Joe & The Juice is provides BOTH caffeine and juice fixes at Guoco Tower and Sentosa Quayside Isle.

The shop is known to be energetic with energy, with chatty staff who prepares fresh juice and sandwiches while grooving along to a thumping soundtrack of dance music.

The Joe & The Juice chain first originated from Copenhagen, founded by a former elite sports karate fighter who first wanted to design healthy delicious quick-fix meal options for athletes.

It has become quite a success, with the Danish-Scandinavian inspired juice bar and café opening up across 70 cities. I remember seeing its distinctive pink round logo at a few airports.

The servers behind the counter are well-trained and supposed to provide a “theatrical and personalised customer experience”.

I wanted to see it for myself, and decided to make a small request and was treated to a juice-making somewhat like flair bartending.

Fruits and vegetables are juiced directly of customers, staying true to their term “freshly made”. These are some 10 of the specialty items I tried:

Joe’s Roots ($7.20 12oz, $9.20 16oz)
In terms of taste and texture , Joe’s Roots was my favourite – mildly sweet, seems to contain enough fibre to help curb the appetite mid-day.

The components includes beetroot (which has an acquired taste), carrot and ginger, which somehow blends well together. Plus, beets and carrots function as a tonic on the livers, and phytonutrients in beets help promote better digestion and detoxification of the liver. Yeah, we all need to treat our body better.

Power Shake ($6.90 12oz, $8.90 16oz)
With fresh strawberries, banana and vanilla milk, this is the friendliest tasting, and will probably become the most popular handshake. Who doesn’t like a pink drink anyway? (Pinkpiggu, are you reading this?)

I think you can imagine how this would taste like already, sweet, pleasant, moderately thick, and could be quite filling.

Go Away Doc ($6.90 12oz, $8.90 16oz)
Good for flus and when you are feeling under the weather apparently. This combination of carrot, apple and ginger actually tastes quite refreshingly good, possibly my 3rd favourite.

The server told me this is a “powerful anti-inflammatory mix”, and that the Vitamin A from the carrot is absorbed better when mixed with zinc from the ginger.

Sports Juice ($7.20 12oz, $9.20 16oz)
For the gym goers before you hit the weights or attend a strenuous Group X class (like Body Pump).

I wondered how pineapple, passion fruit and apple together would be termed “sports juice”.

Two reasons: The high amount of bromelain in pineapple and passion fruit helps in protein absorption (so best to combine with a protein rich tuna sandwich); and the fruits combined help release energy during exercising.

Green Shield ($10.90 16oz)
I wasn’t expecting this power-green-drink of cucumber, kale, broccoli AND spinach to taste this enjoyable (I really mean it). Imagined it to be more ‘healthy-tasting’ and ‘veggie-like’, but the addition of apple juice turned it around.

This could just be the drink I would reach for if detoxing is in the plans.

Stress Down ($6.90 12oz, $8.90 16oz)
“Can I have the Stressed Up, I mean Stress Down?” This is the 1st juice on the wide menu that caught my attention. This is one cup full of strawberries, and can contain between 6 to 8 large ones.

In case you are wondering about its actual effects, the zinc from ginger is supposed to synergize with iron from strawberries and Vitamin A from the apple to help relaxation. Strawberries contain one of the largest amounts of anti-stress related antioxidants anyway.

Hand Meals – Breakfast Club ($9.90 12oz, $11.90 16oz)
Called a “Hand Meal” because it provides a nutritious healthy meal on-the-go.

The Breakfast Club is a cup of high-protein, high-vitamin ingredients of avocado, banana, strawberry, vanilla milk, then topped with granola to fuel the day.

Organic Coffees
Don’t get confused with “Grey”, “Purple”, “Yellow” or “Pink” latte which cost between $5 – $6.50. They simply refer to the different cup sizes.

Joe & the Juice uses a unique blend of coffee beans, 100% organic, specially cultivated in South America. The one unique thing is, you can add ginger shots within – it adds an intriguing spiced, cooling ‘pop’ to the coffee.

Oh, there is no extra charge if you want to up your caffeine intake with a double shot.

Coffee Shake ($6.90 for 12oz, $8.90 for 16oz)
An espresso shot over vanilla milk shake. The crew would ‘shake’ it up for you, or you could request for the espresso to be poured in separately. I think this could be wee sweet for office workers who generally prefer stronger, less sweet items.

Tunacado Sandwich ($11.50)
The sandwiches offered are quite unlike the typical, using dark, thin, crispy grilled bread imported all the way from Denmark.

Best for those who crave for a sandwich but are not extreme fans of carbs. Joe and The Juice’s sandwich is like a ciabatta meets our local grilled toast.

There are options of Avocado, Chicken and Avocado, Turkey, Spicy Tuna, and Serrano ham, but the creamy spread with tuna and avocado with thin toast works best for me.

The juices all come in attention-grabbing names such as Hangover Heaven, Iron Man, Hell Of A Name, and… Sex Me Up.

I was told that the naming is not supposed to be gimmicky, but actually fulfills the functions it purports, as ingredients are mixed based to enhance the synergistic nature of vitamins and minerals.

So “Stress Down” is supposed to aid in stress-relief. As for “Sex Me Up”, tell me if it works.

Joe & The Juice – Guoco Tower
7 Wallich St, Guoco Tower Unit 01 – 07, Singapore 078884
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Fri), 11am – 6pm (Sat – Sun)

Joe & the Juice – Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove
31 Ocean Way Sentosa Cove #01-09 Singapore 098375
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Joe & The Juice.



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