Philippines’s favourite fried chicken shop Jollibee has opened at Novena Square 2 and at Changi City Point. (I did notice there were competitors KFC and Popeyes at Novena just steps away.)

This American-style fast food chain is known to serve some of the best fried chicken around, and also specialises in burgers, spaghetti, and rice meal.

Some of my Filipino friends who grew up eating Jollibee’s food said it reminded them of home and their growing-up years, and it is not uncommon for them to takeaway buckets to share with friends.

Well, the bizarre thing is the last time I wrote about Jollibee’s opening at Lucky Plaza (remember those few hours’ queue), I have been called a “traitor” by few (comments are still on the website) and received hate mails.

Chill, it’s just fried chicken. Spread love, not hate. But anyway…

When I went around the evening, the queue was from the cashier to the entrance, about a 20 minute wait before I reached the front of the line. But it was organised and service staff prompt and cheery.

Menu included the signature Chickenjoy ($6.95 for 2-piece meal with rice, fries or mash potato with drink), YUM Burger with Cheese ($4.60 for meal) and Spaghetti ($4.20 for meal).

If there is NO queue (and not calorie-watching), I would have Jollibee’s chicken again.

I liked the crunch of the outer batter, which I would indulgently dip in the brown gravy, followed by munching off the juicy (and slight oily) meat within.

But would not purposely queue just to have it as I believe we do have other quite decent-tasting fried chicken brands available in Singapore.

The Spaghetti ($3.20 for solo item) lingers on the sweeter side, and I would have personally preferred a sauce-base with more tangy robust tomato taste.

Friends around Novena will now know where to head to if they are craving for some “crispylicious, juicylicious” chicken.

Just curious (since I have yet to try the Jollibee in Philippines), how different is the fried chicken over there? Or same same?

Jollibee Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive #01-07 to 12 Singapore 307506 (Novena MRT)

Changi City Point
Changi City Point #01-37/38, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486038 (Expo MRT)

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  1. Thank you for the article! It is nearer to my place now. It taste better in the Philippines, I don’t know if it’s because of the happiness of feeling at home.?

  2. From your pics, it seems the chickenjoy here is better. I eat chickenjoy at least once a week. hehe. I’ll try the chickenjoy there when I visit SG again.

    Great articles.

  3. About your question on how SG’s Jollibee fried chicken compares to the ones in PH. Oddly, I find the SG one better. The serving size is also better here.

  4. Wow, another milestone of Jollibee in Singapore…second branch and soon the third branch at Changi Point. I hope Jollibee would open a branch here in Sydney, AU. My last 2 years in Singapore were spent with frequent visits at Jollibee Lucky Plaza for their crunchy, juicylicious and famous chicken joy…

  5. Is that a Chicken Burger I see next to Chicken Tenders? These products must be new! Can’t wait to try them out there haha! Thanks for sharing buddy 🙂

  6. Never mind those who call you “traitors”. These xenophobes are just letting racism cover their eyes. By the way, aren’t KFC and Popeyes not local as well?
    Regarding the taste, I have tried the palabok abs hotdog in the Philippines and they are better there. The chickenjoy is better in Singapore though.

  7. Happy to note that chicken is just as good, at times better, here in Singapore than back in Manila. I have to place a caveat that I have been here in SG for nearly 15 years now… so maybe my taste has changed. I think the produce is better here overall. 🙂

  8. The server was rude. Ordered on 26/03/2018 at 0830 hrs in Novena Square Jollibee. Requested for a certain part of a chicken (breast or back part). Gave me thigh part. Server said “you did not request for a certain part”. I said “I ordered from the kiosk and it doesn’t show that I requested breast/back part). The server went back to the kitchen and gave me leg part in which I did not request as well. She said “this is the only part I can give you” in a very rude way. I asked for how many minutes do I have to wait for my requested part of the chicken because I can still wait. She answered “that is the only part I can give you. You see? You see?”
    I asked her in a good way. She was totally rude. In fact, I paid for my order.
    To the management, it would be of great help if you make a move on this. Thanks!


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