This is one super value-for-money Dim Sum Tapas Buffet, at Bao Today Hotel Rendezvous which also offers restaurant style dining.

A weekday all you can eat high tea buffet is priced at a wallet-friendly $16.80++, even the weekend dinner will set you back by just $22.80++. A price hardly seen nowadays. And there are many other perks such as free wifi and complimentary parking.

Bao Today 包今天 at Hotel Rendezvous has been known for offering a casual dim sum dining experience, serving freshly-baked meat buns, tasty dumplings and bean-paste crepes. You may have seen its café and alfresco dining concepts at Marina Square and 313 Somerset respectively.

I like that there are booth seats that offer more privacy while dining.

Good to know: It is also sister restaurant with other well-known Chinese restaurants Fortunate Restaurant 幸福饮茶 (Chinatown), Luk Yu Restaurant and Tea House (Chinatown Point) and Swatow (Toa Payoh).

[Updated] Due to overwhelming response after this blog post, Bao Today has introduced 2 dinner sessions (6-8pm and 8–10pm). Each session is limited to 2 hours. High tea buffet will be 3–5pm.

All food will be served to the tables in batches, and servers will be pushing out the dim sum regularly and place items on tables.

Here are some 20 of their Dim Sum items.

Phoenix Tail Siew Mai
Moist medium-large sized siew mai filled with a prawn sticking out, therefore called the “phoenix tail”.

Crystal Prawn Dumpling
While skin is on the thicker side, at least the fillings were fresh and plump.

Fried Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp
Crispy food seldom go wrong, yah? Not too bad.

Crispy Supreme Chicken Wings
This is that one item I couldn’t resist, and I must have had 3 of them in that seating (considering I also ate all the other dishes.) Crisp and well marinated such that every part of the meat was juicily tasty. Tempted to just order one big plate and chomp.

Paper Wrapped Chicken Wing
Oh, this is an oilier version of the above. If you like flavours which are more permeated. But I still preferred the former, because there are less distractions without the oily paper.

Custard Salted Egg Yolk Bun aka Liu Sha Bao
The Liu Sha Bao did liu, custard hot and smooth flowing, its skin in a fragrant pandan green.

BBQ Pork Bun
The bao skin was fluffy like a pillow, would have liked this better if there were more moist roasted pork fillings.

Teochew Braised Pork Bun
Somewhat like ‘Kong Bak Bao’, and a mini version so that it does not feel too heavy on consumption.

Fresh Prawns Rice Roll
There are options of prawns and char siew. I liked the texture of the slippery cheong fun though wished there could be more prawns, especially towards the end of the roll.

Sliced Abalone
WAH, wasn’t expecting to see abalone served at this price. Thinly sliced, and easy to consume.

Jelly Fish
Not my favourite item, maybe because I prefer a sweeter aftertaste.

Fresh Fruit Scallop Salad Tart
Nice touch of savoury-sweet combination.

Steamed Sliced Fish with Home-made Nonya Sauce
Possibly that one dish families will keep re-ordering again and again due to the fresh sliced cod dish cooked in a specially prepared sweet-spicy sauce. Also perceived as one of the most ‘expensive’ dishes in this buffet.

Pan Fried Champagne Sliced Pork
Pork slices were tender, good to have something stir-fried for a change.

Golden Fried Kiwi Shrimps
Somewhat looking like the wasabi-mayo that we may be more familiar with, this deep-fried prawn has a sweetish fruity taste due to the kiwi.

Oven Baked Cheesy Rice
Beneath the melty cheese is actually fried rice, and thus contains flavours of its own.

Wanton Soup
Found the soup slightly on the saltier side.

Bean Paste Pan-Fried Crepes
Would have liked this a lot more if it was less oily.

Cool Desserts
Servings of mini cups of Osmanthus Jelly, Honey Herbal Jelly and Mango Pudding.

