuffed with big crispy fried chicken and seasoned by special magic pepper sauce.

With an aromatic sauce, there is something mysterious about this product which is suspected to be cappuccino. I guessed that is how the name “Black Magic” came about.

Pulled Chicken Burrito
Launched in UK

Three burritos are added to UK’s lunchtime menu – Original Recipe, Zinger and Pulled Chicken – all of which come in a toasted tortilla with spicy rice, bean salsa, crispy lettuce and chipotle mayo.

Pulled chicken is uncommon in KFC, and something which we never expect from them.

The slow-cooked Pulled Chicken is wrapped with authentic spicy rice, beans and salsa, in a soft tortilla, then toasted.

Best of all, the burritos are good for on-the-go, highly portable and not messy to eat at all.

Koubashi Shoyu Chicken
Launched in Japan

Can I say that the fast food restaurants in Japan are always so different, and even very pleasant?

The Koubashi Shoyu Chicken has a coating of sweet Japanese soy sauce, and sprinkled with crispy bits and black sesame. So there is a crunchhhhhh on the outside, and juiciness of the inside, with the flavour of local soy sauce.

I know this is going to be oishii.

Launched in Philippines

Chizza? That is chicken + pizza. Win already!

What you get is like a personal pizza, with boneless fried chicken breast fillet as the base ‘dough’, topped with pizza sauce, pineapples, pepperoni, onion, bell peppers, and cheese.

Basically like a pizza, but it is actually chicken.

Paper Wrapped Chicken
Launched in Malaysia

We may have seen a similar dish in a dim sum restaurant called the “zhi bao ji” – which literally means “paper-wrapped chicken”.

The quarter chicken is wrapped in parchment paper, then roasted.

The parchment paper is oil-proof, water-proof, and non-stick to seal in the juices.

The tagline for the dish is “When things are wrapped, they’re hard to resist.” So can you resist this?

Okonomiyaki Chicken
Launched in Hong Kong

You would have thought this would be launched in Osaka or something.

In Hong Kong, you get KFC fried chicken topped with mayo, bonito flakes, and sweet-tangy okonomiyaki sauce, inspired by the Japanese Okonomiyaki savory pancake.

Zinger Taco
Launched in Australia

Ay, caramba! The spicy Double Shell Zinger Tacos give customers a taste of Mexico. And it is indeed double-shelled with both hard and soft taco shells.

The signature KFC Zinger fillet is placed between lettuce, tomato salsa then packed in a crunchy hard taco shell, then wrapped in a soft shell tortilla for no mess and topped with sauce.

Corn and Philly Chicken Sandwich
Launched In Brazil

In a collaboration with Philadelphia cream cheese, KFC Brazil launched this Corn and Philly Chicken Sandwich.

The sandwich is made with a crispy-fried boneless piece of chicken thigh, topped with a special creamed corn made with Philadelphia brand cream cheese, served within a sesame seed bun.

Philly cream as a dip does sound promising too?

Zinger Double Down King
Launched In South Korea

Oh-lala. A burger with a meat patty in the middle, bacon shoved between two fried chicken cutlets and slathered in creamy sauce.

No buns, only two pieces of Zinger chicken fillets. This is quite monstrous-looking. No wonder they call it the “King”.

Drooling already but can’t get your hands on all? Kick start your checklist with the KFC Parmesan Chicken here in Singapore.

The KFC Parmesan Chicken meal is available in Singapore and priced at $7.90 for a limited time only.

It features 2 pieces of Parmesan Chicken paired with Truffle-Flavoured Cheddar Sauce, and refreshing SJORA® Mango Peach.

*Note: The Truffle-Flavoured Cheddar Sauce is made with truffle flavouring. This promotion is not available at KFC Sentosa and Singapore Zoo. Meal bundle and price differ for KFC Delivery. Please visit www.kfc.com.sg for full details of the promotion.

One more. Believe it or not, I found these Rainbow Cakes at KFC Coffee IN SINGAPORE.


* This entry is brought to you in partnership with KFC.



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