If you have walked past Ann Siang Hill, you would have noticed a row of refurnished colonial building in cream-white and vibrant red windows.

This is The Club, a brand new F&B-led lifestyle and hospitality concept (like a boutique hotel) with 20 rooms including 2 club suites. The Club is also home to established F&B names such as The Disgruntled Chef, B28 and new-to-market Tiger’s Milk and Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s is designed as the cosy ‘living room’ of The Club, where the menu is inspired by a couple’s travels and adventures around the world.

The all-day lounge café on the ground level has different faces to it. On one side it is like a living room with a lounge ambiance, decorated with framed art pieces and ornaments.

Near the side entrance is a bar where guests can enjoy pick-me-up of cocktails, adult shakes or just some of the wholesome juices.

But there is another secret passage and corner.

Take some steps up and there is an outdoor courtyard, which can make you feel like you are on a resort holiday, to indulge in an all-day brunch. Especially wonderful if the weather is cool and breezy.

Here are some of the food at Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s to satisfy your soul…

All Day Breakfast. Available from 7am till 7pm
Are there people like me who likes to have breakfast items during noon time or even early evening?

Having an indulgent Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s Lobster Omelette ($16) with gruyère cheese and toasted sourdough for lunch sounds like probable idea. Hmm…

There are some other breakfast dishes which has caught my eye namely the Truffled Duck Confit ($15) served on sourdough toast with eggs cocotte (can already imagine the aroma); and the interestingly named Elvis’s French Toast ($14) which would be hard to resist for Nutella fans. Hazelnut-chocolate spread on freshly-baked fruit and nut bread… Life’s simple pleasures.

Corned Beef Hash ($16)
This was the table’s favourite, despite the dish appearing rather uncomplicated. Between the sunny side up and toasted soft panini was a slice of breakfast hash – created with corned beef and potatoes which gave a sense of familiarity, and provided a pleasant-savoury bite.

Beet-Cured Salmon ($16)
Having bright yellow poached egg with salmon on black toasted charcoal bread with vibrant red cherry tomatoes is quite the visual stunner.

But, the real surprise comes after eating the orange-pink-purplish salmon, as it is cured with beetroot. That gives the fish sweet-salty flavours with a touch of earthiness.

Ricotta Hotcakes ($14)
These summer-style breakfast ricotta hotcakes came accompanied with strawberries and blueberries, vanilla yoghurt, drizzled over with sweet aromatic truffle honey. Imagine the flavours of cheesecake within, combined with compressed-fluffy texture.

Belgian Waffles ($14)
A straightforward homemade waffle topped with vanilla bean ice cream, drizzled with dark chocolate sauce. This waffle contrastingly, is delightfully light and airy.

Soup, Salads, Sandwiches and Plates. Available from 10:30am to 10.30pm
This section of the menu looks like it is inspired by travels around the world, with interestingly varied dishes with elements from different cultures. Laska in a lounge cafe? Why not.

Some standout items include the Chicken Tikka Masala served with garlic naan ($21), Cod Fish & Chips ($26), Steak & Eggs ($29), Cuban Sandwich ($21), and Mrs Maxwell’s Slow-Cooked Moroccan Lamb Salad ($16).

Maine Lobster Laksa ($21)
Hands down, my favourite. It may seem unexpected to find a bowl of sumptuous lemak bowl of the local laksa in a guest room setting initially.

Topped with luxurious maine lobster, the presentation was beautifully done – sliced fishcake, taupok, hard-boiled egg.

The base cooked with a house blend of spices was how laksa should be – rich, mildly spicy, with dreamy coconuty smoothness. We couldn’t stop slurping the gravy.

The Club Burger ($24)
Many places in Singapore serve burgers, but only some do it really well. This Club Burger is one good burger.

Hand-minced angus beef patty topped with cheddar, emmental cheese (yellow, medium-hard cheese) and candied bacon, served with garden salad and chips.

The patty is meaty and moist, and I am still thinking about that crispy, sweet, salty candied bacon. So yums.

Wild Mushroom Cappuccino ($10)
Wild mushroom soup served in a cup that you can savour like a warm, comforting drink. But you must have it with the accompanying marmite cheese toast.

Roasted Pumpkin Salad ($14)
For a lighter meal, go for the Roasted Pumpkin Salad with quinoa and beetroot tossed in homemade vinaigrette. I would also recommend the Beet-Cured Salmon Salad ($15) with sliced avocado and pommery mustard dressing.

Sweet Things
Everyone’s favourite section. Despite being full, there is also room for desserts such as the Grand Marnier Soufflé ($14), Sticky Date Toffee Pudding ($14) and Black Forest Sundae ($18).

Crêpe Suzette ($16)
Get your cameras ready for this, where Crêpe Suzette will be flambéd with Grand Marnier at the live station.

Before that, a caramelised orange sauce is prepared right before your eyes, which will then be added to the freshly-cooked crêpe, creating a tangy meets alcoholic base.

Baked Alaska ($16)
This is ‘Baked Alaska’ not quite like what you ever seen before.

