[Seoul] Actually, where did all these Korean Bingsu craze come about? It can be largely attributed to Sulbing설빙 Korean Dessert Cafe. (And I figure it is only a matter of time that Sulbing comes to Singapore.)

If you head to downtown Seoul, it is almost impossible to miss a Sulbing outlet, which expanded to an enormous 490 franchise outlets in only one year.

They claim to be “the original dessert café enterprise”, and most bingsu cafes and items you see now, are in fact copied from / inspired by them.

The owner of Sulbing was first inspired by the dessert cafes in Japan, and aimed to introduce higher-end Korean desserts back home.

She started with Siru in 2010, a fusion rice cake café, and the signature Injeolmi Sulbing made of shaved milk, red bean, rice cake and milk syrup soon became a hit.

It is quite amazing, considering Sulbing was introduced quite recently in 2013.

So if you are there, you may want to try the best-selling Injeolmi Sulbing (7,000KRW, SGD$8.20, USD$6) flavored with nutty bean powder, chewy rice cake, together with sweet and soft cheese over fluffy shaved milk.

I had the Premium Mango Coco Snowflakes Sherbet (9,500KRW, SGD$11.15, USD$8.15), a massive portion of shaved milk topped with apple-mango, cheese cake, drizzled with coconut milk.

Compared to just ordinary mangoes, the apple-mangoes are said to be sweeter (indeed) and the shaved milk had a snowflake-like texture that would disintegrate in your mouth with soft sweetness.

To be fair, I thought that Singapore’s Nunsongyee is quite comparable in terms of texture, but Sulbing probably has a much larger range to choose from.

That includes the Sul-Bingo bingsu in a cup, and the Injeolmi Green Tea Sul-bingo (7,300KRW, SGD$8.60, USD$6.25) of snowflakes sherbet with green tea mousse and fresh green tea ice cream as toppings is often sold out.

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