Oh My Tian, Seriously? That’s the name of a cafe?

Opened by the folks behind Hatter Street at Kovan, carnival themed café Oh My Tian OMT is their newest happy venture.

Hatter Street is inspired by Alice In Wonderland, and this café continues with the whimsical storybook theme.

The entire décor is inspired by childhood dreams and imaginations in the sky – a pink carousel seating booth at a corner, walls with painted hot-air balloons and airships, and the cashier set up like a funfair counter. (Cue: #Selfie + #OOTD alert)

Even their namecard is in a festival ticket design.

The menu includes offerings of savoury items from the classic OMT Big Breakfast ($14) to interesting dishes such as Donut Burger ($13) and Hashbrown Pizza, whereas the sweets items of ice cream and waffles remain similar to that of Hatter Street.

The Donut Burger ($13) comes with a choice of chicken or beef kiap-ed in between the fluffy brioche-like donuts and topped with mushroom, caramelised onions, hashbrown, cheese and BBQ sauce.

The beef patty was moist and tender, rather addictive. Using soft, savoury donuts as the burger base gave the grub a lighter touch, the entire combination surprisingly not greasy or rich.

Seriously #ohmytian.

I sent a photo of The Hashbrown Pizza ($12) to Daniel, and his reply was “Did you fry it yourself?, to a subsequent “This looks sad”. Then he realised it was served in an actual café.

The presentation of chicken sausage, cheddar, parmesan, pineapple and mushroom on hash-brown like what we could prepare at home for our breakfast. Taste-wise, like what is said in the description. The hash-brown became limpy after cooking, and thus didn’t act as a suitablle base.

Hatter Street is known for their waffles, and thus we had higher expectation for Oh My Tian’s take as well.

The Whoaffles ($5.50) are available with a single scoop of ice cream ($9) and additional $3 for double scoops. Sauces such as Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Espresso Butterscoth, Maple & Butter were available at an additional $0.50.

Thin-crispy layered waffles drizzled with caramel sent us to happy land, the inside still remaining moist yet interestingly dense. Lives up to the reputation of serving one of Singapore’s best waffles.

Ice cream flavours included Vanilla, Milo, Soya Milk, Gula Meleka, Strawberry Cheesecake – some worked, some didn’t.

We loved the coffee ice cream most, with a rich and creamy texture. The flavour of the coffee came from the automated machine, and could imagine it would have been even so much better if it came from something properly brewed.

The Carrot Cake ($6.80) though moist, somehow contained too much cinnamon and “not nutty enough” (quoting another friend.)

The carnival theme and unique waffle type should be able to attract many families and XMM (xiao mei mei) over. We did wish for more savoury items that could make us go “Oh My Tian!”

Oh My Tian
34 Whampoa West, Singapore 330034 (Boon Keng MRT)
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Tue-Sun), Closed Mon

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape and Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary


  1. Maybe they should change the stools. Looking a bit cheapskate. And I understand the rationale.. to make it uncomfortable for patrons so the turnover is faster! But OMT, please.. I wouldn’t bring my friends here if it’s not comfortable. They will lose out in the long run

  2. Oh my tian- basically sums up my whole experience at the cafe. Firstly, the smoky smell (probably from the ovens? it wasn’t pleasant, cries.) infilitrating the whole cafe and I felt so suffocated so I had to ask them to open the windows.

    Okay, smokiness aside. I became very disappointed when I wanted to celebrate my mum’s birthday at this cafe. I called them beforehand and asked whether I could pre-order a cake and celebrate it at the cafe with my family the day after. Sadly, they rejected by saying that it wouldn’t be fair to other customers and insisted that I should pre order a week before. To be honest, I would even pay per slice of they didn’t allow me to order the whole cake. Anyway, I let it slide. Instead, I decided to buy a cake from another bakery and wanted to celebrate in the cafe. With 7 of us, we were the largest group. We asked for permission whether we can eat the cake in the cafe. Of course, we will order drinks. Unfortunately, we were rejected as the boss reasoned by implying that it was “peak hour” (there were not many people.. just 1/3 filled, I guess) and insisted that we can still celebrate, but we have to spend $50???) I was taken aback, that was too much. Hence, I left. Even if I order drinks for 7 of us, it would probably only spend like $20?

    All I can say is that they are not business savvy as they just rejected 7 people out. They have the right to reject anyway.

    Here’s my take on this cafe. 🙂
    Oh my tian, really.

  3. Gd morn.
    May I know how far from Pizza Hut KFC or Boon Tiong Kee.
    I am not familiar to that area.
    Will be going asap once I know the exact position.
    Have to know for I have walking problem


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