Though we traditionally think of Chinese New Year dinner as a round-table meal with 8-10 dishes, a gastronomic buffet featuring an international contemporary spread, fresh seafood AND CNY classics sounds splendid as an option for the family.

Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Singapore offers a live interactive kitchen concept, known for fresh selection of crustaceans, salmon sashimi, prime cut, roasts, and desserts.

For the Lunar New Year period, a huge section is dedicated to oriental cuisine befitting of a reunion meal.

The highlights got me excited enough – Mini Buddha Jump Over The Wall, ‘Live’ dim sum and Cantonese-style BBQ stations, Crispy Red Snapper with creamy salted egg yolk sauce, Braised Pork Belly, Taro, Golden Pumpkin Pot, Sea Salt Baked Sakura Chicken with wood fungus, wild mushrooms and TRUFFLE oil.

The group of us are already familiar with other offerings from Seasonal Tastes (oh, the Laksa – please have it, and the desserts), so we went on ‘attacking’ the Chinese New Year classics instead, and were pleasantly surprised.

Some dishes tasted as good as those served in the Chinese restaurants, thanks to Executive Sous Chef Kenny Fong and his team.

Some of Seasonal Tastes Lunar New Year Feast highlights

Mini Buddha Jump Over The Wall
I must say I don’t often see Buddha Jump Over The Wall served in hotel buffets, and this indulgent delicacy ranks as the top on my list.

A double-boiled fish maw and crab meat broth with luxurious ingredients of abalone and fish maw, added with mushroom, chicken and Chinese cabbage.

The clear-looking soup tasted rich and nutritious, as though every spoonful was packed with the essence of the each quality ingredient. To some, it is an acquired taste, but it gets better.

The dish is so named because it is said that even Buddha himself would jump a wall to get a taste of the dish.

Available on Lunar New Year’s Eve. Do note that every diner is limited to one bowl, which I think you will appreciate till the last drop.

Cantonese-style BBQ with creamy SALTED EGG sauce
Some of our favourite roasts meats are available, including Roast Pipa Duck, Roast Chicken, Char Siew and Crispy Pork Belly. All can be dipped into a variety of delicious accompanying sauces such as chicken rice chill, garlic sauce, hoisin and dark soya sauce.

Our sharp eye also spotted creamy Salted Egg sauce and ask, “Chef, can salted egg sauce and Siew Yoke go together?”

The answer was “Of course!” We tried and were thoroughly pleased with golden, incredibly crispy pork belly dipped with buttery salted egg yolk sauce which is of thick texture.

While mustard was our previous preferred dip, we think we found a new favourite.

Crispy Red Snapper
The salted egg yolk sauce also went well with the Crispy Red Snapper, where the fresh fish is deep fried in biteable pieces in a light batter, still staying rather moist within.

‘Live’ Dim Sum
Other than heavier tasting dishes, those who have a smaller appetite would be pleased with the dainty sized dim sum, like the har gao (prawn dumpling) which is delicately wrapped with translucent skin.

Dessert Station
During the festive period, there will be a mixture of local sweet desserts such as Cheng Teng with dried longans, barley, gingko nuts and lotus seeds, Red Dates Chocolate Cake, Mandarin Cheese Cake, Deep-fried Nian Gao and Nonya Kueh Kueh.

If you prefer something more Western and French, Pastry Chef Florent Castagnos’ creation such as Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Mousse Cake, Orange Konnyaku Jelly and Raspberry.

Do make some space for the Avocado Gelato.

Other highlights for the all-you-can-eat buffet include the colourful Salmon Yu Sheng, traditional Eight Treasures Pen Cai, Braised Pork Belly, Taro, Golden Pumpkin, Braised Mushrooms, Broccoli, Conch and Dried Oysters.

Of course the selection of Alaskan king crabs, Maine lobsters, prawns, scallops, freshly-shucked oysters, and sashimi still remains.

Lunar New Year’s Eve | 7 February 2016
Dinner Buffet: Adult $108++*, Child (aged 4 – 12 years old) $54++*
*inclusive of free-flow of soft drinks and juices

Lunar New Year | 8 – 22 February 2016
Lunch Buffet: Adult $55++, Child (aged 4 – 12 years old) $27.50++
Dinner Buffet: Adult $75++, Child (aged 4 – 12 years old) $37.50++

Private Dining – Lunar New Year Dinner Set Menu 7 February 2016
Enjoy a bountiful feast and celebrate Lunar New Year’s Eve with friends and family over a delectable 8- course meal, within the comforts of a private dining room.

Package includes:
• 8-course set dinner menu
• Free-flow of soft drinks and beers
• A pair of prosperity Mandarin oranges for each guest
From $1,388++ per table of 10 guests

Seasonal Tastes
The Westin Singapore, Level 32, 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore 018961
Reservation: +65 6922 6968
Opening Hours: 6.30am – 11.00pm (Mon-Sun)

Lunar New Year Classics to Order (25 January – 22 February 2016)
Need to pick up a Yu Sheng for the office or house gathering?

The Seasonal Tastes Prosperity Yu Sheng ($68 for 4 persons, $118 for 8-10 persons) is served with fresh julienned green radish, carrots and deep-fried crispy yam and served alongside fresh Bluefin tuna, jellyfish, salmon roe, deep-fried white bait, homemade pickles – pickled cucumber with chili, pickled papaya with soya vinegar, pickled mango with turmeric, pickled turnip with roselle flower, and tangy passionfruit sauce.

Other choices include the Fortune Yu Sheng ($58 for 4 persons, $98 for 8-10 persons) with salmon, salmon roe and crispy fish skin; Double Happiness Yu Sheng ($68 for 4 persons, $118 for 8-10 persons) with salmon and Hokkaido scallops; Abundance Yu Sheng with salmon, abalone and jellyfish; Bountiful Harvest Yu Sheng ($128 for 4 persons, $208 for 8-10 persons) with fresh lobster, abalone, salmon and salmon roe.

Vegetarian friends can choose the Flourishing Prosperity Yu Sheng ($48 for 4 persons, $88 for 8-10 persons) with sea coconut, dried berries and honey walnuts.

Pen Cai ($398 for 4-6 persons), Wok-fried Glutinous Rice ($80 for 8-10 persons), Roasted Hungarian Goose ($138 for 3kg) and Sea Salted Baked Sakura Chicken with Truffle Oil ($88 for 2kg) are also available for takeaway and delivery orders.

For more details:

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Westin Singapore.


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