[Hong Kong] The iconic Hong Kong eggettes gai daan jai served atop gelato in a cup from Oddies Foodies are probably no stranger to most foodies out there.

Oddies Foodies, which started with a small unit in Wan Chai, has expanded to a second outlet at Sheung Wan, which is quite near the famed Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodles 九記牛腩.

Journeying to Gough Street involves climbing up some steep flights of stairs (via Sheung Wan MTR) which may leave some breathless, but the upside is that the new space boasts a more spacious interior with several seats to chill in.

You can also venture there from Central’s Mid-Valley, which should take about 10-15 minutes or so.

The clean, sleek and white unit will attract many hipsters I reckon. We were greeted with warm, friendly service despite the store being understaffed at the moment.

A special addition to this branch is definitely the interestingly flavoured gelatos (Single Scoop (HKD$43, SGD$7.80), Double Scoop (HKD$68, SGD$12.30), Triple Scoop (HK$88, SGD$15.90).

We had a scoop of their best-selling flavour, Dark Matter – 80% dark chocolate gelato with chocolate frecks and fudgy brownie. The base is incredibly thick, or super “gao”. Chocolate lovers must try this.

The new flavour, Interstellar (probably inspired by the movie) stood out with its interesting mix of ingredients – mango gelato with black pepper, strawberry balsamic coulis, salted cashew nuts and shortbread pieces.

The cashew nuts gave a crunch to the smooth gelato texture and the black pepper resulted in a tinge of spicy aftertaste.

Yet another new addition is the Frozen Jar-Leto (HKD$58, SGD$10.50) which comes in 4 flavours – Tiramisu, Peanut Butter with Chocolate, Hokkaido Milk with Red Velvet and Mango Yogurt.

One of the more popular flavours would be the photogenic Hokkaido Milk Gelato with Red Velvet Cake Chunks, Cream Cheese Curd and Cinnamon Crumble served in a jar. It was akin to a red velvet cheesecake – a very rich one too. Add on HKD$15 (SGD$2.70) for a swirl of soft serve on top.

And then it was time for the virgin Famous Nightwolf (HKD$60, SGD$10.80) – Italian low fat twist soft gelato with butter crumbs, passion fruit panna cotta, brownie chocolate chip eggette and crunch flake.

The moment I brought it out of the store, glances started shooting towards my direction and people started peeking in.
The power of visual appeal.

There is nothing quite like the authentic eggette aka egg waffles in Hong Kong itself. We loved how the shell had a slight crisp and how the interior was soft and chewy. Despite being chocolate chip flavoured, the original flavour of the eggette was not overpowered at all.

Only gripe was that it might have gotten overly sweet when everything started to melt to the bottom.

Prices are not cheap, but people will still pay anyway. Came out in a dessert coma, feeling satisfied more than ever.

Oddies Foodies
45 Gough Street, Central Hong Kong (Sheung Wan MTR Exit A2)
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10.30pm Daily
Google Maps

Wan Chai Outlet: Shop 1F, GF No. 149 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai
Google Maps

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* Written by Crystal Wee. Check out her amazing Instagram feed at @crystal_wee and show her some love.


  1. Yessssss. Thanks so much for linking Kau Kee to this post. The husband and I were wondering what that insane line was for! We walked by, but couldn’t tell and didn’t have time to wait in it to find out (Finally overcoming our NYC line-addiction! lol). Also – great pics, wish we tried more than just the Night Wolf while we were there!

  2. Went here last week upon reading this blog, and other positive reviews around the net. We had the worst experience since the rain was pouring and we just got out of an Uber that took us to this place. To our shock, we were discriminated against because my dad was in a wheelchair. In the words of the guy manning the store “we are not wheelchair accessible”. We calmly asked if we could at least wait for an Uber to take us elsewhere, but he was really rude and insisted that we leave immediately.

    It was really disgusting how these people can be so inconsiderate and inhumane. I have never been more disrespected in my life. The rudest people I’ve met ever.


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