Assortment of drinks
Including Sour Plum, Homemade Iced Lemon Tea and Chin Chow Jelly drink. I liked that the iced tea wasn’t sweet at all, and worked to ‘wash the food down’ after a heavy meal.

I can imagine many groups of families and friends, officer workers, and students nearby who want to have an affordable celebration come to Bao Today The hotel is also a short distance away from Orchard Road and City Hall which makes it a convenient place for a get-together

Note: Bao Today Tapas Dim Sum Buffet is only available at Hotel Rendezvous.

Bao Today Tapas Dim Sum Buffet Pricing:
High Tea 3 pm – 5.30pm

Adult: $16.80++
Children: $12.80++ (7 years and below)

Dinner 6pm – 9.30pm
Adult: $19.80 ++
Children: $15.80++

Weekends (Fri – Sun)
High Tea 3pm – 5.30pm

Adult: $19.80++
Children: $15.80++

Dinner 6pm – 9.30pm
Adult: $22.80++
Children: $19.80 ++

– Complimentary parking at Hotel Rendezvous for Tapas buffet dine in.
– Receive a complimentary 20 mins shoulder massage voucher from Kenko Wellness and Spa with every $50 spent in a single receipt.
– Spayuri Trial Facial vouchers @ only $38 (U.P) $98 for all customers with no minimum expenditure.

Frostie Mini (Mini Custard Buns)
These Frostie Minis are available for takeaway and pre-orders at $3.80 per serving for Christmas events and gifts.

They are not only SO CUTE, they are not bad tasting. Frostie’s body contains smooth sweet custard, and if you rip its head apart *ouch*, you will find it filled with lotus seed paste. Two different fillings in one snowman.

There is also a ‘Snap and Win’ Contest: Upload a instagram picture of Frostie Mini and hashtag #BaoTodaySG. The most number of likes at the end of the contest on 25th December 2015 will walk away with $200 worth of attractive prizes.

Bao Today 包今天
Hotel Rendezvous, 9 Bras Basah Road, #01-02 Singapore 189559 (Dhoby Ghaut, Bras Basah MRT)
Tel: +65 6336 5258
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

(Tapas Buffet only available at Hotel Rendezvous)

Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-234/ 235/ 236, Singapore 039594 (City Hall MRT)
Tel: +65 6336 2237

313 Somerset, #01-25B Discovery Walk Singapore 238895 (Somerset MRT)
Tel: +65 6735 3045

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Bao Today.


  1. Went for dinner and a lot of those food items weren’t served. They didn’t give us the option of choosing off the paper, instead they went around offering whatever was prepared by the kitchen. Service staff was very friendly though.

  2. Patronise the place and it was a horror, totally different from what you have written. The spread of food werent even serve the way that was pictured in your diary. We were served whatever that is prepared & worst thing is that its always the same food!

  3. From the moment I stepped in to the restaurant, I was already disappointed as there is no buffet counter which offers salad, appetizers, hot & cold desserts like what you described.
    The taste and appearance of the dim sum is not exactly like what you mentioned too.
    1. The phoenix Tail Siew Mai does not have a tail sticking out. It’s just like a normal Siew Mai.
    2. We do not have the option to choose between Fresh Prawns or char Siew Rice Roll. Only char Siew rice roll was provided
    3. Fresh Fruit Scallop Salad Tart Crust was too thick and slightly soggy.
    4. Items not served: wanton soup, oven baked cheesy rice, Crispy Supreme Chicken Wings and Osmanthus Jelly
    5. There is only ice lemon tea and ice water. The ice lemon tea was not even cold.
    6. We went on a Friday but was charged weekend price. Maybe you could mention this in your blog.
    7. The snowman lotus seed paste filling taste like some cheap lotus paste filling and the skin is hard.

    Overall we are disappointed with the food as we expect to get the same experience as what you mentioned in your blog.

  4. Similar to what Jeffrey has described, dining experience rather different from what are described in this blog. Due to the serving method and our table position in the restaurant, a lot of dishes are already cleared before it can reach our table. We did not have the chance to try the bbq pork bun and rice roll until almost end of the meal.

