[Johor Bahru, Malaysia] Malaysian brand Sangkaya with 36 outlets across Malaysia has opened their latest outlet at Johor Bahru, just walking distance from JB checkpoint.

Previously, the nearest outlet from Singapore was at Mount Austin, Johor Bahru, some 15.2km away and required a vehicle. But now, the creamery is more accessible.

2 storeys high with a homely feel, wifi access (to upload #FOTD, #OOTD, #POTD etc) and a comfortable grass carpet for lazing around and people watching.

The menu consisted of purely coconuts. Coconut Icecream in a husk (RM 9.90, SGD$3.30), in a cup (RM 6.90, SGD$2.30), in a cone (RM 2.90, SGD$1), Chendol (RM 9.90, SGD 3.30), Coconut Shake (RM 8.90, SGD$3) and Coconut Water (RM 4.90, SGD$1.60).

As the slogan implies, they will make us go “Nuts About Coconuts” with their entire coconut menu.

The Signature Coconut Ice Cream (RM 9.90, SGD$3.30) came in a coconut husk with 4 scoops of ice cream and 3 toppings.

Ice cream is available in Coconut, Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea), Teh Tarik and Matcha flavour.

The ice cream is prepared using coconut water, giving it a sweeter and a refreshing coconut taste.

The toppings reminded us of Bangkok Chatuchak Market where everything was DIY and we could top up as much as we could but limited to 3 toppings per coconut husk here. Additional toppings would cost RM 0.50, SGD$0.17 each.

6 different topping options were available: Coconut flakes, roasted peanuts, cereal, corn flakes, sweet corn and kidney beans.

Our favourite was the Coconut flavour with rich, creamy and a refreshing taste. The Cha Yen flavour fared as well with its smooth and non-icy texture.

The Matcha flavour on the other hand was a tad too sweet, and clashy with coconut infused in it.

The Chendol (RM 9.90, SGD$3.30) came with coconut ice cream topped with glass jelly, chendol, peanuts, gula melaka and shredded coconut flesh.

Some difficulty in scooping everything out with the small opening of the glass though.

To shake things up, the Coconut Shake (RM 8.90, SGD$3) could be a little on the richer side with coconut flesh, coconut water and coconut ice cream blended together.

Now we know where to head to for a refreshing dessert.

14 Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru (500m from JB Checkpoint)
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon-Sun)
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* Written by Daniel’s Food Diary Cafe Correspondent Nicholas Tan @stormscape.


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