“Mummy, I want that (Sweet) Monster”, as kids started pointing at the Popcorn Ice Cream in our hands.

Korean franchise Sweet Monster ate its way into Singapore, opened a few branches at Plaza Singapura, Velocity @ Novena and (Read: Bugis Junction.

They all closed, but it is returning with a new Singapore management at Hillion Mall.

Revolving around a central theme of Sweet Monsters, the service crews were all dressed in bright blue attire like BlueMON, the Sweet Monster himself.

Each Sweet Monster mascot represents a part of their menu. The CookieMON characterises the cookie bits in ice cream and shakes, whereas the leMON represents the lemonade.

Takeaway cups, paper bags and popcorn boxes are all decorated with colourful (but weird-looking) monsters.

Known to serve American Festival Sweets, the Popcorn ($5.50), Ice cream ($4.80 – $6), Popcorn Ice Cream ($6.80), Milkshake, Cakes ($7.30 – $7.80) and Cake Ice Cream ($8 – $8.30) were commonly found in American festivals and carnivals.

Their signature Mix Flavour Popcorn Ice Cream ($6.80) came with both cheese and caramel flavoured popcorns.

Only available in one cup size (highly recommended for sharing), the height of the ice cream could vary depending on the skill of the scooper. See ‘heng sway’.

And in our case, a taller but slimmer monster – pretty scary with uneven popcorn surface.

Sweet vs savory. Hot vs cold. Smooth vs crunchy. Using at least 75% organic milk in the icecream, it was thick, rich, distinctively milky and slightly on the sweeter side, but rather well-balanced with the savory popcorns.

The PopMON are available in 5 flavours – Caramel, Milk, Choco, Strawberry and Mix (Caramel and Cheese).

Ordinary on its own, not as crisp as we would like liked, we would prefer eating the popcorns with the softserve.

I enjoyed our cup of Lemon Ade ($5.80) which reminded us of the colour of BlueMON. Sour, citrusy and refreshing to cut through the jelak-ness (richness) of the icecream.

Life is Hard, Enjoy Soft(serve).

Sweet Monster Singapore
Hillion Mall #01-38/39 (Seoul Street), 17 Petir Road Singapore 678278 (Bukit Panjang)
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm

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* Written by Daniel’s Food Diary cafe correspondent Nicholas Tan. Find him on instagram at @stormscape.



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