Softserve and churros while like heaven and earth apart, seems to work well together. One’s crispy and hot, the other cold and smooth.

AmaSoy which now focuses on its Hokkaido Milk Drinks and Soft Serve (instead of the initial collagen soy puddings), has opened at Jurong Point (opposite Malaysia Boleh) and Bugis Plus (next to L4 DaeSsikSin). Note, the outlet at Bugis Plus only sells the softserve without the churros.

While the Matcha Softserve previously came plain on its own or with churros, there are currently options for toppings.

Here are some of the other AmaSoy items available:

Hokkaido Soft Serve
AmaSoy’s Hokkaido milk soft serve comes in vanilla, matcha and mixed vanilla-matcha flavours, and you can currently add 3 toppings ($5) such as red bean, fruits, granola and sauces, which were previously not available.

I went for one with red bean, mochi balls and cornflakes, and the combination had a more ‘Japanese’ take, along with a play of textures from the crunchy cornflakes and chewy balls.

The matcha soft serve is made with premium Japanese matcha powder imported from Kyoto Japan, a place synonymous with superior matcha. This gives the soft serve ice cream the delicate taste and slight bitterness of the green tea, matched with smooth texture.

Churros Twist
And since churros is very IN now. AmaSoy’s soft serve ice cream ($3.80 regular, $5.50 large) is probably one of the first in Singapore to pair softserve with hot piping Spanish churros.

Liked that there are small cups available, which makes it an easy-to-consume treat.

When Japanese soft serve meets Korean JCone. The JCone ($4.50), also known as ‘Jipangyi’ or ‘Seoul cane ice cream’ is a very popular street snack in Insadong Korea where corn snacks are filled with soft serve. These JCone shells are freshly made in Singapore (not imported from Korea) from 100% sweet corn.

Hokkaido Soy Milk Drinks
The existing Matcha ($4) and Azuki Red Bean ($3.5) Hokkaido Milk Drinks continue to be one of their best selling products. Premium milk from Hokkaido is used, which is known for its outstanding dairy products and rich farming culture, and the result is a thirst-quencher which is smooth and delicate.

Jurong Point, 63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-42 to 47 (opp Malaysia Boleh) Singapore 648886 (Boon Lay MRT)
Bugis+ 201 Victoria Street #04-05 (look for DaeSsikSin), Singapore 188067 (Bugis MRT)

* This entry is brought to you with partnership with AmaSoy.



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