The baked ice cream is topped with cotton candy other than just the typical meringue,yes, bright green and blue cotton candy), then flambéd when served. Pretty dramatic, I must say.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s is quite the hidden find in the heart of the city, where you can indulge in brunches and a range of sweet treats (including flambé desserts) at almost any time in the day. Yes, please.

Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s
The Club, 28 Ann Siang Road Singapore 069708
Tel: +65 6808 2181
Opening Hours: 7am – 11pm (Sun – Thurs), 7am – 12am (Fri – Sat)
Reserve Online Now – Mr & Mrs Maxwell’s

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  1. I would very much love to try the Crêpe Suzette as creative sweet treats is an art. Being able to devour an art is simply enjoyments in life!

    • I would very much love to try the Crêpe Suzette as creative sweet treats is an art. Being able to devour an art is simply enjoyments in life!

  2. I would like to try the baked alaska as I am an ice cream lover and it really loks delicious! Trying a flambed baked ice cream is a dish worth instagramming and to eat 🙂

  3. i would like to try Beet-Cured Salmon because i am a super salmon fan ! Anything that has salmon will defintely opens my appetite ! Well, hope to give this place a try over a weekend ! chilling at Mr & Mrs maxwell and enjoy a nice brunch is what i always love to enjoy ! hope to win so that i can visit this place with my bf ! 😉 😉 😉 🙂 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !!

  4. I would love to try the maine lobster laksa as I loveeee laksa and lobster! Have never ever gotten the chance to try both in the same dish before!

  5. I would love to try Ricotta Pancakes!! LOOKS SO FLUFFY (I’M GONNA DIE) and so delicious!! I love having pancakes as my all-day breakfast choice. Thank you! 🙂

  6. Baked Alaska for me. The picture seems out of the world. With fire and cold ice cream together, so unique. Wonderful colour combinations. Will be very instagram-worthy!

    Hope to try that! Thanks!

  7. Maine Lobster Laksa as I never knew our local laksa can be accompanied with Maine Lobster. It definitely gives the laksa broth a rich seafood taste that you can’t find elsewhere!

  8. I would love to tru the Baked Alaska because it is so unique! It’s not something that could be found anywhere in Singapore.

  9. Where everything looks so amazing, it’s so difficult to make a pick! But definitely going for The Club Burger cos one is always in search for the right burger aren’t we? ?

  10. Ricotta pancakes for sure!!!!! I love pancakes and it’s a fan of fluffy pancakes! The photos looks tempting enough and I can’t help it but to say I’m already swallowing my saliva ? Never tried had the chance to try it so I hope I can win and tried it! Thank you for organizing this giveaway!

  11. I’ll love to try the incredibly flavorful looking Maine Lobster Laksa! Who doesn’t want more decadence in the classic bowl of local comfort food? 😉

  12. Liked and shared. i will like to try Crêpe Suzette because like citrus taste. There always have room for dessertssss! 🙂

  13. I would love to try the Crepe Suzette which looks like a mind blowing and truly amazing experience from ur video! 😀 Though I would certainly not mind giving the lobster omelette a 2nd try 🙂

  14. My favourite is the Beet-Cured Salmon. I am a super fish lover, and never tasted fish cured with beetroot. Going to be a unique experience.

  15. I would like to try Baked Alaska as it seems to pierce my curiosity of wanting to taste it. Looks fiery awesome too, hahas!

  16. I would like to try The Club Burger! I can’t resist burger and I bet this Club Burger wouldn’t disappoint me with their moist and meaty beef patty 🙂

  17. Beet cured salmon because it is such a unique combination of beet, salmon and black toast. I wonder how it all tastes together.

  18. Would like to try baked alaska. I love ice-cream and just by looking at the post above, it makes me want to try it immediately. I love the colour!

  19. Wld love to try the Crepe Suzette flambéd table side at a live station as not many places actually does this and it’s always so fun to watch the servers doing it right I front of you which totally heightened the dining experience. I can just imagine how well the tangy caramelised orange sauce will go so well with the freshly made crepes and dollop of ice-cream….absolute mouthwatering!

  20. I am a sucker for salmon brunch. So I will definitely dive into the Beet Cured Salmon accompanied by Wild Mushroom Cappucino. Divine!

  21. I want to try the lobster omelette. Anything eggy or lobster cannot run away from my mouth… I bet this dish would be amazing.

  22. My favorite dish would like to try is Maine Lobster Laksa & Belgian Waffles becasue i never been there before may my wish come thru to bring my family 2kids and hubby go there for a meal.

  23. [ Lobster Omelette ] My vote goes to Lobster Omelette 🙂

    I love to eat eggs, in any form! Dying to try out this dish as I saw quite a number of igers’ posted this dish AND ITS TEMPTING! More ever there’s Lobster meat & CHEESE in this omelette! OMG! *yum yumz*

  24. Love to try everything but if were to choose, maine lobster laksa. Because you can’t find it elsewhere and i’m sure the laksa broth will be so rich in flavour!

  25. Lobster Omelette ($16) with gruyère cheese and toasted sourdough!!! It’s simply reeks of an atas brunch!! Choose meeeeee


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