For those who always feel ordering the entire slab of ribs is too much (or is weight-watching), Decker Barbecue allows you to pick your spare ribs, brisket, turkey and chicken by weight. Yeah-ness.

Familiar with the popular Smokehouse BBQ at Bali, this is a collaboration between owner Elliot Decker (thus the name) and Singapore’s Club Street Social.

The concept and menu are hugely similar to Smokehouse’s, focusing on Texan style smoked barbecued meats in a casual setting.

Mainly outdoor seating with a couple of benches surrounding the eatery behind Boomerang. Self-service, no fuss, place to meet up your buddies for yo-bro or bromance sessions, definitely not for romantic dates. Unless sharing ribs and wiping stains off lips count.

The meats are priced by weight per 100 gram: Spare Ribs ($19), Brisket ($16), Pulled Pork ($10), Turkey ($10), Chopped Beef ($15), and Chicken ($8).

For an indication, a slice-portion of ribs was about 90 -100 grams. If it makes it easier, a plate of 3 meats of 600 grams and 2 sides is priced at $76.

As I was new to the concept, I did feel kind of rushed as three people talked to me at the same time, “Is this enough?”, “Do you want sides?”, “Sauces?”

Expenditure per person should be between $35 – $55 if you do not over-order.

The ribs were tasty, fall off the bone tender smothered in sweet sticky sauce that did not overwhelm the meat.

Definitely better than what many restaurants here offer. The brisket is cooked long and slow overnight so that what you get is wondrously soft meats.

Sides such as Coleslaw ($6), Brisket Beans ($9), Kale Salad ($9) and Fries ($7) are available, though the Mac & Cheese I had was disappointingly plain and not cheesy enough.

Many groups of expats can be seen standing around, munching rips and consuming beers over laughs like a backyard barbecue.

I would recommend ordering small portions of different things so that you can try a variety. If not, the Decker’s ribs won’t go wrong. Quite sublime.

Decker Barbecue
The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay Singapore 238252
Opening Hours: 6 – 11pm (Tues – Sat)

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