Students these days are blessed with easily accessible cafes within campus. Think having café food in between lectures, project meeting over artisanal coffee and munching on takeaway waffles during tutorial classes. Ok, we do sound really old here…

The Tiramisu Hero team (Hello Peggy) at Jalan Besar with the cat mascot has started buttering their buns, I mean Butter My Buns (Sounds wrong too) at National University of Singapore (NUS) University Town (Utown).

Butter My Buns shares the same space as Book Haven, the University book store within Stephen Riady Centre. Of course we were distracted by the drifting aroma while browsing through recommended readings.

The menu consisted of a savoury selection of Mix & Match (Chap Chye Png styled) Brekkie that would be assembled on a wooden chopping board. No buns though.

Best sellers include the Eggs ($3), Waffle Hash ($2.50) and Mac and Cheese ($3).

Warning: Do NOT come if you are rushing between lectures, or if you are the type that cannot remain still. Confirm, guarantee chop late.

We waited 70 minutes during a non-peak timing as the food were freshly prepared on upon order. That was enough to catch one and half episode of Korean drama.

The Scrambled Eggs were soft and creamy, while the Mac & Cheese could help with a little more cheese, whereas the Waffle Hash turned out to be certainly cold and limp.

Our favourite item was the Honey Truffle Waffles ($12) with obvious scent of truffle matched with fluffy texture.

The waffle was topped with a single scoop of milk ice cream, drizzled with honey and dusted with icing sugar for the extra sweetness.

Disclaimer: Sugar overloaded is not recommended for those heading to a boring lecture.

Ice cream was available in 2 flavours: Vanilla and Charcoal Vanilla with choice of serving in a cup ($3), ice cream cone ($3.50) or waffle bowl ($3.50).

The ice cream was pretty milky on its own and not too icy, a suitable choice to slurp on the way to tutorial class. #DontSayIBojio

Some operation kinks here and there with the long waiting time and a lack of buzzer system for food collection.

But the young and enthusiastic crew made up for it because school is a fun-loving place.

Butter My Buns
2 College Avenue West Stephen Riady Centre #01-07 University Town National University, Singapore 138607 (Within Book Haven)
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 10.30pm (Mon-Sun)

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* Written by Daniel’s Food Diary Cafe Correspondent Nicholas Tan @stormscape.


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