The Ramen Stall is sister restaurant to The Ramen House (at Short Street near the famous Rochor Beancurd), which is probably Singapore’s only Halal ramen restaurant which serves till this late.


6am. Win already. If you are craving for ramen or sashimi in the middle of the night to jio some friends, you know where to go.

Incidentally, The Ramen House was the very first place we featured when I was filming “The Supper Places” for The 5 Show. And if you know how television shows worked, I ate many bowls of ramen then.

While the outlet at North Bridge Road (next to Hyde & Co) is called The RAMEN Stall, the offerings are a lot more than just noodles, with a wide range of Appetizers, Sushi, Sashimi, Kushiyaki, Gohan and Desserts.

One thing to note, the Japanese dishes served are generally adapted to the local palate.

Some may go, “Not quite the same as the tonkotsu ramen”.

Instead of thick intense broths expected in most Japanese style ramen, the chicken-based soup is prepared much lighter and milder, still cooked under high heat for 20 hours to achieve the milky-texture and flavours.

No artificial flavouring, no MSG, no salt, no sugar added. The slight saltiness comes from the meat and kombu dashi, while the sweetness is due to the addition of corn and vegetables.

Also, the noodles used are long, thin and slightly curly, a thicker version of the mee kia we are accustomed to.

Perhaps, we can rightly call this the Singapore-style ramen. Here are some of The Ramen Stall’s signatures you can expect.

Volcano Ramen ($11)
There are 3 levels of spiciness to choose from, with the dollops of “red hot lava” made with red chillis and dried Indian chilli padi.

One man’s spicy is another man’s mild.

Level 3 was totally manageable for me, but that’s me. I know of people who had Level 2 and broke out in sweat.

To play it safe, take a Level 1 or 2, try the soup without the chilli first, then slowly mix it in to your preference.

Dry Ramen, with spicy or non-spicy version ($11)
Of all the ramen, the dry version was what I enjoyed most. I find that the style and bite of noodles went better with its base sauce.

I see this as a cross between the Japanese Ramen, Indonesian Bakmi and local Bak Chor Mee.

Mix up with the shoyu marinated chicken cha shu, braised egg, and the cucumber strips and spring onions would add some crunch on every bite.

The braised egg happened to be quite pleasantly-flavoured, marinated with shoyu sauce with a bright yellow liquid yolk.

Beef Ramen ($12.90)
You would find this soup tastier than the other varieties because the broth is further boiled with beef shanks for another 4 hours.

I appreciated that there was also sliced beef added for varied textures, though the beef chashu was slightly on the dry and tough side.

Kaisen Don ($16.90)
This could get many going. A generous bowl of Bara Chrashi Don of salmon, tuna, mekajiki (a type of swordfish) chunks and roe on sashimi rice.

You can judge the freshness of the raw fish from the vibrancy of its colour, and this was one oishii bowl.

Kushiyaki Bento Set ($12.90)
The prices here are generally affordable for its portion.

Take for example the Kushiyaki Set – Chicken Yakitori, a skewered Prawn, Shitake Mushroom, Quail Egg with French Bean on a long rice box for only $12.90. Not commonly found at this price.

This is one box in which you can get a filling meal, with mixtures of meat, seafood and vegetables.

Another set offered here comes with Shishamo Fish, Shitake Mushroom, Chicken Yaktori, Beef Roll with Golden Mushroom and Quail Egg.

Kushiyaki (mostly $1.60 to $2.80 per stick
There is a range of skewered and grilled meat and vegetables, from Shishamo, Prawns, Chicken Wing to Chicken parts such as heart, liver and gizzard.

The best seller is the Prawn with Roe and Mayonnaise ($3.90).

Hokkaido Chicken Strips ($8.90)
Not the typical Chicken Karaage, but strips of deep fried chicken stacked up, which would go well with the accompanying light mayonnaise.

Yoghurt Soft Serve in Original or Matcha ($3.90 for small, $5.90 for big)
Have almost missed this, and I enjoyed it so much I finished it even after the extremely heavy meal. (There is no more matcha though, nevermind next time.)

The yogurt was refreshing, made with fat-free skimmed milk, portion small for the individual. The best parts were candied nuts that they included at the sides and base, adding that sweet-pleasant crunch.

The Ramen Stall which is certified Halal serves a range of Japanese fare from fresh sashimi, grilled Kushiyaki to Teppanyaki dishes, great for group outings.

In fact, the restaurant was almost full when I visited one early weekday evening, so reservation via phone is encouraged.

Admittedly, some of the Japanese dishes are altered to suit the local palate, so do manage your expectations accordingly.

The very good news is it now opens till 6am for supper goers and friends who knock off late. Ramen, Kaisen Don and Sashimi in the wee hours of the morning are now a reality.

The Ramen Stall (Halal)
787 North Bridge Road Singapore 198755 (between Bugis and Lavender MRT, Lavender is slightly nearer)
Tel: +65 6655 0800
Opening Hours: 5pm – 5am (Mon – Sat), 12pm – 12am (Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with The Ramen Stall.



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