Some of you may have experienced overseas friends asking to send some Prima Taste Laksa LaMian over, so that they can continue to get a taste of home thousands of miles away.

Don’t you just loooooove the laksa gravy and noodle texture?

This popular instant LaMian just got healthier, with a Wholegrain LaMian version. Serious.

That means the same great taste, but with a lot less guilt (especially if your New Year resolution is to eat healthier.)

The premium wholegrain instant noodle is definitely the first of its kind in the world, and available in well-loved Laksa and Curry flavours.

The addition of wholegrains element makes the noodles richer in fibre, vitamins and minerals which can aid digestive health, and reduce risk of overeating.

Prima Taste Wholegrain LaMian Ingredients
– 1 packet of Prima Taste Wholegrain LaMian
– Optional ingredients: Cooked chicken, prawns, hard-boiled eggs, bean sprouts and fried bean curd (tau pok)

Prima Taste Wholegrain LaMian Cooking Instructions
1. Add Curry Paste (A)
2. And then Curry Premix (B) into 500 ml of water.
3. Mix well and bring to boil.
4. Put wholegrain noodles into the boiling curry soup.
5. Lower heat and boil for 7 minutes.
6. Curry LaMian is ready to serve.
7. You may add other optional ingredients to your liking (either at the 6th minute or at the end.)
8. A bowl of aromatic curry or laksa noodles all done in 7 minutes.

As you can see, super simple, super fast for a bowl of filling noodles.

The photo above shows what the noodles are sans the extra ingredients.

If you want to impress your family members or friends you are hosting over, you can enhance the LaMian with some other ingredients – sliced poached chicken will do the treat.

The wholegrain noodles is almost like the original LaMian range, without the grainy texture typically associated with wholegrain products, except that it felt more filling than usual (maybe that’s psychological as well.)

I know most of my friends prefer the Laksa LaMian, but I happen to enjoy the Curry flavour better for its rich, aromatic gravy. I also tend to add slightly less water for a thicker curry base, and then top with poached chicken, fried cutlet (really works), or whatever I can find in the fridge.

My personal recommendation when cooking these noodles is to cook just below and no more than 7 minutes so that the noodles stay springy and al dente.

There are occasions when I will actually use less water and cook with a frying method in the wok, which works very well with the Laksa-flavoured ones. Add some fried eggs and sliced fishcake and you have a fragrant plate of Dry Laksa.

Here are interesting other facts about Prima Taste’s Whole Grain LaMian
– All products in this range have been awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol by the Health Promotion Board.
– One serving of Prima Taste Wholegrain LaMian fulfils an adult’s recommended minimum daily wholegrain requirements.
– Noodles contain 51% wholegrain flour as a percentage of the flour composition.
– Made with Prima’s Superfine Wholegrain Flour.
– Noodles used are steamed, and not-fried (also ensuring taste of hand-pulled noodles).
– There is no artificial flavouring, no artificial colouring and no added preservatives.

Prima Taste Wholemeal LaMian is available at major supermarkets. For more product information, visit


* This post is brought to you in partnership with Prima Taste.


  1. I love laksa sooooo much!It is one of the MUST eat food everyweek. A thick, rich, and heady coconut milk noodle laksa ,topped with tau fu pok and bean sprout is definitely irresistible!


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