    Similar to Jeffrey, I went for the afternoon high tea on Friday but was charged the weekend rate. The cashier said Fridays are considered as weekends. Maybe it would be clearer to state the days for weekdays and weekends in the article.

  5. Wow, was planning to go after coming across this blog post, but seems like so far all those who went didn’t have an experience as good as what was mentioned…

  6. Think Daniel deleted the food review from his Facebook because I can’t find it anymore. I think it’s not considered ethical for a food blogger to blog on an event which differs so much from the consumers’ experience. Maybe Daniel could visit the restaurant again to verify and get back to us as most of us visit the restaurant based on your recommendation and it’s only fair that you justify your review

    • Hi Jeffrey, FB doesn’t show all reviews after 07 days. Thank you for your feedback. When I first visited, it was really quiet, maybe a few tables occupied and the experience was pleasant. I think they were really not ready after this entry which had a surge in customers. I apologize for the unsatisfactory experience, and have informed the restaurant to do something about it.

  7. There was a foodnote at bottomof article stating that de blog is in partnership w Bao Today. So obvious it was an advertorial by de restaurant. Daniel, u hv not responded to yr readers feedback. I m still waiting for Bao to clarify on why there is such a huge difference in de variety served to de blogger n to other diners like those who commented above.

    • Hi Lilian, when I first visited, it was really not too bad – and I heard from other customers then food was pretty decent. But the restaurant was not ready for the surge in customers after this blog post. Have feedback to the restaurant and I hope they do something about it.

  8. Today i and my sister went to try and we were abit disappointed although the staff is friendly and the food serve by batch is fast. But the spread of dim sum was different that was pictured in your diary. The items served was warm and not hot, feel like they cooked and leave it aside in preparing for the buffet to start. Only the batches toward the last order the food getting hotter and hotter.
    We waited and waited hoping for the items in ur dairy to appear even until the last order but still not served.

    So i asked the person that was taking last order on the items below and i even show him your dairy and point to him. Guess what he reply? He told me this this that that does not include in the buffet and i had to pay ala carte price for individual items that i show him and the food only include those that was serve before the last order was available.

    Items that was not serve and need to pay extra are Fresh Fruit Scallop Salad Tart Crust, oven baked cheesy rice, Crispy Supreme Chicken Wings.

    So what is the point of having buffet if those highlight that was being mention need to pay on top of the buffet price. Even the table beside us dun even bother ask after hearing the reply even though all prepared their mobile phone wanted to ask the same thing as us.

    Maybe you should go pay a visit and try your own as many of us went to try base on ur recommendation. This is the first time i and sister encounter such issue from the recommendation among so many post u blogged so far. My little sister even say this to me yesterday before we went today “let try la… the negative comment so long le and he say he informed bao today. Confirm different de.” And i go make reservation for her to eat dim sum and today she left the store with disappointed face. She rather go canto paradise, hong xin, yum cha to eat dim sum which really worth the price and leave the place with fully satisfied feeling.

  9. I went on 23/12/2015. Attitude of prc woman with black frame spectacles was very rude and had a bad attitude. It is my first time patronising the restaurant so how would I know which is the main entrance. I had to go down personally to reserve a table and I entered the place through the hotel so does it matter so much that I must enter by the main entrance. She thinks shes a princess serving me?? If she is one, she need not have to come out to serve tables. Food wise, they do not serve what was pictured…disappointing…Should serve whst they promised

  10. I went yesterday and the spread does not turn out to be what is described in your blog.
    when I asked them about the wrapped chicken wing, when will it be serve? They mentioned that it is no longer serve in the buffet whereby it is still quoted on their menu. And their fried rice was a bit salty and mango pudding was a bit sweet even after checking with my other friends. They also agreed to it.

  11. Had really really greasy bean paste crepe at Bao Today for lunch and still feel nauseating till now (9:40 pm). I wonder long they will last….


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