“Joo Koon. Serious?” For the love of Salted Egg Crabs, we journeyed to the extreme west for Crab Corner 蟹天王.

Fortunately for those of us who stayed in the north and west (ie Queentown), the SMRT train ride didn’t take too long. Also Crab Corner is located within Joo Koon Fair Price Hub which is connected right next to the MRT station via a bridge.

Looking on the bright side, it is just 2 stops after Boon Lay. (NTU students, are you reading this?)

You WILL NOT miss the restaurant once you get to Level 3 by the escalator, right next to the FairPrice Warehouse Club, with the signage “Crab Corner” almost screaming at you.

The owners of Crab Corner found that there was a lack of seafood restaurants in the West and therefore, they put their first step in. Brave.

Before I go on talking about the food (we ordered by items), let me put you on high alert first: There is an Ala Carte Buffet available at $28.80++ per pax. Well, terms and conditions apply and selected dishes available (read bottom of post), but still very worth it.

Tasty Salted Egg Crab (Seasonal price)
More than 10 types of crab are available at Crab Corner, which include Chill Crab, Tasty Salted Egg Crab, Secret Home Made Black Pepper Crab, Stewed Crab, Butter Crab, Steamed Crab, Ginger and Spring Onion Crab Bee Hoon, Thick Bee Hoon Crab, and Thicky Tang Hoon Crab (that’s how they spell it, it’s the sauce that is thick anyway.)

Crab Corner’s version was the creamy, saucy, thick type that could be considered lip-smacking good as the sauce coated the crabs quite evenly and abundantly. The meat was sweet and fresh… lovely.

Would have preferred if there were stronger hints of curry leaves. Still my favourite crab tasted there.

Chilli Crab
A sweetish, eggy not too spicy sauce base that would go well with deep fried mantou. Initially, I wasn’t that used to the chilli paste which had a peculiar flavour, but somehow tasted better as I went along.

“The crabs didn’t die in vain,” I thought.

Ginger and Spring Onion Crab Bee Hoon
This was strongly recommended by one of the co-owners, “It’s the customers’ favourite.”

If you want to savour the sweetness of the crabs without getting distracted by sauces, then go for this.

The smooth, milky broth was mostly good, but perhaps there was too much ginger slices which created that zip and peppery-like sensation in the mouth.

Fish Head Curry ($26)
A friend said this was too lemak, but that was precisely why I kept going on to slurp up the gravy, especially with the ladies fingers and tau pok which would soak the orangey goodness up. Thankfully not too oily.

The base was not the tangy Assam kind, more milky and sweet, and less of the spiciness. The fish head was fresh with chunks of meat.

(Lunch alert: A Curry Fish Head set-lunch with kang kong, omelette and rice suitable for 2-3 pax is available at $32.90.)

Fried Rice with Salted Egg Crab Meat ($15)
Yes, yes, I could have this again (if I do not care about the cholesterol).

Yang Chow style fried rice with a separate serving of salted egg with generous crab meat, then poured all over the rice.

The fried rice faced with sudden improvement once the bowl was added. You can choose to mix it up, or take three spoonful of rice with half a spoon of that thick golden yellow salted egg sauce.

Special Sauce Crispy Beancurd with Crabmeat ($20 / $25 / $30)
“This is nice de.” Have to agree. The beancurd had a light crisp, and the velvety pumpkin sauce wok-fried with crabmeat poured over.

Pork Ribs with Special Sauce ($16 / $22 / $26)
Ah, the pork ribs were almost fall-off-the-bone tender, with didn’t have that ‘porky’ aftertaste. The sweet, buttery sauce that gave an even coat of glaze was suitably.

One of our table’s favourite here.

Crispy Crab Meat Rolls ($15 / $22 / $30)
At first we thought this was a plate of chicken wings. The pieces also looking like goreng pisang reminded me of ngoh hiang (five-spice meat roll) that was deep fried in a crunchy batter.

Fried Chicken With Garlic ($14 / $18 / $22)
This is like a zhi-char version of Korean fried chicken, with the chicken parts coated in this dark sweet-savoury sauce with deep fried garlic and sprinkling of sesame seeds attached to its coating.

House Special Fried White Bee Hoon ($8 / $12 / $16)
The key to a sumptuous plate of White Bee Hoon is in its stock, a flavoursome one that would be soaked up by the vermicelli with that stoke of wok hei

Crab Corner’s version was decent, cooked in rich stock, though I would have wished it was a whisker robust.

The selection at Crab Corner is extensive, the crabs mouth-watering, with a few stand-out dishes.

There is a certain old-school flavour to the restaurant which would appeal to families and groups to go the distance for a hearty meal.

Plus, service was personable and setting comfortable (with VIP room). I think it just needs a push of publicity.

Well friends in the West, you know where to go now for crabs.

$28.80++ Ala Carte Seafood Buffet Terms & Conditions
Promo timing: 11am – 5pm (Lunch only for Sat, Sun, PH)
5pm – 9pm (Dinner only for Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs)
Reservations required at Tel: +65 63336969
Minimum 3 pax per table
Limited to 1 order of Tasty Salted Egg Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Chilli Crab, OR Crab with Thick Bee Hoon Soup per table of 1-4 pax. (2 crabs for 5-8 paxs, 3 crabs or more for 9 pax onwards)

Crab Corner 蟹天王
1 Joo Koon Circle, #03-26 Singapore 629117, Singapore 629117 (next to Joo Koon MRT)
Tel: +65 6333 6969
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm
Reserve Online Now – Crab Corner

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Crab Corner.


  1. Hi Daniel, just visited this restaurant upon seeing your post. But it was a disappointment. Ordered buffet for 3 pax, Crab (cook in salted egg) was not fresh, meat was soggy and shrunken plus it have a stinky fishy smell to it. They replaced a new crab (cooked in chilli) after feedbacking. It was still the same…. Meat firmer but Fishy smell still there.

    The ala carte dishes was soso, more like Cai Fan standard.

    And at the end, we were charged $2.50 each for a bowl of crackers and azhar.
    $1.50 for 3 wet tissue.
    And we ordered 3 Coke.

    Total each of us (3person) paid $40 each .

    In the end it is not cheap at all, although there is huge variety , but the portion was big and we could not try all dishes.

    And our main motive is to try the salted egg crab which turn out to be a disappointment therefore i felt I could have eaten better crabs at other Tze Char place for this price.

    I would not recommend it for people who want to eat good crabs, more for people who want to eat a big variety of Tze char dishes (meat, veg, egg, etc)

  2. The service sucks! A lot of restrictions . It’s not value for money ! Spoilt our mood even before start of the dinner!

    • Hi Unhappy Customer, care to tell what unhappy service you had? My friends had pretty good service when they went down. I will feedback to them.

  3. Hi Daniel, good recommendation. Though the location is kind of out, but the trip down is worth it. Not too bad with MRT access. Went with my family members and lucky they all like it. Recommended to my friends and they had good meal too. Good service and nice food. Btw we didn’t try the buffet and went for their ala-carte dishes. The crispy beancurd and pork ribs is one of my favourite.

    • Oh, good to know you had a great meal. Yah, its a bit out of the way, and though the publicity could help them a bit. Thanks for the note. 🙂

  4. Hi

    My mum and friends went down to crab corner based on your recommendation on the blog for the buffet. The crab meat is soggy and shrunken , not fresh. The prawn meat is also not fresh! Complained but they didn’t even replace the sub standard dish!

    The others are just normal tze-char dishes, nothing worth to mention. This is the first time that a restaurant that you recommended is such a big disappointment. I would not recommend anybody to this restaurant at all.


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